Recently the New York Times decided to publish an article on Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, it was full of vitriol. Here is how a reviewer at Patapaa reacted to some of the comments in that Article.

NYTIMES: One cannot defend the fact that Mayweather has not squared off against Manny Pacquiao — the best boxers of a generation, often in the same weight class, on paths to greatness that never intersected. The rest of his career — defensive fighter or not, knockouts or not, exciting fights or not — should be more celebrated, and it would be, too, were Mayweather not so caustic and divisive.

RTU: Fist of all, Pacquiao is not one of the greatest boxers of all time – believe what you want! Even still, if some believe he ever was, then why do they keep blaming Mayweather for a fight that did not materialize because Pacquaio himself decided not to take Olympic style testing for the fight? Rarely do you find Pacquiao blamed for not making that fight happen. The contradiction here in America is disheartening. And again, if Mayweather were white, all of America would be behind him. But, we already knew that. Here we are, with an American Hero made or in the making and yet, a huge number of people in this country cannot celebrate him. Why? Because he’s black and knows it?

NYTIMES: Yet there were those afterward who argued that Mayweather ran from Guerrero. They argued that Mayweather picked another challenger he was certain he could beat. Mayweather cannot win that argument. His opponents are always too old or too green, too small or too slow. That is the perception, which conveniently leaves out or minimizes his superior athletic gifts.

RTU: I love the way white people write about Mayweather. It is so convenient to say all the things you detest about Mayweather and what he is not to you, in many sentences – not one – and then add in one last sentence what he actually is. Mayweather is a superior athlete. Simple as that. Anything else is plain racist.

And perhaps, this is the reason Mayweather continues to be defensive. He’s not the guy who’s going to diminish his African, or black ancestory and his superior sporting talent. That makes some white people in America very uncomfortable. It is a topic we have decided not to broach because it will upset these white people who have been taught for centuries that they were better – smarter, stronger, faster, etc.

Obviously, with so many black people of African descent dominating the sports since they were allowed into white sporting events, that myth has been broken! Even Hitler knew that! Mayweather will not apologize for entrenching the breaking of that myth! And that my friends, more than anything is what makes some white folks hate Mayweather so much. Nothing else.

When Mayweather says in an interview, “the best fights are between blacks and/or Mexicans,” a huge part of America, the one living in the cocoon, are vehemently tickled. But why? Is it not true in America right now? Why should people apologize for that part of America’s miss-teachings, or call it indoctrinations.

We don’t apologize to black people when we admit a obtuse percentage of whites into premium universities here in America based on SAT scores and grades? We make the tests, grades etc. and even build the curriculum along white preferences. We don’t accommodate what a black child may know better than a white child? Hell, we don’t even allow black children to learn to read and write how they know naturally! And we under-admit them to our premium colleges because of that.

No white American walks around apologizing for that, for the way we under privilege black children in the sports of education. Hell, we even boast in their faces that we are better than African Americans for that reason. At least, that’s what we have been taught here in America for generations.

Racism in America is so alive that it is sickening to admit it. On one hand we hate this talented black athlete for stating the obvious. On the other hand, we openly over praise ourselves for admitting less than 0.01% percent of black students (the others get in on their own merit competing under our rules and biases) into our premium universities – we like to call it affirmative action. As if we are dishing out goods for free, when this sport in particular, still remains much rigged by us – white America – in every respect!

NYTIMES: NytimemayweatherFriMay10

RTU: Even here we are reminded again by our writers of the English language that what Mayweather Sr. speaks is not English. Of course it is not English! What an ignoramus. If Greg Bishop was any smarter he would know that the language Mayweather Sr. was speaking was indeed a language – grammatically West African and vocabularily English. But why would he know that? He’s an idiot, obviously!

So why hate Mayweather? Like that last paragraph in Greg’s sorry writing; Well, it’s simple as that, though Mayweather is better than any boxer out there, though he fills the shoes of many equally great or greater black boxers before him, he doesn’t apologize for upsetting our – white American’s – bloated impressions of ourselves, painted and fed to us for many hundred years.

It’s that simple. To gain our – white America’s – respect and love, that black man must apologize! It’s all there is to this so-called conundrum in American sports right now!

But hey! As long as they can continue to hate him, and as long as Mayweather’s age doesn’t creep up on him any sooner, the more money, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, will make. That is also as simple as that!


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