A black woman was executed by police through her own bedroom window in the early hours of Saturday morning, after a request to check on her welfare. Atatiana Jefferson, 28, had been living at the residence in Fort Worth, Texas with her eight-year-old nephew. It has been alleged that a neighbour called a non-emergency police number after growing concerned that her front door was open at night.

“It used to be that as a Black person, you were lucky to be alive when you were accosted by US Law Enforcement. Nowadays, you are lucky to be alive in your own home, in your own bedroom. The White cops can now come to your own home and murder you with impunity!” ~ Jahmed.

White America knows that when they dispatch their white cops on Blacks they are calling for the Black people to be executed. They know this, irrespective of the motive behind the dispatch.

The US is an Apartheid State: African Americans are a domestically colonized people; they are constantly policed and executed by whites at will, without consequences; the white police departments in Black neighborhoods are a Gestapo, pure and simple; and the US Justice System is a mass criminalization and incarceration system for Blacks. It is a Plantation by another name.

The earlier the USA is recognized as an Apartheid State, the better we can accurately make sense of the barbaric acts against people of African descent in the US. No other name, except for Apartheid, fits the cowardice and murderous intent of the governments of the USA.


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