Whoever he was, he must have been white?

Just study this ensuing real life evidence: Black people called on Jesus during four hundred years of Human Trafficking and European Terrorism in Africa, he didn’t answer. Black people called for Jesus in the belly of Slave Ships, even composed songs to worship him, still the man didn’t show. Black people called on Jesus during America’s centuries of chattel slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, Jesus still turned a death ear.

Black people are calling Jesus from the Mass Incarceration Cells of America today, from the doldrums of the economic deprivation visited upon them by white people, and still the motherf*cker is nowhere to be found. Africans call on Jesus to save their nations from western military and economic terrorism every day, and still yet, Jesus will not appear anywhere.

But, flip the coin: When white people want slaves, Jesus sends them to Africa. When white people want resources, Jesus sends them to Africa. When white people need craftsmen, athletes, engineers, musicians, Jesus sends them to Black neighborhoods and Africa. When white people want free land, Jesus sends them to the Americas and Africa. When white people want anything, Jesus either sends them to Africa or to Black people everywhere.

You see all this evidence, yet the Metha (the More-Educated-Than-His-Ancestors) still believes that Jesus is the same man from Jerusalem some two thousand years ago that the Europeans have white-washed. If Jesus was the same Black man that the Europeans confiscated how the hell has he forsaken his own people? Why can’t Jesus defy the machinations of the European and save his own people, who have become captives for so long?

Jesus can only be white. Perhaps the African Christian, perhaps the Black Christian is confusing the God of whiteness with another Hebrew man. The fact is, obviously upon this evidence, the Hebrew man who died some two thousand years ago is not the same man that African Christians everywhere are calling upon today. There are more Black and African Christians calling on Jesus to continue to make us suffer more than there are Christians calling on the old Hebrew man, the Black man, to save us from captivity. Just take a cursory look at the pictures of Jesus in the Churches in Ghana and in the homes of the Metha. He is always white.

The thing with the Metha is that he is not aware that he is calling on an enemy God when he prays to white Jesus. He is unaware that the Hebrew man/God that he has been cajoled to believe in, who may have lived some two thousand years ago was never even called Jesus in the first place. The Metha cannot make the connection that this Jesus he worships now is an imposter white-god masquerading as the Son of God. Jesus, particularly white Jesus, is not the Son of God. He cannot be! But, the Metha are a unique colonial African species, properly bred and trained to mock us all in Africa. It’s about time we raised them out of the dust so they can perceive thier own weaknesses.

The other thing is, when you bring up the color of Jesus, the Metha are quick to defend themselves with the meme: “Why does Jesus’ color matter anyway?” Well, dear Metha, why don’t you ask that same question to the European who trained you to identify with only white Jesus? If Jesus’ color didn’t matter, why did European scholars spend so much time changing it from Black to white for two thousand years?

The Metha is clearly the one confused about the power of symbolism: That is, even Gods can be turned against their own people by changing their color. The Metha does not understand this part of the KILL BUSINESS of religion. That the only way the spiritual world communicates with the physical world we live in is through symbolism. All along, up until this essay, most Africans and most Blacks have understood that prayer to white Jesus is equivalent to praying to a Black one. Well, it is not! But, the Metha, I am sure, will continue to pray to an enemy God, white Jesus, who wishes nothing but suffering on Africans and Black people in the diaspora.


  1. Whitewashed by Europeans who created cult religions… All 3 cult religions were whitewashed. The original Hebrews were black.. Modern Israeli’s are EUROPEAN HERITAGE invaders just like the rest.

  2. God is a spirit.
    God is for all.
    Even here in America plenty white don’t worship Jesus so I am not sure Jesus is white as you are saying.
    The fact is religion is not equal to technology,industrialization and economic empowerment.
    Any society that clearly divide them develop better.

    • I didn’t say Jesus was white. You haven’t read. I said you are worshiping an impostor white god deceiving you that he is Jesus. First of all the Hebrew man you claim to be worshiping was never called Jesus.

    • Bernard Telfer I am
      Not sure your opinion matters when it comes to my personal faith and convictions.
      I respect your personal way of faith.
      Thank you!

  3. Narmer Amenuti Jesus is another name Yeshua.
    It is the authority that matters not just the letters of the name.
    Authority transcends it’s pronunciation in different cultures.

  4. Narmer Amenuti If you never said Jesus was white then what then is your basis of your long essay? Narmer Amenuti The thing about faith is that,it is exclusive and the reserve of the people practicing it.
    Otherwise someone in Japan will not bow down to a stone each day and call that stone his god.
    The fact is no amount of rational thinking can explain faith.
    Let this sink in us.

  5. Terrance Mintah I do not believe in the faith which was forced on my kind by the barrel of a gun. It is blind faith

  6. It is also true Terrance Mintah that a dominated people worship the gods of their conquerors. There’s a reason why you worship something called Jesus. It’s not like you made that choice out of your free will. You didn’t. Some Christian nation colonized this Ghana and you were forced to become Christian.

    All that to say that context matters. Hence, context about the color of Jesus matters. Because that context informs the geopolitical world of oppression. Jesus, masquerading as the Hebrew Prophet, and presented as white to the colonies, is part of the stagecraft of imperialism. Whether you like it or not. Whether I like it or not. Whether I accept it or not, for in school in Ghana I was forced to pray and kneel anyways to white Jesus. You see?

    I am presenting to you two issues: (1) the idea of your acceptance of Jesus is not out of your free will and (2) the idea of white Jesus is to provide the context for your continual domination.

    Now, the side issue is that the colonialist could have just made up its own Gods, of which to present to the dominated colonies, but they didn’t. They chose rather to copy narratives from (Ancient) Hebrew Tradition. In order to make this satisfy the imperialist agenda, the Hebrew Man/God/Prophet narrative was white-washed. But it is not as if this white-washing happened in a day. It took almost 2,000 years for the white-washing to become complete.

    My duty as a writer for the dominated peoples of the world is to reveal some truth, to supply some context and force our dominated peoples to shun white Gods, and reconnect with the Gods of their past. That is a step towards liberation.

  7. Narmer Amenuti I think you are sounding like god.
    Now you are telling me how i got to know Jesus?
    This is funny.
    You think some British Colonial Rule showed me Jesus?
    Don’t sound like that.
    That is funny and lacks intellectual and faith analysis.
    Go back to US and UK and go check the number of these Conquerors worshiping Jesus?
    I don’t want to know who you worship or not.
    It is your preserve right and you must respect others who doesn’t agree to your way of life.
    That is Tolerance!

  8. Was Jesus a Human Being, or was he a Ghost? Was Jesus born or not? Did Jesus die like a human being or not? Did Jesus talk, walk, swim, play like a human being or what?

    When you speak of Tolerance, I think you mean I should not critique Jesus and those other Humans who follow him like sheep? Why, I can’t talk about Christians? Because what, Jesus and his followers are not Human like myself?

    As for me, I am human, and nothing human is alien to me. A man walks through my door saying he’s Jesus, I have to cross examine him. Else, he could have entered my house through the roof, blowing it wide open, and announced from the sky, “I am God.” Barring that the guy is human to me. So stop this sanctimonious pharisaism, wai.

  9. Narmer Amenuti Just enjoy your way of life of on earth.
    Allow others to express how they want it.
    You sounding like an authority of defining how others must live and how others must walk in faith.
    Just enjoy your life and let others be.
    I am not sure you can push your thinking on everyone 😂😂😂.
    That is not even an intellectual analysis to sound like that.

  10. Narmer Amenuti You are asking your own questions and answering them?
    Are you not funny?
    You can criticize Jesus.
    Let him answer you himself.
    You are just been defensive and not tolerant at all.
    You writings are good but when I subject you to small push you are found wanting at least you have a problem with Christians.
    My point is clear you are not the to determine who someone must worship.
    Let this sink in you.

  11. Narmer Amenuti Who gave you the RIGHT to think you Can stop SOMEONE from worshiping Jesus?
    Is that how your intellectual analysis and integrity preaches?
    I am shocked 😳!

    • It seems I have offended you, looking at your ad hominems. Well, this is no longer fruitful. I am not here to offend anyone, wai.

  12. Narmer Amenuti I am never offended.
    I just want you to understand that faith is exclusive and never think your faith or your way of life is absolute than others.
    I respect each way of life and culture.
    My fear is your writings don’t equate how you respond to issues.
    That is something you must work on.
    I don’t care whether you worship Jesus.
    You being human is important to me than who you worship.
    That is what you must know.
    You just must not sound you know it all by sounding authoritative in a faith you don’t share and participate by making a general statement thinking everyone is found in that set.

  13. Narmer Amenuti
    First of all whether I worship or you don’t worship doesn’t make me more human than you and vice versa.
    Faith is basically how mankind relate to the spiritual world.
    It does not stop me from using technology and science.
    It doesn’t stop me from thinking.
    Let this simple analysis guide you relate you to people of faith.
    My advise to you!

  14. Terrance Mintah, I don’t think I understand your point very well. Faith does not develop automatically. It is through a process: seeing and hearings. We have not seen Jesus Christ. We have only heard stories about him and an image given to us and the world from Constantine’s Roman Empire. What Narmer Amenuti is saying is that the stories and the image don’t add up. There are new information and even new ways of treating the old information that makes the whole idea of Jesus Christ suspect. As a writer, he is bringing this information to his people just to take a second look at the story that their whole life and development has come to depend on. That is what freedom fighters do.

  15. Kwame Yeboah My point is clear.
    I don’t need his opinion to add up what I know.
    I have also studied and it’s add up.
    So he must not generalize his view as absolute.
    His writings is different from his responses to my comments.
    When it comes to faith stories don’t match up with rationality.
    Faith transcends rationality.

  16. The problem here it seems is that few understand the difference between History and whatever it is they call nepheligenous Idea, i.e. Faith (Beliefs based on smoke alone).

    When I discuss Jesus, on what grounds is anyone like Terrance, coming to the discussion of a Jesus of Hebrew History and Tradition, with “metaphysical vituperation” about some nepheligenous Idea? His grounds as he admits is non-rational.

    Another way to put this is that Terrance is unprepared to discuss the Historical figure that is Jesus the Christ, because he is not even aware that outside of his parochial and so-called Faith, i.e. Jesus the Christ also exists in parallel, first as a Historical Figure, second as a Muslim Prophet (Isa) and third as a Prophet of various other religions, some of which are even closer to Satan worship and more nefarious than Terrance’s beliefs!

    The problem with students like Terrance is that the more they write and nipidate about their nests, the more they reveal how much they haven’t yet read! Jesus, the Christ, does not only exist in Christian Doctrine. Other kinds of philosophers outside of religion also study the figure’s narrative – warranted or not. Terrance thinks that because he is Christian, he OWNS Jesus. From the way he writes, no one else can write about, critique, and even utter a word about Jesus, unless that person believes the same things that Terrance’s beliefs dictate.

    Which is the Pharisaism! The garishly clad interfering jabbering of Terrance is the exact opposite of what the narratives about Jesus the Christ reveal. The Pharisees hated Jesus because he dared to debate issues of History, which the Pharisees regarded as sacrosanct Faith, no matter how smokey and disingenuous their intentions truly were.

    All this to say what? Terrance can keep his own popinjay about Jesus. I will not force him to change it in the face of countervailing evidence. I am no brute unlike his colonialist terrorists; I don’t come in the same shade and paleness as the colonialists who have forced him to accept the jumentous idea that He Terrance, and only He, and Only He and His Church, know Jesus! Alas.

    • Narmer Amenuti I am not sure I have in any way Presented my self as absolute.
      I am just telling you ,don’t force what you know on others as absolute cause we all know in parts.
      Also allow others to worship and don’t think your way of worship is absolute.

  17. Bernard Telfer So you agree faith has no room for critical thinking.
    Then allow how each appropriates his or her faith.

  18. Terrance Mintah you seem be saying that god is a spirit (metaphysical being) whom we ascribe to our various physical attributes like man (god), woman (goddess), black, white etc to give meaning to life. So whomever deems god to be a man, woman, African, Mexican so be it they are entitled to it because that’s what gives them purpose and perspective… that in essence we need to cloth god in our colors for us to find meaning in our existence. In other words a cow needs god to be a cow and a billy goat likewise will insist on a bearded goat like god… simply because it makes them feel important!

    And even though this may very well be all logical and true yet having clothed god in their separate physical natures the cow and the goat, all members of the animal kingdom (just like all men being part of the human race), will eventually clash in their assertions that their respective images of god are superior; and neither can the cow accept its god to play second fiddle to the billy goat god and vice-versa because by extension it implies that the cow is not as important in the hierarchy of existence as the goat and the goat has a right to subjugate the cow’s existence to its own whims and vice-versa. So neither the goat or the cow can afford to acknowledge the other’s god even though both are entitled to their differing beliefs on god.

    As history has shown us, inevitably a rivalry and a warring for the supremacy of their respective gods will ensue between the cow and dog and the prize is the conquest and enslavement of the animals in rival camp of belief; subdued by force to become “errant sub-animals” (sub-human). Meanwhile the conquering camp of animals enjoys the spoils of war in form of economic gains of violent religious extortion.

    The Spanish Conquistadors, for that matter, did not encourage the Mayans to continue the practice of their religion but used it as an excuse to exploit and massacre them…because they were not “civilized Christians”. The missionaries in Africa likewise sought fast and foremost to convert and “civilize” the African from his wretched beliefs even as they prepared them for commercial exploitation by incoming European commercial speculators. Even up to this day religious proselytizing is at the core of Christian activities which in essence does not make it a tolerant belief system as it seeks to constantly barger those who don’t share their faith into conforming to Christian convictions; and by extension grow the christian market share of “believers”…who are translated into economic benefits for the churches.

    And in such an environment you do expect a push-back by those who do not necessarily conform especially to the mainstream proselytizing belief systems…

  19. Narmer, I was once in passing pointed suggested the pitfalls of trying to own Jesus in any form black or white… and you can now see it is a matter that can only distract from real issues and that’s why the colonizers held up Jesus as a totem with the right hand… while they plundered continent with the left hand… whether Jesus was black or white should not take away attention from the fact that this figurine was a merely a Trojan horse. If we are to call him by an African equivalent such as the ancient Egyptian’s Horus whose concepts the Jesus mythologists appear to have borrowed liberally from then he seizes to be Jesus! So we as Africans may as well do away with him and in this way also rid ourselves of the bondage and baggage that necessarily comes with his belief system…


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