Do we accept the status quo which is only working from the mountain-tops to enrich the top or do we turn our backs to it?

Someday decades ago, it was said that we kicked out the colonialists once and for all and set up our own systems of governance. Yet each day the illusion of independence is becoming more a realization in the minds of everyday Africans who sense the ever-imposing aura of oppression.

While in control, the colonialists hijacked our existing political structures and inflicted our societies with modern democracy. The hallmark of modern democracy, however, is not the promise land suggested by the seemingly utopian equation of one person, one vote.

What then does it mean to bring democracy to every corner of the world? It means the erosion of social governance, marked by the proliferation of broken systems marred with robot elections, puppet leaders, and dejected citizens.

Robot elections, in short, are programmed and predictable.

Electronic machines with their digital and technological capabilities churn out results that more reflect the interests and intentions of the programmers than the desires of the populace. The artificial intelligence is neither artificial nor intelligent. It is a carbon copy of the master’s tools, only spitting out what has previously been fed in.

Like our shoulder blades, rib cages, breasts, tarsals and metatarsals, robot elections are basically, albeit imperfectly, symmetric. If examined with a fine eye, minute differences might arise: a freckle, birthmark or scar—here or there— that set our right and left sides apart. So it is with robot elections characteristic of modern democracies.

Two major parties present virtually the same two sides of a coin, no matter heads or tails. Whether their rhetoric capitulates to the same repressive policies or they fail to improve societies for hardworking citizens.

Fostering no courageous leadership, robot elections produce puppet leaders. Only the face of governance changes every so often but all other aspects—the brains and the innerworkings of the body’s systems—remain identical.

Puppet leaders cannot act on injustice when their salaries, their livelihoods, depend on inaction. These puppets dance to the master’s song, they sing to his tune. The melody brings them glee while it brings his countrymen unrequited suffering.

No matter who is nominated or elected, it appears that a master plan for absolute external control of biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, transportation, energy, media and communication, and military industrial complex and defense (or more appropriately, offense) remains intact.

Given this humdrum system of governance and its bureaucratic processes, the status quo remains no matter who stands for office or is elected. Though many fulfill the primary act that under democracy ostensibly marks them active citizens, in voting for puppets, citizens attend the play but actually exert no say in the dominant narrative, storyline, costumes, or themes.

Once let go, a balloon will drift in the path of the winds. That much is for sure. Our votes will be recorded, but their direction is left to forces beyond our control. Citizens become desensitized to corruption, which has become a quotidian affair, as certain as the pesky mosquitoes come every evening. But with no enduring repellent, what is the way forward?

The ordinary citizen feels powerless and disheartened. The system appears too overwhelming for any individual citizen to perceive themselves as change-makers. They are a blade of grass in a field of dreams: unimportant and unnoticed, one of so many. The lawnmower is swift and severe.

True, some citizens fall into the categories of the misinformed or the politically ignorant. However, the vast majority of citizens are uninvolved in or removed from politics because they feel nothing to gain from their participation. The most cognizant of the aggrieved sense that the system is only made up of callous architects with designs to silence any detractors.

Critics allege that citizens accept the status quo unflinchingly and unquestionably. Their dormancy is interpreted as consent. Democracy which claims to reflect the people’s choice actually distances them from their sovereignty. Democracy conceals the global dictator in plain clothes. It disingenuously extends to the tyrant the people’s blessing.

No surprise that our ancestors organized their governments in opposite fashion, with the smallest unit, the family, forming a crucial voting bloc. That fractal was replicated throughout the community to bring representation to local, regional, state, and national factions.

With any government, leaders have strings attached. The question is whether the strings come from the top down or the bottom up? Do the strings emerge from the mountain-tops of a rigged democracy or from the roots of a traditional representative republic?

Democracy with its robot elections, puppet leaders, and dejected citizens characterizing our local, regional, national, and intercontinental governments is troubling. With everything turned on its head upsetting the balance of the perfect world order of Maat, the result is a world order that is new yet dizzying with instability.

The system in its current form needs to be kicked out for good to regain our governance and to enliven our citizenry.


  1. Afrika and it’s children are too in the habit of trying to express externally that which is internally opposed to us and is not a match for our way of being nor intended for our prosperity. This includes even those of us who went through the slave trade. We worship a god that does not look like us trying to achieve governmental structures that weren’t created by us all the while trying to prove our civility to a people that have always been the utter opposite of civilized, hoping to gain access to whatever crumbs they are willing to give us. Mind you those crumbs too were stolen from us.

    The West is the Great Liar. In the US it is common knowledge or should be that Little Richard would record a song and Pat Boone would release the very same song a week later. Lewis Latimer sued Thomas Edison over a 100 times for copyright infringement and won every time. Many slaves who did the work, had their ideas stolen and patented by their slave master or someone else not our people. Yet for some reason the moment you tell our people that the Bible is nothing but the writings of KMT(Africa) retold badly as is Masonry or that a good portion of the knowledge of the Greeks are again the stolen knowledge of Afrika from the Library at Alexandria stolen before it was burned down(did I say the West lies) and again regurgitated as there own despite several prominent Greek writers who attributed their great “civilization” to all that we made them to be. My point is they have always put us down and maligned us while stealing all that we create. Yet knowing this we still aspire for their acceptance.

    This is who they are and how they’ve been for a long time and we see that they’ve had a consistent interaction with all the world’s non-European people. They forced the Japanese to let them in, turned the Chinese into opium addicts and yet Africans can’t figure out why European prescriptions aren’t working for Africa. If a man’s heart is set against you then any recipe he conjures is touched by his heart’s intent toward you. I mean they did kind of pull up on your shores, looked you dead in the eye and then went on about what they discovered (your land, your house and everything yours). Does that not demonstrate how thoroughly opposed they are to us, that they would have us chained out back while writing all men are created equal. Worse still the rest of them all knew the truth about the chains and the discoveries and all acted as though that was some of the most sincere writing they’d ever heard. Not unlike the grand juries that co-sign the actions of the police in the US, no?

    Afrika and Afrikans must first aspire to be Afrikan and be okay with it and not see it as being like 3rd. prize or something. Even Afrikan gods they can at least been seen as equal to the European god right? Surely he’s been one of the most blood thirsty ever, who doesn’t mind taking other peoples’s lands’ and even wanted the goats and livestock to suffer for simply being the possessions of which ever people this god decided the world was better with out. As a kid though I did wonder why he was so late making a place for his people. If he was the god that created the world wouldn’t he have made a place for his people before the land ran out. Probably so but if you’re only a few thousand years old as is the West itself, then you would be late to the party and you would be forced to steal land for your people godhood aside because Asia, Africa and the Americas with far older societies have gods who’ve ruled and even been forgotten by the time you showed up. Worse still if you’re Afrikan how are you truly able to complain to a god about all that’s been done to you when he is guilty the same ideally against some other people but certainly stood by while the people who gave him to you, re-enacted the old testament on you. If we say a man or woman is energetically guilty of a thing they aren’t in a position to complain when it’s done to them, then surely it’s no great leap that we take issue with a god who extolled and encouraged all the same kind of treachery that’s been done to us. If that argument is to esoteric and history laden we can simplify it. If you are affronted, stolen from, and demeaned in every way, then suddenly the perpetrator gives you something that’s supposedly for your benefit (small pox laced blankets come to mind but for the soul this time) whether a Bible or a form of government you’re supposed to take a pass and why not. They won’t even give you an apology and that’s due. They won’t even entertain the thought of reparations and those are due. In Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa they are still trying to keep the land and in South Africa the wealth – again all things that are rightfully yours that they don’t want you to have. Oh but now take this Democracy and these Bibles, don’t you worry about all that other unimportant stuff like land and wealth (unimportant for you not them of course).

    The reason they focused us on our souls and our form of government (soul of the country) is because when these fail then we assume that the problem is ours and the fault lies within. So we ever distracted from the truth commit to pray more and fast and what not only to arrive at the same spot of failure just a little farther along in time. While you are looking within for an answer you are ignoring the obvious. Africa had wealth that was stolen. The issue isn’t what god you serve the issue is the thief. Africa had leaders like Lamumba and they were assassinated. The issue isn’t what form of government you have the issue is the conspirators. The fact is that we’re off on these etheric quest when all that ails us, I mean all who ail us are here in the material world. The hit Africa on corruption all the time but corruption has two parties not one but they always only mention the African side of that equation while sparing the Western participant any shame whatsoever. This is why China’s solutions for China are a great example. They tell you flatly they want a Chinese solution for China. They also threw all the foreigners out, no need to pray when they knew the root of the problem. How many Western evangelist and missionaries are part owners of mines in Africa? Hopefully you can do it without the bloodshed China went through or you end up like Haiti where Hillary Clinton’s brother is also part owner of a mine there. Man every time you get that help from the West they don’t leave empty handed. Oh well more to pray about and restructure the government to address. Our work is never done.

  2. “The system in its current form needs to be kicked out for good to regain our governance and to enliven our citizenry.” Our Gbetohemaa Nefetiti does it surgically clean again – simply awesomely Beautyful! What a dazzling brilliance of a true Afrikan Diamond of mind, strength of character and overwhelming Beauty of powerfully authentic Afrikan Womanhood! Sister Akosua Abeka, your Gbeto Armed Foirces of our New Breed of Pan-Afrikan Freedomfighting Sheroes-in-the making are impressively knowledgeable, tremendously inspiring and optimistically hope-instilling! MichaelADeBose elaborates splendidly! We must sooner than later put on updated designs of our traditional Afrikan sandals for the good kicking to practically begin everywhere By Any Means Necessary!

  3. We have a unique situation here with democracy. We still have gentile ‘leaders’ and ‘commanders’, but they are taking orders from their globalist masters. So, we get a less clear picture of Power in America, Power in the world, Power in Ghana, Power everywhere when we focus on big personalities.

    Nefetiti here does a wonderful treatment of the vagueness of democracy as it is practiced in most countries today. Worse, democracy itself is not working in the country that bombs others for not wanting to practice it. So, like Nefeiti has indicated, it makes more sense to ask ‘who are pulling the strings?’

    Hillary Clinton of the famed USA for instance, has a foreign policy that isn’t based on what she really wants. She just wants to be president, and she will do whatever to win over the big donors and media moguls. And that means shaping foreign policy to appease them the Powers that be. All we our illusion of consent.

  4. This essay by Nefetiti is pure art.

    The salvation of the people lies exclusively in everyone’s making everything his business. In the people of the South of Ghana, say, being anything but interested in the thoughts of the people of the North, and in the people of the North, being anything but indifferent to what happens in the South.

    Fortunately, Democracy, one of the most sensitive and responsible tools of human existence has been the first to pick up, adopt, and assimilate this sense of the growing unity of people in one family unit, then in one community, then in a nation and so on. The fractal as Nefetiti puts it.

    Ironically, and rather unfortunately, this growing unity of peoples which was once carefully achieved through Fractal Democracy, which is itself a difficult but surmountable task has be turned into a tool of global imperialism. Now, the neoliberals want Open Hemispheres, Open World, Global Village, Open Continents, which are in themselves insurmountable projects and would only breed revolt since it wipes out the basic fractal unit. People do not want to be the same and look the same. People don’t want McDonalds burgers everywhere they go. People don’t want Rolex watches everywhere they travel.

    But selling the fine ideal of the unity of the world is good business. Righteousness permits us to dream this big. Within our dreams are inserted the serious business of our subjugation, however. Once we accept the ensuing idea that the Global Village must be achieved we unwittingly accept the prevailing idea that we ought to have one world “democratic government.” Of course, only this One World government must be run by those who “know how to run it so.” And these people are the West. These people still colonize most parts of the world. Herein lies the problem of modern “democracy” – a self contradicting idea when examined carefully.

    When two lions and a lamb vote on what’s for dinner one recognizes a problem alright. But when one shouts out the problem, Globalists insist that the lamb is wrong. The lamb wants dictatorship, or communism, or it won’t oppose the democracy of the lions. When in fact, it is the prevailing dictatorship of the lions that the lamb fights against – for his own survival. Modern democracy itself is burnt on wiping out the lambs!

    The simple act of any ordinary courageous citizen then is not to partake in and support the lies of the Dictatorship of the Monied Interest. Or, the Dictatorship of the Powerful. Or in Ghana, the Dictatorship of the Western Educated. Writers and artists can do more: they can vanquish lies! In the struggle against the lies of this self-contradicting democracy (Plato’s democracy), art has always won and always will. Lies can stand up to much in the world, but not against art.

    This essay by Nefetiti is pure art!

  5. Sister Akosua M. Abeka, your Gbeto Armed Forces of our New Breed of Pan-Afrikan Freedomfighting Sheroes-in-the making are impressively knowledgeable, tremendously inspiring and optimistically hope-instilling!

    ~ Kofi Mawuli Klu

  6. Akosua and her fellow Gbeto Warriors (Amara Jali, Nefetiti, Afiya X., Ayensu Danquah, Arhin, Roselyn, etc., etc., just to name a few) are something else oh!

    It’s like entering the Shark Tank of Pan-Afrikan Literature. You must come prepaid or this Gbeto battalion featuring the “elite of the elite: the Reapers, women who ditch their carbines and swords and chose to enter [debates] armed with nothing – no shields, no breastplates, nothing – but razor-sharp three-foot words that they wield, one in each hand” will come at you.

    “If you were some ordinary conscript debater hanging out around your barracks and you saw the Gbeto suddenly charge in your direction, screaming the war chants of their Mothers, with their muskets barking fire and their signature double-edged three-foot-long words and phrases gleaming light in your direction, you had one fleeting moment to overcome your crippling panic, defend yourself or set pace and run. Because if you didn’t, and I mean if you failed to run away, they would club you unconscious with a dictionary, drag you back to Kindergarten, chop off your head in one swing, boil the skin off of your decapitated face, and then use your empty skull (because this is what it is) to decorate each of their royal palaces.” (paraphrased from Narmer Amenuti!)


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