Friday, February 21, 2020
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Serves You Right, David Agbenu

I read the news about the roughing up of Ghanaian Times photojournalist, Mr. Edem Mensah Tsotorme, with knowing amusement. I read it with "knowing...

The Rude Anatomy Of Ghana Soccer

Miracles do occur. Unfortunately, God is not a Ghanaian. Miracles are as much likely to occur for Germans or Portuguese or the United States...

Inequality Significantly Stifles Economic Growth

Income inequality has a statistically significant impact on economic growth, according to research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In Ghana and...

Ghana Invents Sustainable Bicycles With Bamboo

A young female social entrepreneur has vowed to bring change to the world - one bamboo bike at a time. The 19-year-old employs about...

Africans Opening Fuller Wallets To Consumption

Let's remember that the current global economic model of consuming the earth's resources well beyond a sustainable rate, and destroying the ecosystems that sustain human life in the process, is itself not a Success Story. Africa must beware.

Governments Cautioned Against Tobacco Lobbyists

Giving any tobacco industry a space on the table during the talks is inadvertently allowing the industry to dictate what is discussed on that table. This is unacceptable.

Who Should Play For Country?

Performing on the world stage, every player makes some decision to play for country, but which country? That is the question perpetually facing players who feel bound to multiple allegiances—whether by birth, residence, or family heritage—yet must salute one flag above all.

Spare The Criticism And Spoil Our Elders

For example, why are we so proud of The Asante Chief who is only worth $10M when he sits on some of the biggest mineral reserves in the world? Twi-Speaking Ghana must ask themselves the simple question. Why? Should he not be worth billions?

Pan-Africanism and the World Cup

Africa’s more progressive leaders are fighting against protectionist attitudes. At the annual meeting of the African Development Bank on May 22, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda told fellow leaders that the continent’s “most important challenges cannot be tackled by any country on its own” and that “deeper regional and continental integration is not only good for Africa, it is good for investors and trading partners. It makes it easier and cheaper and less risky to do business in Africa.”

Good Pidgin Speakers Do Not ‘Bomb’ Exams

In my research, and from my experience as a speaker, I found that the average pidgin speaker (if he knew his pidgin well enough not to say ‘you dey resemble your father’, instead of ‘you dey gyee your poppee’) was an accomplished language user who was usually fluent in English.