Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Say It Loud, I’m Gay And Proud

Centuries of oppression has not changed us one little bit. We are the same people dragged in shackles and manacles into rat-infested stinky ships...

Country Sickens From Diet Of Cheap Labor

A diet of cheap labor has affected nations with unprecedented illness. Treatment is challenging, but researchers are desperately searching for a cure.

Ghana Fetches Water With Basket?

All over the world, speaker after speaker at either local or international conferences, political rallies, campaign platforms, symposia, forums or theatres have addressed the...

Kwabena Agyapong – How The Mighty Are Falling

Kwabena Agyapong amazes me. This is a guy who used to be a hero of mine. To be fair, this was at a time...

Akuffo Addo & Frimpong Boateng, Wikileaks, Dismissals and Matters Arising

I have a new-found respect for Nana Akuffo-Addo. This is a guy who, if his detractors are to be believed, was thrown out of...