Floyd Mayweather Jr. (an African American boxing legend from Detroit, Michigan) landing a punch against the Irishman, Conor McGregor. Floyd knocked out the Irishman in round ten to send him home for good.

“White supremacism has taken you to bed when you think a white man with no experience and education can do better at a Black man’s job. Shame on you! Shame on America.” ~ A Quiet Boxing Fan.

So, shame on you!

Shame on you, if you thought an Irishman with no boxing experience was going to step foot into a boxing ring and beat an African American legend from Detroit, Michigan. Shame! Shame on you. Look at you?

“You are 29 years old, and Mayweather is 40, but there you are giving excuses on tiredness when you clearly shouldn’t even be there in that ring in the first place. Look at you—29 years old and wilting under the ferocity and invincibility of a retired boxer! Look at you?”


A couple of years ago, a white woman from Riverside, California, was actually encouraged by U.S. media giants to up the ante on talks to fight and “beat” Mayweather. The manic build-up, spiteful words and chaos that ensued on social media matched almost all of what transpired between Mayweather and this Irishman before the actual fight.

How pathetic of the world? How sinister of the United States of America, where a Black man’s standing must be questioned by unqualified people who call themselves “white”—male and female. Trump and Hillary!

What? You think boxing is American democracy—where Trump must come and teach Obama a lesson in good governance?

The only lining in this punishment that Mayweather has dealt the Irishman is that: Mayweather, throughout his career, has found a way to turn white supremacist anger and hatred into cash money. The more Mayweather was hated by these cranks, the more of their “freely” printed money he took home. Mayweather turned white hate inside out, for his own show, and with that to fully find a way to live comfortably in a racist America!

The African American came out of retirement for a potential $300m (£230m) pay day. This “enterprise is the pièce de résistance of the genius hatched by Mayweather and scaled to stupefying proportions by enigmatic advisor Al Haymon, the Harvard-educated former concert promoter who seldom appears in public and never speaks to the press. They both figured out long ago that more white fans would hand over their scratch to watch him lose than to watch him win and they rode the formula to more than $1bn in revenue based on an inconvenient truth: there will always be a market for some in America, and in Europe, for the possibility of watching an unapologetic Black man, a boxer, getting beaten. For Mayweather, comeuppance never came. And now, surely, it never will.”

All that to say that the facts of the daily threats of white supremacism on African American manhood in America cannot be over-emphasized.

So, shame on you—all you who actually thought an under-qualified Irishman could actually step into a boxing ring and beat Floyd “Money” Mayweather! You lost and you will always lose! What losers!


  1. Mayweather vs. McGregory was disappointing. Bring back Ronda Pousey, she could give us a shot. I am sure Killary would love that.

  2. What’s the difference? Plus, it’s because I don’t care. In fact, I stopped caring the last time I saw Ike Quartey’s ass on the canvass. That was like college??? I am not sure.

    More, I couldn’t be bothered by hindsight when it came to sports. Gee… have you seen the American Olympic teams? Am I scared of being wrong? How can anyone be wrong? Come on! LOL!

    • I am beside myself, just imagining how CNN news hour of a tropical storm in Texas would have quickly changed to bloviation about McGregory, had he found just one shot to do their trick.

    • Yeah, it was a near miss. We all know how much they are waiting for such an opportunity. It’s the same reason why the entire family are out to support although we all know he is a no good, nothing good broda

  3. This is just well-conceived and well-executed. The relation to American politics, worse, race politics is most revealing about American culture – the one Trump intends to keep!

    • The power of the mind. There is nothing as powerful as a writer who knows what to write and have carefully imagined the entire image in the head. Couldn’t get it earlier. Boxing, indeed isn’t American democracy.

  4. It goes beyond boxing. The number of White supremacists who would give their arm to see the Williams sisters lose their status in Tennis is mind-boggling.

    The Black boxing champion Jack Johnson garnered white vitriol for his consistent beating of White boxers and of course for dating their women.

  5. This was the real life version of the movie “Great White Hype” by the Wayans brothers. Once again reality follows art!

    • It wasn’t by the Wayans brothers and in that film the fight ends after 30 seconds. But apart from those small points your comment is flawless….

  6. Sports today is mostly no different from when slave owners had the strongest slaves fight each other to entertain them and other slave owners.

  7. No, Um Fufu, I disagree. Today, an athlete can decide he doesn’t want to fight. An enslaved athlete on an American plantation could not. Today an athlete can collect his pay check and go home to his wife and children. An enslaved athlete in the Slave South of then America could not. There are both significant quantitative and qualitative differences.

  8. That is part of Mayweather’s ring brilliance, the mental part. He wants American haters, the white fans as well as his opponents riled up, overaggressive, and then he turns their aggression into weakness. Then there is the other part, the physical part, the feet that dance and the hands that flash and the dazzling precision with which he takes to school their narcissistic ideas about “white” supremacism.

    Guerrero, the great white hype; Pacman, the “humble” Asian hype suffered from both; Canelo, the “calm” Latino was turned into breakfast; and now the Irishman, who huffed and puffed as the new great white hype too, suffered from both, suffered from Mayweather’s mind games and from Mayweather’s right hands and right hooks.

    It really is breathtaking the lengths these haters go with their “freely” printed money: $300 million and counting on a single night for Money Mayweather. Kudos!

  9. Try Boxing My Friends

    Some of you come from Bukom (Azumah) or Korgbor (D.K. Poison) or West Philadelphia (The Executioner) so you will know this.

    If a superior boxer can allow his opponent to throw wild for one or two rounds (named: “Receiving Postcards”) without reply, we call the process, “Fattening the Calf.” Soon, the opponent will discover the rising cost of postage, and his correspondence will dwindle. After this comes the “Scientific Slaughter” of the calf. It takes as long as the master tactician chooses. Boxing, my dear friends, is an art rooted in strategic thinking right from start. The more you know!

    • I wish you could have made this brilliant scientific analysis before mayweather and mcgregor fight…..unfortunately,it was after the bout…..

    • You mean, how did I miss a prediction for Mayweather’s 50th fight, at 49 previous fights undefeated? A 50th fight prediction for a man who has won 49 previous ones without a draw was straighforward: an execution of the opponent. Nothing else would have made statistical sense. We are talking mathematics here bro. and I needn’t have repeated the obvious!

  10. You toss a coin (H,T) 49 times, and for the 49 times you got Heads. What is the probability of a Head on the 50th toss?

  11. LOL! As for you, you don’t stop oh. You are relentless! Well, this is rather simple, we can just think of it this way: What is the probability that the first Tail appears on the 50th toss? That becomes straightforward: (1-p)^49 x p. Where p is the probability of Tail or something else (not a head).

    Now, how do we determine p? From experience and through faith. That is we observe coins like the unique one you have proposed and perform many experiments for 1000s and 1000s of times to see the frequency of Heads and Tails. That frequency of the past, becomes our probability to determine what might happen in the “future,” the faith!

    In the case of an “inanimate” object, the influence of faith can be reduced to a minimum but not totally. However, in the case of human relations, interactions and processes, faith become even more significant. Why? We cannot perform the experiment of life experiences in real time. That is we cannot perform 1000s and 1000s of tosses of real life situations in real time. Hence we must make “educated” guesses, which means what we see in front of us.

    If a boxer has won 49 fights without a draw, it makes sense to have faith that the probability of Tails in this respect is zero ( p = 0). That is, on the 50th toss, the probability of a Head on the 50th toss is 100 %.

    Ain’t that something!?

  12. Yaw Amponsah Oteng that’s why when the coin example is used as an example of probability theory they usually add the term “a fair coin”. So the situation where you have one side heavier than another is discounted.

  13. Atiga Jonas Atingdui, you have a point. But Narmer never said anything about a “fair” coin. He just wrote that there were two possibilities (H,T). (Although you seem to assume these possibilities occur equally. Fine, but that is an assumption outside the scope of the problem). The only way to find out what the probabilities are for either side of this coin is a frequency study. One of which studies is the summary of some physics paper that the overly confident narcissistic fella, Yaw, shared: about determining whether the so-called fair coin is actually fair or not through a physics test. That summary too is outside the scope of the problem at hand. In fact, it does not shed any light on the problem Narmer posed.

    So, what do you do? You would initially assign the letter “p” or any letter to the probability, because you don’t know, until you can ascertain the frequency of occurrence of either H, or T.

    That said, if you applied that theory to a real life situation like Mayweather’s boxing wins, you cannot have a frequency study, at all. Since you need very very large numbers. (You may have seen statements in statistics like, “When the number of tosses of a fair coin approaches infinity, the probability of obtaining a Head on a toss approaches 0.5).

    But you do not have the pleasure of assuming this is a fair coin or not. Plus, you do not have the pleasure to actually perform a frequency study in the case of real human life interactions. (You cannot put Mayweather in a ring a number of times approaching infinity with an opponent. I man’s life span is too short! That is if he even accepts to fight, or has the energy to fight, a million times!).

    So you have only the past 49 fights at your disposal. (In fact, this is the essential problem with Popper’s Theory of Falsification. You cannot falsify what you cannot test in real time.) Hence to make an educated guess, you would have no choice but say the probability of Mayweather winning in the past 49 fights is 100 percent. You have no other prior information to the contrary. Hence your prediction of the 50th fight cannot be based on anything else but this information. He will win 100 percent! This is how probability theory works. It is nothing else but an attempt at the best possible frequency study heavy laden in mathematical manipulation.

  14. Furthermore, Atiga Jonas Atingdui, the idea of “Independence” in probability theory only imply complete randomness of a toss, in this case. That is, if the limit to infinity of the frequency of Heads in tossing a coin, to Tails, is 0.7, then on a future toss, we say the probability of obtaining a Head is 0.7.

    That said, if you’ve tossed this coin 49 times and got only Heads, the probability that you got heads on those 49 tosses is 0.7^49. That is what you get from 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.7…. 49 times. The idea of “independent” tosses means you can take the product of the respective probabilities (which happen to be the same probability across tosses, being that we maintain the same coin under the same conditions). Nothing else!

    So for instance, what is the probability of getting the first Tail on the 50th toss? The answer is, 0.7 some 49 times and 0.3 on the 50th toss. Written another way: 0.7^49 x 0.3.

    Now, if p is the the general probability of obtaining a Tail on the 50th toss, having obtained Heads (1-p) in the first 49 tosses, the answer will look like this: (1-p)^49 x p. Does this make sense?

    Until now, we have only dabbled in pure mathematics. That is manipulation of symbols based on ideas. How then does this apply in real life? We must determine “p.” This is where ecperimentation becomes key. Hence the frequency method. One can device a reasonable frequency calculation method to find the limit to infinity of the frequency of obtaining Heads to Tails of a coin. (This is where Ataa Yaw is getting his high school statistics mixed up. He reads a summary of a physics paper that attempts to device what they feel is a flawless method for determining the frequency with which a Head appears on a “fair” coin, and he’s convinced it has anything to do with the exercise in logic here. It does not.)

    Plus, I was amused by the numbers 49 and 50 as Narmer posed them in his original problem. I think he’s alluding to the recent Mayweather fight. Which brings me to how one could adequately make an educated guess on what the frequency of obtaining a win when Mayweather fights is? That is 49 out of 49. That’s all we’ve got since we cannot determine the limit to infinity of the frequency of Mayweather’s wins in relation to losses. So, 49 out of 49 is 100 percent. Hence the probability of obtaining a win on the 50th fight is 100 percent.


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