Joe Biden advocating for his Crime Bill, which resulted in the Mass Incarceration of Black men.

Joe Biden & The Whole Point of Kidnapping & Putting Black Men In Jail.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Mass incarceration in the United States of America is a systematic Euro-American Law Enforcement (Police) apparatus to kidnap, imprison and often kill Black people under the guise of maintaining “public peace.”

When white people speak of peace, especially when white politicians speak of peace, they really mean “white peace.” That also translates into turmoil in the Black Community.

Since The Moynihan Report was published, Euro-American politicians and lawmakers in the USA have known that the effective way to maintain Euro-American wealth hewn from the estranged labor and expertise of Black people is to destroy the Black Community, i.e. to kidnap the men, imprison them and even kill them.

The effect is that you take the brothers away, the fathers away, the sons away, the husbands away and then the boyfriends away. You couch the kidnapping of these Black men from the streets in broad day light as Law Enforcement.

Of course, the ensuing result is obvious: Black men with a prison record cannot go back to society, they cannot find jobs, or get jobs, they now have little to no education; they cannot marry or raise a stable family, and they cannot organize against the Nazi White Supremacist State.

You do this kidnapping long enough, in the name of Law Enforcement, you produce a whole generation of incarcerated Black people, an underclass, with little to no wealth, which ensures that Euro-American wealth acquired during the over three hundred years of chattel slavery, remain in Euro-American hands.

Joe Biden, a democrat, was one of the architects for that scheme: a racial pyramid scheme based entirely on European barbarism. What is barbarism? The romanticism of primitivity. Bernie Sanders supported that racial pyramid scheme under the shroud of Law Enforcement and voted each and every time for its mandate.

The gig is up. The bloody Nazi stagecraft of social engineering in America is now too obvious even to the untrained eye.


    • Narmer Amenuti no I did not. We must demand from him what it is that we need.we must be able to talk to all black people request what we want in this bargain. There should be a lot of ifs in order for him to get the black votes.Even if you say he is kkk he has some empathy for people who are not like him physically.

    • Are you speaking of Biden? The kkk knows what Black People want: (1) Reparations and the (2) End to Mass Incarceration. None of which Biden can promise. None of which the kkk wants. So there…

      So, oh yeah, that’s exactly how it works. Just tell the kkk what Black people want and they will wrap it up in a nice box with a bow. When has that strategy ever failed? Come on, Biden, Sanders, are all kkk. Else they would listen and promise to end mass incarceration and fund reparations.

  1. Brilliantly captured in Michelle Alexander’s ‘ The New Jim Crow- Mass incarceration in the age of Color blindness’


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