Paul Pogba, the best soccer player in the world.

Mourinho, an English team soccer manager, variously tells grown men on his team to grow up. This includes a world cup winner and star in Paul Pogba. Has Moaning-hoe grown up? Else he would have seen that these are grown men. How should a man then, at 25, accept this rant from a manager at his workplace. Grow up?

Mourinho is from the days of plantation soccer management. He has not realized that the world doesn’t need him. Who should grow up? Can he take a look at himself? Or can Manchester United, the Soccer Club, take a careful look at this idiot? But I doubt it. Mourinho is the man Manchester United needs to infantilize the best player in the world, Paul Pogba (a winner).

It’s all about Paul Pogba and the English fans in and around England love the treatment of Pogba. They love it, it reminds them, even as they watch his supreme talent before their very eyes, that they are still better than Paul Pogba and his ilk.


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