Since the sexual predator, Jeffery Epstein, died, the women’s stories aren’t as important. Suddenly the stories have disappeared from the mass media production. You literally have to dig through the internet now to find women who have been abused by the violent sexual predator, molester and kidnapper.

Now, if Jeffery Epstein were Black and African American, and not White and Jewish, the media would have raked and combed through archives, Ghettos, parks, abandoned homes, even trailer parks, they would have found tens and thousands of more [abused] women’s stories. CNN and the New York Times would have had a regular running series at prime time. The New York Times would have regularly peppered its front pages with pictures and pictures of women who have been kidnapped and abused.

If Jeffery Epstein were Black and African American, and not White and Jewish, there would be a new woman out in the Anti-Black Mass Media every day with a new sumptuous story. I know this for a fact because the Anti-Black Mass Media opened up more and newer cases, every day, about Bill Cosby’s past, as long as 40 years prior! I know this for a fact because OJ Simpson’s case, in which he was acquitted despite claims he killed a white woman, never dies in the Anti-Black Mass Media. I know this for a fact because R. Kelly has full documentaries made on his life every day in some white-owned movie studio.

The USA is sick: A land where certain kinds of Men cannot bear the direct consequences of their own actions; a land where certain kinds of Men run away from their responsibilities. But the USA has always been sick since Europeans brought their diseases there: Mass Genocides, Chattel Enslavement of Africans, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration of Black Men, White Cop Colonialism of Black Communities, the list goes on.

All that to say that if Jeffery Epstein were Black, and not Jewish, my Goodness!

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Amenuti Narmer
~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you find his essays delightful, and you want to support the creation of more content like this, find Narmer's information below: CashApp: $Narmer3100


  1. Very true that this story has been put to death in the media. It is sad because it shows thar the white man in the west cares not about the white womans plight that white men abuse and subjugate her. The white man only cares about his ability to use white women as childbearing vessels and props to continue with his white supremacy. If he could do this with test tube babies he would because clearly white men do not discuss stories where they abuse their own women so obviously they care little but to advance their own dominion.

    • Wari you have much to learn. It’s clear that you categorize all “white men” as one. This Epstein guy was a rich, perverted Jew. No true Christian man of any ethnicity would do the things he did. Open up your mind dude.


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