President Obama claims that his father was this Kenyan Economist, Dr. Obama.

One face of Obama’s Anti-Blackness.

NTOABOMA—Take a deep look again at this picture. Look closely. I have shown this image to countless grandmothers in Ntoaboma. All have doubts—in no uncertain terms—that the man in the picture is the boy’s father. From nose to ears, from lips to chin, all the way to the contours of the smile, the boy is by all indication, what a grandmother would admonish a man in such a situation with, “Man, he ain’t yours!”

So, yes, I have, in no uncertain terms, indicted Obama’s white mother from Kansas. I am saying that Dr. Obama (from Kenya) was not her Baby-Daddy. Or that Barack needs to look elsewhere… And so here begins Barack’s Daddy issues. As with all Daddy issues of this particular persuasion, there’s always an element of Anti-Blackness involved.

From the horse’s own mouth, Barack claims that he had a conversation on Renegades: Born in the USA, with Bruce Springsteen. They explored “the topic of masculinity and the influence that our fathers—both flawed role models—had on our lives. We also talk about the message American culture sends to boys about what it means to be a man—a message that too often emphasizes physical toughness over sensitivity; the need to dominate over the ability to love and care for others.”

If you didn’t catch it, Barack’s claim is that his Daddy-elect, Dr. Obama, was a flawed role model. In time, I will deal with his stuff about American masculinity. However, a brief word here will suffice. Barack (aka President Obama) was the kind of president of the United States who actually droned (murdered) American citizens without trial. Talk of toxic masculinity! Barack waged war on the sovereign African nation of Libya. He had the Libyan leader, Muamar Gaddafi, sodomized with a knife while at it. Talk of toxic masculinity.

Yet, Barack’s “need to dominate over” his “ability to love and care for others” is what makes him a perfect dad to his two daughters, and it is exactly by this yardstick that he measures his Daddy-elect, the Kenya economist, Dr. Obama. Talk of role models!

What is poignant is how Barack constantly refers to his adopted Kenyan father—who was a Harvard Economist at America’s own game—as some type of miscreant. Yet, if one reads Barack’s books and essays, one is sure to come away with the sense that Barack thought of his mother a perfect star—with multiple Baby-Daddies and all! The thing is, babies, toddlers, and children might think their moms, the prettiest, hottest, thing on planet Earth, but adults certainly do not ogle their mothers from a distance.

Adults grow up. Barack hasn’t. His constant infatuation with his mother, while disparaging the images of his adopted-father from Kenya, wreaks of something you would most likely find in white American culture, proper. You watch the movie, The Birth of a Nation, and you are reminded how Europeans, or Caucasians, feel about their white women and how desperately insecure they act, often violently, in pursuit of protecting their “precious white women” from Black/African men.

It is rather odd that Barack should engage in this rendition of the white insecurity with miscegenation. Although, I think Barack succeeds at it because white American culture accepts Barack’s reading of his birth to a white woman and a Black father in such a way that makes Barack exceedingly comfortable, even in his old age, with his childish infatuation with his mother.

If you are not convinced, you just ought to look at the issue on the flip side. Imagine for a brief moment that Barack’s mom was a Black woman, who got pregnant with Barack out of wedlock? Imagine this Black woman went on to have babies with other men? Imagine this Black woman once worked as a stripper—as in a naked man or woman dancing on a pole in a store for the money? And then imagine that Barack’s adopted-father was a white man—a Harvard PhD graduate at that? Do you think Barack would speak so disparagingly about this white Dr. father-elect, while elevating his stripper Black mother to the top of the pedestal?

If you can’t imagine that flip side of the coin, you are correct. Barack has a soft spot for Anti-Blackness, and his white American culture of which he is a part encourages him in the most subtle ways. He has a thing for Black men in particular. Barack despises Black men. And like all those who despise Black men, there’s always a Daddy issue—real or adopted.


  1. The reverse is unlikely to be discussed in the mainstream but hushed and silenced. Nobody talks about Bill Clinton’s kid(s) but that doesn’t mean if didn’t happen.

  2. THAT’S HIS DADDY! Nevertheless, BARACK is most certainly is his MOTHER’S SON and a product of internalised racism. Your analysis is on point.

  3. YEBO!,,every word you have written is an actual fact of his twisted fabricated cia invented story,,I agree 100%, he is a fraud, a phoney, a smiling headfaker, and possibly a cloned implanted creation of one of their weird test tube science projects 👀

  4. I never realised there were black racists too. Shame on you.
    You are not fit to lick the sole of President Obama s shoes.
    What have you done with your sorry life you apologist for trumpism.

    • No, both my parents were honourable people and I miss them very much.
      It’s you who has an inferiority complex.
      Just be who you are and don’t measure yourself against others.

      • In addition, I have seen your stupidity displayed in the comments of my essays before. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Keep it coming. I will fix you. I assure you!

    • Because he writes the truth about Obama makes him a Trumpist hahahahahaha. Get over yourself and learn.

    • Sad to see tere are black racists too. No wonder Africa and all us black and mixed race people remain under the boot of the West.
      You should make contact with the white supremacists, you have the same cause.

    • I am mixed, I can be who I want to be, deal with it.
      Or are you now being as racist as white people,
      You see, I have flushed you out.
      Shame on you , you contemptible peice of shit.

      Never in my life , even from a white person have I experienced such racism. You would have gotten along just fine with Herr Hitler or the klu kluxklan grand wizard.
      Beyond contempt you black racist a disgrace to our race.

    • You would have gotten along with Hitler! That much is certain!?? You proved the point – you are not Black. And no you cannot be whatever you want! Your wet dream of being whatever you want apparently works only one way. Try calling yourself white in Germany. And then report back with the nonsense of “I can be who I want to be.” Are you a toddler?

      Furthermore, you can pretend all you want. You don’t feel Black and you can never be Black even if you tried! Period. Isn’t it? Sad though that Hitler would not have accepted you as white either. You see your dilemma? Existential crisis. This is what dilemma white supremacism has created for you. And you love it, either way, you say. Hitler, in character, is your idol. Your claim! Not mine. That’s the mental illness I speak of! You see?

    • No not at all, I use Hitler as an example of racial hatred like you have. Indeed you just proved it in your answer.i don’t seek acceptance. You see, I don’t care if people accept me or not, I am who I am. There is no dilemma, having been brought up in a mixed race home I don’t see colour, just right and wrong. You are wrong, full of hate and it is eating you.
      Seek help.

    • Finally we are getting somewhere closer to a diagnosis of your disease. The more you write the more you reveal have much you have read and how much you haven’t. Which is obvious!
      I promised I will fix you!

      You claim you grew up in a “Mixed race home,” yet you “don’t see colour.” You can’t be an more confused than that. What – the mixing didn’t happen with two colours? So, tell me, how exactly do you live with not seeing colour yet you see “mixed race” things. Abuasem! Keep coming!

  5. Narmer Amenuti, you see the flatulence of some of these mixed, biracial folks? The man who single-handedly turned Libya into a twenty=first century slave market for the sale of African bodies is not the racist oh. You are. You see their flatulence?

  6. “Black racist,” yet another wet dream of the white supremacist.

    And you, John, on the other hand, are the Bastard of the Empire? Like a rejected boy dying to be considered Black because he cannot be white? Accept your mixed-race bastard position to the empire. At least you know what rejection feels like. You will never know what being Black feels like. Because you ain’t it! And you will never be white either! Accept it. Don’t stay in Africa yapping your tongue and exposing your own bastard insecurity! You keep coming at me, you gon geddi.

  7. Dade Afre Akufu. From the nipple to being spoon-fed. Some never drop their over reliance on the Spoon. John Banahene is still infatuated with his mother, living or not (Taflatse). He still would ogle his mom from a distance in much the same way that he ogles the white supremacist institutions that spoon-feed him daily with his copious diatribes about “one race.” Man, were you born yesterday or what?

  8. Let me teach you a bit of history. Who actually did the slaving. Not white men. The raids for slaves were done by local tribes and Arabs.
    White men supplied the weaponry and bought the captured slaves on arrival at the coastal forts.
    You see, because of malaria few white men ventured beyond the forts. One of the biggest slaving tribes were the Ashanti to which I partly belong. This and gold were the bedrock of Ashanti wealth.
    You see, we sold our own, nothing has changed , you insult your own. Don’t you see the root of our troubles is we who hate each other.
    The shit article you wrote is deeply offensive and actually plays directly into the hands of anyone who wants to expliot us.
    See a psyciatrist, you are seriously in need of help.

    • Now, how do I respond to such drivel? Now you externalizing your own mental illness. You are projecting. You have a shrink, good for you! I don’t begrudge you for it. You need it.

    • Uriah Heep, that’s what John Banahene. Look at this Barbarian product!? Herrr? Human Beings are talking you give me half human half Neanderthal! Sad!

  9. The guy who throws around the term “Black racist (bigot)” every chance he gets, and who calls himself “mixed” every chance he can grab at his own tits, is the same man gallivanting around on my essay proclaiming that he doesn’t see colour.

    How is this person not mentally incompetent? How is this person not seriously ill? How is this person still talking?

    It’s fascinating, indeed, what a disease can do to the mental faculties of a half-white man.

    • Bam! Narmer Amenuti. I knew you would do this to him the more he kept writing. I knew his time was at its end. Thank you. It is finished.


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