Milwaukee cops, about to kidnap another Black man.

In Wisconsin, some 50 percent of Black people are banned from acquiring a driver’s license in a nation where you literally need to drive everywhere – to work, to buy food, to the clinic, to get air! Why? Often because of failure (or inability) to pay for municipal and misdemeanor citations and court costs.

Do you know how to turn a Black man into another slave in the US? Let the white cops descend unto Black men, groups of Black men and women. Charge him with “Misbehaviour,” or what they call in the USA “Misdemeanor.” Next, set a court date. If he doesn’t make it because he has no job (because he is Black and cannot get a job, especially on a charge of “misbehaving”) to pay for a ride to the court, of because his mother is seriously ill, serve him with a bench warrant.

When the white cops finally get him, the Black man spends three days in jail, and is fined thousands of dollars. Now, because he cannot get a job, and because he’s now viewed as a criminal, there’s no way he finds a job good enough to pay. Then, throw him back in jail. Finally, the Black man is going to become frustrated and do something that any human being pushed to the wall would do. Now, you can put him in Prison!

You’ve made yourself a slave in the twenty-first century. Now, you can give him a (real) job in Prison. And pay him 20 cents on the dollar to do what people outside of prison do for 15 dollars an hour. Slave labor in Prison. How a Black man outside of Prison cannot find a job, yet inside Prison, jobs abound is the tale of the making of America.

That, my friends, is how all of the United States of America works pretty much. Few have the luxury to side-step the barbarism visited upon their fellow Black men. This is Wisconsin. This is the story of the Black men of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Zip Code 53206.

Yet, you see, some Africans obtain all sorts of bogus scholarships to study abroad, in places like the University of Wisconsin, and somehow almost all (except for a saving few), miss the barbarism of white men in Wisconsin. These people (the Metha) return to places like Ghana to tell us how great the white man has built his wonderful USA. Some people (particularly the Metha) are truly, and thoroughly, bewitched by the glitter, failing to understand that glitter is not gold!


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