Countless verses in Christian literature dictate dire consequences for men who sleep with other men, women who sleep with other women, men and women who fornicate, and or commit adultery and some. Virtually every action under the sun has some consequential impact on the actor. More definitely, the consequences of not obeying the Christian literature, i.e. the Holy Bible’s commandments (by choice or destiny), is the ultimate punishment of being cast away in Hell fire by Jesus and Father, God.

The same Christian literature, especially the New Testament, preaches often about love and forgiveness, with the exception of God’s Hell-fire-spitting punishment. As for Hell, the sinners have it coming, and even Jesus cannot intercede on behalf of Moses on judgment day. But for love, some parts of Christian literature preaches aplenty. Even love for transgender sisters or brothers (although not explicitly anywhere in the Bible stated).

To many, this seems a contradiction of the texts. In some respect it is so: a Holy Bible that speaks of a scrutinizing, paternalistic, angry and murderous God, yet a forgiving Hell-fire spitting God, is certainly a temperamental Book written by a temperamental God. A contradiction in terms. Some people might also think: a God of double identities (from the Old Testament to the Gospels)—who is suffering from a multiple personality disorder of some sort.

However, a careful examination of the texts reveals a God who loves only those he identifies as “Chosen” and resolves to destroy all those who are not his children. This rationale resolves the contradiction in the minds of some Christians. And so the idea of “God’s children” is left for any preacher and believer to define for themselves. So the people of Clackamas United Church of God have proceeded to embrace transgender people as the kind of people that their God might spare from Hell fire on judgement day while he kills all those who commit adultery.

Let’s get this right: God in theory loves those who choose to do with their bodies how they feel (our transgender siblings) but, the same God will kill (and send to Hell) others who do with their bodies how they feel (our fornicating siblings)? Another contradiction arises: Does this God love his own children or not? Hence the problem with dealing with a God with probably a multiple personality disorder is just this: No human reason can comprehend the actions of a God made up, or plagiarized from other Gods, by unintelligent men, who lived several millennia ago.

The notorious problem with some Christians however is that they are resolute on defending this God to the death. Literally. They ask that we all convert, repent, die, and resurrect to become believers in this God who enacts judgement at will and dishes out perpetual Hell (literally) as punishment for having sex with a man or woman we love. The Christians at Clackamas would tell us that God loves the transgender sibling and then they turn around in the same breathe and proclaim that God will send our fornicating siblings to Hell. What God!

Baffling! Won’t you say? What a God!


  1. Very interesting points you make. The ‘chosen ones’ are already preordained and predestined for eternal life of presupposed bliss and only the so called ‘Father’ knows them beforehand; none of them know it of themselves but rather it’ll be ‘revealed’ in the day of judgement so called… when those not chosen are cast in to outer darkness

    In view of this emerging biblical contradictions, if the chosen are already preselected then their ticket to heaven does not depend on their human effort or even on their belief. Likewise for the unchosen neither they’re good works nor their belief in a Christ can save them from the wrath of the ‘Father’.

    In other words, the Christian god is a loving father to some and menacingly vengeful character to the rest. He sounds very human to me…as a rule of thumb a man made god always begets a man-like god.

  2. These contradiction are as a consequence of an attempt of culture-less people to colonize religion by plagiarizing sacred texts of the past without understanding it as such misrepresent and injected their barbarian concepts. Those lies are catching up with them

    • LOL. No ten commandments in Christianity? No the Son, the father and the holy ghost? No original sin from eden for which we must repent by accepting the christ? lol

  3. “Our transgender siblings have heartbeats,” except for our fornicating siblings. They have no heartbeats. In fact, when our fornicating siblings meet their bodily fluids flow through their veins not with the heart doing the pumping, but the devil.

    You see? The problem with European Christianity is that it started first as a money laundering scheme, and then it spread to Africa as 419. When you attempt to dig through the lies, the thing is bottomless.

    A religions with this much contradiction and lies in Africa would be called superstition. Only this version of Christianity is no superstition because white people from Europe brought us this nice version. As for white people they dabble not in superstitions. Only Black people dabble in superstitions. Here is truly the irony of white supremacism and its inferior complex within African christians.

    • So the money laundering is not a recent phenomena in Christian centric organizations… the Vatican bank etc… How did it start and how far back…

    • It started, at least in my opinion at the moment, with the Apostles. The idea of the Christ could have remained a spiritual matter for the individual in mush the same way that Vodun is a spiritual matter between a man, his ancestors, their gods and his gods. For after all the man Jesus himself said that he was the Church. That if one followed his teachings, and shared that faith with just another person, that was a church. No need for brick buildings! No need for elaborate human relation structures comprising of church leaders, apostles, evangelists, etc. No need for a Sadducee-like or Pharisee-like institutions.

      But of course the money-grabbing elites of the early doctrines subverting the messages of the christ decided that individual salvation did not match well with individual church at home and in the heart. No money can be made there. Hence the Apostles decided that the only way to remain Apostles without actually ever doing real work was to remain Apostles, i.e preach in churches in which the congregations were asked to contribute to the daily upkeep of the men of God. Absolutel nonsense. The Apostles claimed thay had heard these new commandments of building churches from the Lord himself. Which was false.

      • It is quite interesting the way ancestor worship is founded on material and scientific fact in that we are the material evidence of the existence of our ancestors and this is an indisputable scientific fact and being factual it’s premise is not based on superstitious belief but is grounded in the reality of our existence. We do not have to believe that our ancestors existed (like we have to believe in a magical Christ) rather we know this by our very own existence and by virtue of this we, every now and then, pay homage for their labor and travails in delivering as the future. It is simple and sincere.

        I hear you on the tendency of money to corrupt budding religious Enterprise but some may as well argue that at the core of its essence the Christian Enterprise was always about conquest of souls for money… Christ himself is made the sole gateway to the afterlife and none can enter the gates of eternity without his seal of approval and his earthly priesthood serves as the shepherds guiding humanity to this gateway for a fee…is there a better way to create a religious monopoly in the shadows of which an economic empire in the name of the Roman Catholic empire steps out to conquer the four winds…


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