A Norwegian kid, Haaland, snobs Manchester United for a small provincial team in Barbaria (Germany). Supposedly, Haaland is the next big European soccer product after Christiano Ronaldo.

Haaland’s agent, confirmed my suspicions about Manchester United Football Club. He claimed that ManU “is totally out of touch and capable of destroying the careers of both Pele and Maradona at the same time!”

I will add that the club is haunted by the serial elements of a former coach, Ferguson, who, together with his worshiper-player-student-fans, have dug their fangs and claws into the backs of football decisions. These people rely on their meager glories of the past to entrench their egos on a team that needs big players.

If the small boy, Haaland, can dodge the bullet that is ManU, I pray that Pogba accepts his wounded ankle, as a soldier would, and walk away from a war he will never win. Leave Manchester United. They need some twenty or so years, after Ferguson and his ilk have well passed, to think anything positive about soccer.


  1. It’s unfortunate that you aren’t a fan of Fergie and Manchester United.
    I however enjoyed reading

    • I don’t think my point is about being a fan or not about Fergie. I am not a fan of geopolitical machines that have clearly been oiled to paint Black/African people as something less than their European counterparts. I find Manchester United, and their dealings, as a curious example of a well-oiled machine that is set on destroying the career of one of the finest players the world has seen in many decades. When I critique, I try to keep it within that context.

  2. Nouvi Angelo Narmer Amenuti i actually find your comments quite shameful. Not ALL white people are bigots my brother, somebody in Manchester United chose to approve making this your black man the record signing for Manchester United. Two big things with that decision, first was making Ferguson irrelevant because he wouldnt touch him with a barge pole and secondly they put Pogba before the greater Manchester United institution due to their desperation to see him return to the club, these are actions from these so called racist trying to ruin his career. What happened when he left Manchester United were it be a Madrid or Barca they wouldnt have gone back and spent that type of money on him knowing very well issues with his agent unless agent is changed. Nobody is destroying this idiot’s career apart from himself and no one else, Manutd is a media magnet and it is used to sell stories so ALL former players apart from Beckham were very disciplined in how they interacted with the media even if they wanted to leave the club. How has he behaved on social media? Check his profile he states himself as a french international and adidas sportman nothing about United who are forking out 290,000 pounds sterling every week after tax on this guy, how disrespectful is that? You claim to be injured next minute you are playing basketball, you are dancing at your brother;s party, you have travelled to a charity match in france to support your brothers, all these he could have done without posting on social media knowing very well the sharks/journalists will makea story out of it, but as childish as he is its more about his social presence than his professional career. Please stop these blinkered and unqualified comments, he is our best player and we are paying for him to do the talking on the pitch not on social media, having an idiot of an agent who comes talking shit about the club given any chance, how does that help the environment with the player when he goes back to club, please stop with these childishness and pulling manutd into a racial issues. they have black players, respected them from eons, they have more black players in the first 11 than any race, their front three marcus rashford, martial, greenwood are players they are nurturing for years to come and then you come on here talking about racism and trying to destroy his career. Who in their right mind will devalue their most expensive asset? Look at the youth team all ages all their star players are black players and we talking about a team far up in Manchester where there are less black people in comparison to the London clubs…please Narmer respect yourself with this one, you have displayed too much of an intellect to be going down this road with manutd. Kindly stop

  3. I’m a Manchester United fan, and I enjoyed Your Analysis of the Club and Players! Your Opinions are more on a Global Perspective than Euro- centric , and are Truly Appreciated!


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