Some one says he wants a coup to overthrow the current government. You say treasonous. Ok. You have a point. You arrest him.

Another one says if he doesn’t win elections then all die be die. You laugh it off. Hell, you even defend him. He is not arrested nor is he reprimanded. Then the same person wins elections and actually sells your country to the USA. There too nothing happens. You are busy indulging in academic exercise.

You see? Your priorities oh! Your own priorities! Now define “treasonous” for yourself. And cross-reference it with the actual “treason.” Ask which one is worse? Please, come again!

You honestly think that right now I should concentrate on the “treasonous” and not the “treason”? You honestly think that “treasonous” is what puts shackles on the ankles and not the “treason”? You honestly think that I care about “treasonous” and not the actual “treason”? You are disillusioned, proper.


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