This article below, from “The Economist,” represents the pertinent example of the jumentous and nepenthe witchcraft of western scholars. It is how western thinkers “fool” themselves and hoodwink everyone else around them. You listen to western thinkers long enough, you will be bewitched by their nonsense. Hell, you might think their paralogism actually make sense as in for instance, the following article in “The Economist” will show.

They claim all sorts of benefits to humanity and to the world of technical progress and more technical progress. They claim that technical progress is a mark of civilization. They claim that with technological progress comes certain economic advancement. They claim that technological advancement is spurred on by certain factors, namely: (1) raising children in technological environments, who can grow up and invent more new technology, (2) investing in better schools to train more technicians and (3) more capital investment in technological research and science.

So, you ask, where do these “thinkers” get their data to suggest that doing these things, (1), (2) and (3), result invariably in the development of newer and newer technology and for the economic advancement of the masses? Where do they obtain their data to suggest that technological advancement (alone) has enabled any nation to develop, or become civilized and wealthy?

The answers to these questions lead one to data on the Industrial Revolution, and to the American Industrial Revolution, all from the 1700s to the 1900s. Further, the answers to these questions lead one to another set of data from the more recent years of the 70s and the early 2000s. What is peculiar about these periods, you ask?

The answers are: Chattel Slavery for the first part and for the second part the answer lies in the De-Industrialization of Black America (like Detroit, Michigan), the Forced Servitude of Chinese/Asian workers in Euro-American industrial plants (like on Apple Computer plants), and the subsequently resultant New Jim Crow of the 2000s and ongoing, otherwise known as the Mass Incarceration of Black America, for their free labor (as in the Parchman Concentration Camp in Mississippi providing millions of hours of forced African American labor to Euro-American firms).

What is certain about Euro-America during these periods is that they grew rich and powerful from the violent enslavement of actual human beings. That is, Euro-America accomplished nothing worth calling civilized. Everything about Euro-American wealth creation screams of barbarism. Yet, Euro-American thinkers continue to blind their victims of the real human blood that underpins Euro-American wealth—in the same way that they bewitch their own masses to be blind to the character of almost all American universities, where these thinkers make their living, which are built on the graves of the very enslaved Africans who built these very schools with their bare hands and innovative ideas, and whose blood and sweat funded these very universities. Little else accounts for Euro-America’s primitive accumulation.

What Euro-American thinkers know, yet insist on blinding their victims with their witchcraft, is simply that technology, especially in Euro-American society, and specifically during the periods they enable their victims to fawn over, has only been par for the cause. Not the essence of the wealth creation. Do not let them fool you when they claim, as in this article below, that more and more technology will make their violent technologies safer and more egalitarian!

Never. The thing is meant exactly to enslave you, kill you, and take your lands. Science and research in Euro-America has only come along in so far as Euro-American oligarchs continue to violently and forcibly siphon resources from enslaved peoples, from colonized peoples, from colonized lands and from forced labor.

What is certain is that Euro-American wealth is built on blood and blood alone. And so its technology is also built on the same blood and from the very innovations of that enslaved blood. For these reasons, Euro-American science and technology point only to more of the same violent pouring of blood: they seek the summary innovation of more tools (even from their slaves) for the enslavement of more of others. Nothing else.

Technological advancement in Euro-America is impossible without their barbarism. Euro-America is incapable of the art of science and the pursuit of knowledge alone. Euro-American technological advancement accomplishes only one thing – it makes the world less safe (the Bomb is but one example).

Technological advancement in Euro-America means only three things – the enslavement of those who do not look Aryan (a primitive concept known as Aryan Nipidation), the colonization of all lands and the impoverishment of all the masses. There’s not a single technological advancement in Euro-America that does not invariably lead to bankrupt the people, hold their properties as ransom, kill them, enslave them, and siphon resources to the few oligarchs in Euro-America.

Take their Pharmaceutical companies for instance, and the facts of their existence is clear. They are more invested in bankrupting their cancer patients than they are actually invested in looking for a cure for them. Cures do not make money. The lucripetous Euro-American thinkers and their nummamorous oligarchs, who fund their “thinkers,” will not make you aware of this machination. But, I will.

It’s time for the victims of the Euro-American witchcraft to wake from their slumber. It is time to unveil the hidden agenda and expose the snare of the fowler. Euro-American thinkers, born and bred in the universities that are built atop the graves of kidnapped and enslaved Africans, are here to convince you that their dirty wealth has nothing to do with violence at all, that it is not dirty at all; but that it is all due to the hard work of their scientists and innovators.

Bullshit. That is the biggest lie of the last five hundred years! Do not let them fool you when they claim, as in this article below, that more and more technology will make their violent technologies safer and more egalitarian! Never. The thing is meant exactly to enslave you, kill you, and take your lands. More and more western technological advancement is geared towards your summary enslavement and towards killing you. Nothing good can emerge out of it, even if the meager early gains they usually allow, throw their wicked dust into the eyes of onlookers.


  1. Technology in the minds of Euro Americans is just another thing they have co opted and appropriated to make themselves look better. All real civilizations have developed technologies while they were hiding out in caves. But here they say well we have modern technology. But modern is just a word that describes nothing except what I just did. Is everything modern better? If so, the sunrise is horrible and backwards because it started a long time ago. Yes, words like modern confuse people who think whatever they do is great. And only Euro Americans focus all this time and energy enslaving, oppressing, being violent, and developing destructive and more destructive weapons. As history and the present has proven it seems they are incapable of doing anything actually productive and good for the world and they only try to defend their backwardness.


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