Naming “Wuhan Corona.”

You say we shouldn’t call the Wuhan Corona virus as such, or should we call it the Roman Plague, because naming the origin of a disease can have serious (discriminatory) consequences for the people that live there. You claim we should call it Covid-19 instead.

Yet, you still call Ebola, Ebola, or EVD (forgetting that the “E” still stands for Ebola). You still call Lassa fever, Lassa. You still call the Rift Valley fever after its colonial Kenyan location where it was first reported.

You do all this, but you ignore your own contradiction. There’s only one explanation for your contradiction. The bottom line is that you Anti-Black. You are Anti-Africa. According to you, everyplace else outside of Africa deserves better. You are not human.

On another note.

Corona Means White People Get Free Money in the USA!

On top of (white) corporations being bailed out with over 1.5 trillion dollars; on top of an 8 billion dollar interest free loans to (Asian) small businesses; now we have 10,000 dollars student loan forgiveness to an overwhelming majority that is the (white) student.

America is great, for white people. Socialism for one group of (white) people and capitalism (rugged individualism and personal responsibility) for the (black) people.

After the economic meltdown of 2008, government bailed out white Banks. Now we see in a mirror clearly that the Wuhan virus means that the US government is going to make sure that money is distributed into all white pockets.

Strangely enough, there’s no money for Reparations (according to the likes of Bernie Sanders and the Kamala Harris’s, who would do nothing just for Black people!). Strangely enough, the US government can find money to give to white people for free, yet has no money to pay for its Original Sin.

America is for white people, and the crumbs for the Asians.


  1. What does a Chinese virus have to do with white student loan debt? It’s true. In America the distribution and redistribution of wealth only flows in one direction — to the white diaspora.


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