Goats on the cross.

NTOABOMA—Kwame Nkrumah became the first democratically elected political leader of the territory of Ghana in 1957, a contract he signed with the barbaric British Empire, which was wounded and retreating, yet determined and unwilling to let-go of its former slave-colonies at the end of world war two. The Common Wealth of Nations was the neocolonial sham that took root in this retarded and violent night-soil left after that war. The nature of that contract alone destined Ghana for nothing but a neocolonial-slave existence. Worse, it turned Ghana in for undue turmoil.

Ghana was never going anywhere to begin with!

Its first falter came at the hands of Nkrumah’s own intellectual and spiritual naivety: He ruled until 1966 and was overthrown by a mercenary military general from Anloga, Gen. Kotoka, who had himself hailed from a long line of Anlo Traditional State warriors from Alakple. (They are not to be confused with the incorrigible slave trading Dahomey nor differentiated as such from Dahomey as was exemplified in what barbarism pertained at Atorkor, for instance, for more than two centuries, at least!) Kotoka became a general in the British Colonial Army of the slave territory that was the Gold Coast, fighting and defending the flag of pirates, the British. According to widespread rumor, he had been hired by an erstwhile notorious slave trading family in Kumasi to do its dirty biding against Kwame Nkrumah.

And Kotoka obliged. His very training had demanded the ensuing foolishness.

So, from the Royal Houses of the slave trading stool of Asante, to Ho Motor Regiment, Kotoka launched an irredeemable attack on Ghana’s aspiration for total liberation—no matter how shortsighted, narrow-minded and egoistic Nkrumah may have envisioned it. Although Nkrumah, as the history would have it today, understood at that moment the evil sentiments of this old slave trading family in Kumasi, yet the man from Nzema, with no such warrior background and no such slave trading mischievousness to depend on for instincts, took no real revolutionary steps against this old cartel in his narrow-minded, single-handed fight for total liberation from colonial and neocolonial world powers in Africa. He was bitten by the blazing guns of Kotoka, followed in tow by Lt. Gen. Afrifa (like a monkey follows its owner) who was of the house of slave trading proper.

The whole operation in 1966 was funded by the Americans who have now in 2018 secured the rights to build an ultra-modern military base in Ghana.

Nkrumah himself, intellectually parading the streets of Hanoi, could only return to Ghana, his homeland, in a box, quiet, dead, rotten and frozen!

Kumasi was the seat of government for the erstwhile Asante State, ruled furiously by whomever sat on a stool made of actual gold, which had supposedly been charmed from the skies, but which in reality had been hewn from the ground by indentured servants. The reputation of the Golden Stool was brought to it notorious heights by another mercenary military general from Notsie, Dahomey proper. So the Asantes named him Komfo Anokye (or Notsie), for his ability to vanish in daylight. (But that too is another rumor). Recon that Kotoka’s Alakple was close to the seat of government of the Anlo State situated somewhere neatly between Asante and Dahomey. Dahomey and Asante competed for the trade in human beings off the coast of West Africa. And it is said that between them more than seventy-five percent of West Africans passed to the slave plantations of the Americas.

The enormity of the charade of events then which led to Kwame Nkrumah’s fall and which simultaneously laid the first steps towards Ghana’s neocolonial-servitude to the West (particularly the United States of America especially in the twenty-first century) begun there in Kumasi, with help from Dahomey and squares itself quite neatly and clandestinely on Anlo soil!

But the Asante-Anlo-Dahomey romance will come to a halt when Lt. Gen. Afrifa and his cousin, Lt. Yeboah, and the rest of the wonna-be slave trading ilk stabbed Gen. Kokoka in the back, literally! Now, killing Kotoka and taking over the reins of a country they had planned to keep selling to the British or whomever was willing to buy, became a bone of contention between the Asantes and the Anlos. Often this Akan state (Asante) and this Ewe state (Anlo) will do their bidding in luring other Akans and Ewes into a fight that has from the start only belonged to them and them alone. And that is not to say all Anlos or all Asantes are predisposed to this cascading terrible turn in the clandestine relations of warriors and slave traders.

Enter the NDC, the National Democratic Party (via the AFRC, PNDC in J.J. Rawlings, also from Anloga and married to an Asante woman) and the NPP, National Patriotic Party (via the Danquah-Busia Tradition in Asante-Akyem slave traders), and the reasons why Ghana has signed a contract for a United States of America military Base in the country is nothing to be confused about. The foundation was laid way back in Kumasi and squared away with Anloga and Dahomeyan military assistance. For in the final analysis, no matter the bickering, no matter the high-falutin diatribes against their persons, the intention to sell Ghana from contracts in 1998 (NDC), to those in 2015 (NDC) and to properly hand over Ghana to the Americans in 2018 (NPP), are no brainer. The point is to sell all Ghanaians and their lands into slavery via Atorkor or Elmina.

So, whether you think you can re-gain your independence (as an Anyidoho supporter), or you think you can’t (as an Akuffo-Addo sycophant), you are correct! God help you!


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