When you critique a public official’s actions in Ghana for example, for falling short of their promises to Ghanaians, some quickly come to the defense of that official. I get it. It is absolutely necessary that some defend, others criticize. This is the nature of the game.

Still, the popular refrain of the European Mission Educated in Africa (the more educated than his Ancestors, the Methas), when you criticize our elected public officials is this: “What have you done yourself to help Ghana?”

The Metha would say, “Government can only do so much; that individuals need to do their part.” What have I done to help Ghana? My friend, did I ask for your vote and promised you I would use your money to help you become a better more prosperous nation? Did you see me on national television making fanciful promises in return for your vote? Massa, do I collect your taxes and use it to buy Land Cruisers and fund my trips to London Hospitals? Massa, did I loot indigenous land and sold it to USAFRICOM? Massa, am I the one diverting millions of dollars into a Cathedral building when children are dying of malaria in Ghana?

Massa, let me tell you something: I don’t owe you anything oh! Our public officials owe me something, if they don’t owe you anything: They owe me my happiness wai, that is if you are already happy. I need them to give me the things they promised. It is called demanding Dignity, Respect, and Honor. That I have. Which you might not have. Wai.



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