Once upon a time, a German colonial terrorist group expedition in Africa was defeated by the Herero. The terrorists would later enlist mercenaries from other parts of the continent to do their bidding against the Herero. What ensued, is correctly called one of the worst German Genocides in Africa.

The Invader. The Colonizer. The Parasite.

You invade my space, you use my kitchen, you sleep on my bed, you eat my food, you shit in my toilet, you bathe my water, in my bathroom, and you drink my coffee.

When I tell you to leave, you show me all kinds of numbers (statistics) about how you’ve helped me and how you continue to help me become like you. When I insist you leave my house, you show my numbers about all the things you do in my house to help me.

The thing is you don’t want to leave my house. You don’t want to be on your own. You know you are leeching off me, and you know you need some numbers to mask your looting. You have no intention of leaving.

Now I know that you intend to stay because you cannot take care of yourself. Only now, every time you bring your statistics, I say bullshit. Every time you tell me you are here to help me, I say bullshit. Now you know what I know. You know that I know that you are a liar! A thief! A terrorist! A colonizer!

You know now that I know that when I get a chance, I will kick you out myself. You know it. So now, you’ve grown even more aggressive, kicking my pans, tossing my kitchen, breaking my stoves and dirtying my bathrooms. You think that once you create chaos, I would have no choice but to ask you to help me clean it up.

But now again, you know that I know that you are the Chaos Creator. I know. You know. So you have grown angrier and more aggressive. You tell me if I kick you out, you will burn down my house one day.

So this whole time you’ve been throwing statistics around that I actually need you, but you knew that you needed me rather. I see. Now you know that I know that you are the colonizer. You know that when the time comes I will kick you out of my house. You know that when I kick you out you will try to burn down my house.

Now you know that I know that you intend to burn down my house when I throw you out. You know that I know that I need protection for my house once I throw you out.

So, you tell me you can help me protect my house after I throw you out. This makes sense to you but it doesn’t make any sense. It makes sense to you because you are incapable of being on your own. You are a parasite.

Now, I know that you are an invader, a colonizer and a parasite. Now, you know that I know. We know each other now. We know each other well. You are the parasite and I am your host. For now. Until….

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Amenuti Narmer
Narmer Amenuti (Dances With Lions) was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a Public Intellectual from the Sankoré School, a Temple of the African Prophetic Tradition. He remains the only surviving speaker of Vebantu, the Ancestral Tongue to most West African languages. As a Culture Critic from the Sankoré School (of Critical Theory) and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. ~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that they can’t lose. It seduces smart people into thinking that they have to win. Success corrupts; Usefulness exalts. ~ Narmer.


    (very important) (summary)

    (Warning: This is the most important subject of our age, but it might trigger (offend) you so please move on if having your sacred cows slaughtered by science is unacceptable.)

    Pre-marine-trade Europeans like all other peoples didn’t have writing – few people did. Writing requires the evolution of debt-trade and taxation. The population density of territorial regions, the rate of production of territorial areas, and the cost of political control, all inhibit it, which is why the river valleys and the coasts developed writing.

    The europeans like all people, had oral history. Although it is most interesting that the europeans seem to have invented history as we understand it. The Atlantics, the Mediterraneans, the indo europeans, the beaker people, the Germanics, and certainly the Celts had oral history and had an industry for training their priesthood.

    The jews had history, and didn’t write it down, because of the prestige of memorizing it (just like europeans), and only wrote it down under advice, question, or command of the greeks. Like the dictionary froze english spelling, writing froze jewish, then christian, then islamic dogma. This isn’t the same for european, Indian, or Chines thought which was advice (wisdom literature) not command (authoritarian literature).

    Besides the universal lying and face before truth of the semitic tribal peoples, and this authoritarian literature, the middle east developed jewish pilpul and critique (lying) and muslim recitation and stagnation (avoidance of adaptation).

    The Chinese pursued harmony of their wisdom literature which limited their adaptation, and they followed sun tzu in war by delay and deceit, and their culture followed.

    The Iranic branch in India (Hindus) could not (as is happening to Americans) rule such a vast population of lower classes, and so chose a corporeal organization of class roles – a military organization familiar to the iranics, replicating the class structure of warriors, priests, and workers, each with different responsibilities.

    The Chinese had chosen hierarchical family, and europeans had chosen a hierarchical military.

    The Jewish-Palestinian-Arab semites chose universal resistance to all forms of aristocracy including the Egyptian by the adoption of universal slave resistance as a strategy.

    This failure to produce a durable military still plagues the jewish- Palestinian and less so Arab (raiding) peoples today. The jews in particular because they have neither the ethical tradition of land holders (and cant hold land) nor the ethical tradition of a working class (who fight) or an ethical tradition of a market between the elites. Which is why we wanted to move all jews to Israel, making a Netherlands of the middle east that may drag the primitive peoples out of authoritarian monopoly slave-resistance into market modernity – AND insulate us from jewish and muslim undermining at the same time.

    The Chinese strategy of course is to eradicate islam by incremental domestication of the muslim people and prohibiting entry of the jewish people. There is no force in Asia that can compete with Chinese domestication of other peoples. They have been doing it for thousands of years.

    The Europeans, having conquered the continent by military and technological means, had the pressure of a small population using maneuver, adaptation, technology, and a universal voluntary and therefore entrepreneurial military to produce a hierarchy – and produced as a consequence an entrepreneurial wisdom literature of markets including technology(science), law, philosophy, theology that competed with one another under their only immutable strategy – the sovereignty of the entrepreneurial warrior.

    Europeans maneuver, adapt, and invent with small number , Chinese resist and defeat by delay and deceive using numbers, semites deceive seduce with false promise and undermine and weaken – and the muslims consume and destroy, and Indians ignore because they are unconquerable by other than a cancer like islam – and get temporarily conquered by every passing malcontent even if they have the most beautiful of cultures and religions for the average person (except for the filth and irresponsibility for the commons).

    So as usual, when comparing civilizations we don’t disambiguate the truth-telling-empirical races, from the delay and deceive races, from the lying races – which is the entire purpose of my work.

    Ending abrahamic method of lying by jewish, christian, muslim generation-one theology, and marxism, cultural marxism, postmodern, feminism, denialism, by abrahamic generation-two pseudoscience and sophism.

    Because lying – especially baiting into hazard and undermining, are (empirically) easier and more profitable, as we can see from financial, insurance, gambling, advertising, media, entertainment, pornography, ad education – all of which allow undermining host peoples by false promise, absent warranty, under claims of plausible deniability of innocence.

    Which is where the Ashkenazi Jews have specialized: in every single form of profiting by false promise, baiting into hazard, – because that is the group strategy, just like every other group strategy I’ve mentioned above.

    And this is why the Ashkenazi were the most literate people in Europe but contributed absolutely nothing to thought, politics, law, technology, medicine, science, or arts until baited into the franchise in exchange for adopting european Aristotelian if not christian ethics – and failed.

    And its why they were kicked out of Egypt and every other host civilization; why they lost their territory and were dispersed, and why they have been systematically removed from every host population once they become intolerable by achieving critical mass of influence on the people and can no longer deny their strategy.

    This is the scientific basis of the conflict of civilizations including the conflict between jewish and muslim civilizations and EVERY OTHER civlization on this earth.

    Yet no matter what opportunity every people give the jews and muslims the outcome is the same – neither jews nor muslims adapt. Because that is the nature of their authoritarian monopoly parasitic group strategy: slave resistance that preys on the social and economic orders of aristocratic meritocratic people until they are reduced to genetic, institutional, political, cultural, normative, economic and military ruin – it is the strategy of uncontrolled dysgenic growth used by cancers. And the only ‘cure’ for this method of deceit is the light of truth and the law to punish it in a via-negativa market for the continuous suppression of profit by plausible deniability of accountability.

    The worst you can say about europeans is that we dragged humanity out of tyranny, rent seeking, free riding, deceit, ignorance, superstition, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of an uncaring nature – but could have done it better.
    That’s the worst you can say. That is not the worst we can say for the semitic dark ages and 1billion dead in the ancient world, and 100M dead in just this past century and a half, and we still are not ‘cured’ of this second attempt at another semitic dark age.

    We have domesticated and Germanicized Christianity – but we must make it impossible for the Jews and Muslims to create another dark age for mankind.

    My hope is that we cure both physical and informational cancers in this century. And I’m doing my part for the latter by extending the law to prohibit these forms of crime. That is the sole purpose of my work. To prohibit, reverse, and perform restitution for the crimes against civilization by the use of abrahamic methods of deceit- so that we may continue mankind’s transcendence into the gods we imagined.

    People have very little agency. We are trial and error gene computers with firmware that imitates others, evolving software for no purpose other than negotiation with others – and what little agency we have is determined by the limits of whatever it is we learn by imitation and negotiation.

    Very, very, few of us transcend the animal from semi-consciousness to consciousness. The result of doing so – is love for man like we love our domesticated animals, pets, and children. “all we can do is help them. we are too few to do much else.”

    • Madame Akornoba,

      If a response to my theory is bad, it is bad, and if it is merely an exercise in pseudo-intellection then it is even worse. Much worse. I see that the Caucasian is now pointing fingers at the Jew and he is berating the Muslim, the Chinese and such, without understanding that this proposition, this so called idea that “Europeans maneuver, adapt, and invent with small number” was (and is) based in part, if not wholly, on the Premise of the “Germanicization” of Judaism and pitching it against Islam as Good vs. Bad. As Pale vs. Dark. As White vs. Black. Without the ideas of Judea, Europe cannot have a cohesive ideology. European history is nothing without the ideas of Judea!

      Now, the writer cannot write about what he doesn’t know and cannot know. I thank him for leaving out Africa(ns) from his drivel. Although, there’s little doubt in the minds of African scholars that the Caucasians are by far the most destructive people who ever walked the planet. With only five hundred years of their drivel and the planet itself is going down the tubes. Not even the Mongols, not even the Arabs were capable of this kind of human decadence to the point of destroying all species. And I am no fan of either the Modern Arabs or the Mongols.

      However, the writer seems to have found a new-love for the pursuit of the European Miracle, a myth, pulled fully out of the asses of European Scholars some three hundred years ago, to taint every other as Black and Evil and to paint themselves only themselves as Civilizers (White and Good). This is not profound. This is not new. Better, bigger, more famous European writers have made the argument better, in my opinion. In all, they have all failed. This one here is a student who’s attempting to regurgitate a myth to an unsuspecting audience. He can deceive the rest (since that’s all the European Miracle is meant to accomplish – deception), but he cannot pull the wool over my very eyes.

    • You didn’t make an argument. you live – your entire standard of living is the product of europeans rescuing the world from the Semitic dark age and the destruction of north african, egyptian, levantine, mesopotamian, persian, northwest indian, anatolian, byzantine, greek, roman, civilizations and reducing them to dysgenic, ignorant, illiterate, impoverished, lying, wastelands. Judaism was bad, christianity worse, and islam worst of all. The worst that can be said of europeans is that we did not complete the colonial project because we (wrongly) tried to contain Germany who unified only because France had conducted a war of conquest against the world. Had we completed the project we would have rescued the muslim and african world like we had every other civilization – yes at cost – but yes anyway.

      You know why you can’t make a scientific (causal chain) of arguments? You live in a world of superstition, supernaturalism, sophistry, lies, only possible for a population with intelligence quotients below the technologically employable.

      How about we ask the question this way? We will deprive you and your civilization of all european knoweldge, science, technology, and medicine, and what would happen? What if we just do what we plan to right now? Withdraw european policing of the world, cut you off from our economics and technology and let you decline once again in to ignorance and poverty.

      It’s all genetics, culture, and knowledge. you have none to your advantage except breeding like cockroaches.


  2. Curt Doolittle

    But was it not the colonial project that partly brought in and spiraled Christianity, which movement you so loathe?🤔 Jason

    • Ah, but it brought everything else too – and it is not christianity (imitation of Jesus) that I so deeply object to, but the lies that surround it – the false promises of the unwarrantable, in exchange for blind obedience (trade) rather than self discipline. Of the four european constructs Aryanism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, and christian submission, only the last requires a false promise. And there is no false promises of using church to persuade ach other to follow the example of jesus – and produce a high trust society capable of commercial expansion by doing so.

    • Mr. Curt Doolittle, are you a scholar or are you studying to become one? Because, if you were as good as the half-baked European Scholar actually is, you would know that the “Barbarian” actually refers to the Germanic tribes of Europa. You would know that there was not a single tribe inhabiting the continent of Africa that exhibited the genocidal, ecocidal, traits of Europeans!

      For, in this instance, one can actually make the Scientific Argument, not the non-sense you write, that Europeans bred like roaches and outrun their own resources; you run out of sustenance. The coming to Africa and to the Americas (re-call that this is after both the Moors and Kemetians had attempted to civilize Europe on two separate occasions but failed), was in search of food, and not just food, in search of wisdom about how to live sustainably like civilized men. In African wisdom, anyone who outruns his environment is a primitive man. Europe is still primitive. It has yet to learn how to live on Earth. It is incapable of living on Earth. So I encourage you to admonish your queen (who has seized 12 billion acres of land and killed off several natives in several genocides) to give the lands back and retreat to the tiny Kingdom of the Isles. If England were so great you would stay there!

      There! Please do it. Admonish your witch, your queen to try being human for a moment. We have said many times, we don’t need you, yet you keep claiming that we do. The thing is we don’t. And you, on the other hand cannot live without Africa. You can’t. You won’t even try it. It would be amazing if what you propose, to leave Africa alone, could be done in practice. That would be the best day in Africa. But you know what, you won’t. Your barbarism will not allow it.

    • The motive for European expansion was find new sources of trade and gold (since Muslim invasions cut off our access to the Silk Road over land in the 15th c.) to pay armies to halt the Ottoman imperialists from further invasions of Europe and further enslavement of Europeans and everyone else. Once we succeeded we also stopped them from enslaving Africans. Your ingratitude is duly noted.

    • So the European method to stop “further enslavement of Europeans and everyone else” was to begin the enslavement of [West] Africans through the Trans-Atlantic Trade? How very European! How very Barbaric! How very apt!

      Are you guys jokes are you truly attempting to become scholars. Try again!

    • Curt Doolittle Narmer Amenuti Critical theory is just the second abrahamic attempt at undermining civilization, this time through pseudoscience and sophism instead of supernaturalism and sophism.

      You studied LYING.

    • Let’s assume that I studied lying. And let’s assume for a second time that you studied the truth. It seems to me here that you engage willful ignorance or you suffer from stupidity or both. Why?

      I believe that it was a Roman General (because I know now how little you’ve read, seeing the things you write, I would rather have you look him up), who made the profound statement about the Barbarians (the Germanic tribes since you now have that education from me), that they are unfit even for servants.

      Now, if you know Roman history, and by that point, if you knew Roman culture, you would quickly become aware that the Roman General’s conclusions about those primitive western European warring tribes was far more damning. That is, if you knew how servants and slaves were traded, used and incorporated into Roman families, you would appreciate what the Roman’s conclusions to his senate actually meant.

      Let me help you (for unlike you, I actually come from a long line of intellectuals, not hooligans). What that Roman meant was that western Europeans were not HUMAN.

      For such words to emanate from an Etruscan, so many centuries ago, is truly revealing. Later, we show that if not for the recalcitrant Africans who trekked all the way up the Alps, some hundreds of thousands of years ago, to Europe to commit crimes of miscegenation with animals, like Neanderthals, you, Curt, would never be on here, let alone online ranting at your gods (Africans). You still remain part Neanderthal, i.e. not fully HUMAN.

      All this to say, you can claim what you want and wish, but the facts of your own “truthful European education” remains about that Roman General and his words. Facts. Don’t take my words for it. Look up that Roman General. He stands to teach you more about your culture of utter barbarism. Imagine, the Roman talking about others as more barbaric, and unfit even for servants. Imagine.

    • Narmer, don’t you know that these days, western Europeans like to brag about the Roman Empire (and even Greece) as if that is where they came from? European Scholars have done so much damage to history (and of course to life and all species) that I wonder if anything cab be repaired. Their summary appropriation (and tribal invasion with clubs and hammers) of Rome and Greece is just the starting point of their barbaric conquests and spread of primitive western European ideas.


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