Bitcoins And Afropeans

NTOABOMA—Once I proclaimed that Ghana could print her own money and tie it to the gold under our feet, without respecting the petro-dollar. We could have an independent Central Bank, which does not take orders from the US Federal Reserve. That way we could build all the schools, all the hospitals, all the roads and pay everyone in gold-backed promissory notes. Why? We have plenty of gold in the ground. And the world will not stop needing gold!

Some Afropeans laughed and kicked: “The dollar is also backed by a powerful military, and an economy that can soak up the Triffin Dilemma. What power can back the cedi?” They bleated angrily.

But wait, one Afropean—and I know him very well—managed to have acquired three bitcoins earlier this year. He is considering selling it and making huge profits. One bitcoin, which in essence is just a bunch of flickering computer lights, is now valued at over 17,000 dollars! No mighty gun-toting military backs bitcoins. No large markets support it. In fact, it has no central bank, only peer-to-peer keyboard warriors stuck in their grandmother’s basements, peanut butter smeared across their bellies, fighting with their monitors, but who are at war with the status quo. How did they manage, you ask? Just pure imagination and sheer will.

You see the problem with Afropeans is that they like to follow; they can’t stop following. They lack imagination and they lack the will to act. And so they are scared to lead because they are by nature cowards! Cowards are afraid that they could be attacked tomorrow and a white woman could sodomize them with a knife and then she could laugh out with a loud orgasm. Afropeans are scared that they could die and leave behind their sorry lives, in which Obroni decides how much money they can print and thus how much food they and their children can eat; Obroni decides how much medicine and what medicine they can take when they are sick.

The term “Afropean” has nothing to do with geography. It is the state of mind of some twenty-first century Africans, wherever they live. It is cowardice. It is a lack of belief that out of Africa great empires, great civilizations can re-emerge. It is a lack of will. A lack of imagination. A lack of belief in oneself and thus one’s “people.” It is the bottom of decadence!

Stop reading and listening to Afropean news. Read and follow Afrocentric intellectualism. At the least you will die a brave man, not as an ignorant coward. The Universe does not reward cowards. The Universe does not forget brave men. Be brave, my dear friends. Be Afrocentric!


Afrocentrism is Sankofa

And what is Afroncentrism? Afrocentrism is the ideology that says, the world has become more primitive since 1492. That is, Afrocentrism is the ideology that says that since modern Europe’s first encounter with Africa and the rest of the world, the entire planet has been plunged into utter barbarism: crony capitalism leading to an expansive ugly slave trade in human bodies, a foul colonial exploitation of African resources, a vulgar Jim Crow, a loutish Apartheid, an unforgiving neo-colonialism, a gun-blazing imperialism, a bomb-dropping USAFRICOM, etc. Afrocentrism is the ideology that says, because the world has become more violent as a result of this encounter—made evident by the wiping out of more than 75 percent of the world’s species in just two hundred years of Western Barbarism—we must reverse course in order that we can stand a chance to save the planet.

Afrocentrism is the ideology that says to hell with European ideas, which, without exception, have been virulent to Mother Earth. To hell with the ideals of the economics of primitive accumulation; to hell with industrialization; to hell with urbanization; to hell with modernization; to hell with materialism; to hell with consumption; which are all unrepentant theoretical ploys sharpened on the grindstones of academia to suck out the lifeblood of the planet, to kill the planet and to eventually lead mankind to the bottomless abyss of his own extinction. Afrocentrism is the ideology that says, no to the extinction of the human race! Afrocentrism is the ideology that says no to a mutation that is clearly destroying the rest of us. Afrocentrism is the ideology that says to save what is left, and to give Mother Earth a chance to recover from the barbarism visited upon Her since 1492, we must return to the old ways of Africa.

Afrocentrism is the ideology that says only in the ancient civilizations of Africa—deep into Black Africa—can the world uncover, recover and re-learn the art and act of civilization. Afrocentrism is the ideology that is necessary if we are to save what is left of Mother Earth and save ourselves. Afrocentrism is the unapologetic thirst after unfettered intelligence. Afrocentrism is the hunger for honest genius. Afrocentrism is self-preservation. Afrocentrism is humane: the only “-ism” equipped to re-set the homeostatic balance of the entire planet. Afrocentrism is Sankofa. More, Afrocentrism is the indispensable Sankofa.

Be brave, my dear friends. Be Afrocentric!


  1. Very nice ode to Afrocentrism. It is a glowing ideology with a lot of love and guidance to give the world, if only the world would love it back.


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