Look what happens in America just days after an African American judge in Texas forgives and hugs a Caucasian murderer:

A Florida juror has been sentenced to 10 days in prison after he overslept and missed the start of a court case. Deandre Somerville [an African American], 21, of West Palm Beach, was chosen to serve on a jury in August. But on the first day of the trial he overslept by at least two hours and failed to notify the court. Judge John Kastrenakes [a Caucasian American] held him in criminal contempt, also imposing 150 hours’ community service and a $223 (£180) fine as well as the jail term.

You see, forgiveness is surely and only a one way street. The sooner you stopped buying into the idea that forgiveness makes the world a better place the better the world itself would become. There’s no place for forgiveness in the affairs of terrorism, murder, rape and racial economic deprivation. Tit for tat.

The thing is that twisted Christian paralogism has blinded so many of you. The Devil, or Satan as you love to call him, can tap you on the shoulder for just a tad bit, but you are conditioned to ask for the maximum punishment for the Devil. The Devil should even be punished for looking at you! The Devil should be sent to Hell fire for attempting to ask you a question.

But as for Yahweh, he can kill all your children; he can capsize your canoe; he can make a shark swallow you in his belly; he can bring you disease, plagues; Yahweh can bring you any kind of suffering he likes, but you will never ask for punishment for Yahweh. You keep forgiving Yahweh no matter how irresponsible he has been to you! You follow Yahweh turning the other cheek to be slapped again and again; you follow Yahweh turning the other bottom, butt, to be raped and sodomized yet again and again!

And then you ask the question: Who is this Yahweh you worship? And who is this Satan you hate so much? It turns out that for the More Educated than his Ancestors (the Metha), especially in Africa, Yahweh is rather the rapist, the murderer, and the colonizer who bombed, and blew out, the nose of the Sphinx. Yahweh is whomever gave the Metha a printed pamphlet called the Bible to replace Vodun. To the Metha, Satan is Vodun, Satan is this brothers and sisters in the belly of the slave ship.

For this reason alone, Yahweh will continue to enslave the Metha until one day, Onyankupon willing, the traditional African, the one who has had the balls to follow in the African Prophetic Tradition, no matter the dangers, might survive and free the Metha of his mental discombobulation.


  1. The police woman given a hug by the female black judge was sentenced to 10 yrs for shooting her black neighbor and claims she “mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment and took the apartment owner to be an intruder”. This was not just your average so called “shifty nigga” but a black man who was running his own business as well as minding his business. Which kind of brings one to wonder whether the act could have been motivated by hate (envy) that the son of slavery was probably doing better in life than the daughter of white privilege.

    And we mustn’t forget that not too long ago, a black woman was sentenced to 20 yrs in prison for firing a warning shot although she was set free after 5 yrs on parole (and so will the white woman). In yet another similar case, a black female District Attorney in Alabama charged a young black lassie with the manslaughter of her unborn child for being shot by some other black woman albeit the charges were later dropped after public protest.

    Surprisingly it is somewhat of an oddity that the “Jim Crow” laws that reunited the North and South after their “Civil War” farce continues unabated over a century later. In the 1920s, black male actors and entertainers could only play the role of clowns or jesters and had to wear masks on stage but black women were not imposed on the same humiliation. Then as now, the black man in America and elsewhere has long since been extinguished from playing a meaningful role in both the national and international arena unless he takes on the role of the clown.

    Other than that the black man in America is normally expected to go to jail where he’ll furnish american corporations with cheap slave labor and the black woman will diligently go to the shrines of the white man’s slave god, Jesus, and pray for divine intervention and upward mobility which for her being female is an acceptable prayer to this slave god… so that she can get the means with which to bear and to breed more slave laborers and enrich the already filthy rich, mostly white, robber barons and corporate titans.

    But even as the black woman struggles up the social ladder, she’s increasingly pleased with her progress… and is forever grateful that white Jesus answers her unworthy prayers. In reality, modern day religion is a labor subjugating principle; for the purpose of pacifying the less privileged in society into an orderly hierarchy of “believers” for their exploitation by its elites. And more so when it is imposed on others it ceases to be religion per se and becomes the ideological tool with which the elite use to conquer and disinherit the naive and unsuspecting masses of communities the majority of whom happen to be women…

      • The issue you raise about the devil being blacker than he’s painted is very apt for our times. But for all the hype the serpent, satan, devil or whatever seems to be a very convenient diversionary devise for explaining away issues the colonial and local chieftains couldn’t or can’t deal with. The devil is the little trick used to make us not question authority and cast the ills and excess of our ignorant elite onto the imaginary “devil”. After all, the mission of the missionaries was to fill us with the “dread of the devil” so that we can turn to white man’s (Jesus) “salvation”…

        However, going back to the origins of this literal device, the devil, it traces far back to the Babylonian creation mythology, the epic of Enuma Elish, which old testament seemed to have liberaly plagiarized and twisted for its own intents. In the original Babylonian epic the serpent also doubles up as the god of wisdom and interacts with Adamu in Eden. It is also worthy to note that in both Babylon and ancient Egypt the serpent was the symbol of wisdom. Not surprisingly in the Babylonian epic, just like in the old testament, it is the serpent that avails man access to wisdom without which he is condemned to live as a beast of burden and toil at the behest of the gods. Hence in the old testament the gods give man a choice between living as hopelessly dependent and subservient mules on one hand and living as free willed independent actors on the other. In view of this, it is actually the serpent that avails man salvation from his initial beastly nature by making man aware of his inert intellectual curiosity which he can use to elevate himself to a higher plane of consciousness.

        The obedience of religion is to shackle man down and turn him into an obedient brute and a laboring mule.

      • Clearly, the Babylonian creation mythology resonates with deeper wisdom than the Old Testament. Which is to say again, that the Devil comes with something (Freedom) that he knows that God (The Serpent) has already given to you and he claims that if you can compromise then he will give it (Slavery) to you. That is, the Devil’s gift of compromise is always slavery! God’s gift, or the Serpent’s gift, is Freedom. The plagiarized version of this is what we now see in Genesis, separating God from the Serpent.

        In Vodun, the Serpent again reappears as the all-knowledgeable one. Dahomey, a kingdom hewed out of Vodun belief systems was not called Dahomey for nothing. Its foundation was to be set on the character of the Serpent (Da). “Dahomey” was to become the home (“homey”) of wisdom and freedom (“Da,” or the Serpent). Spiritually, most Ewe-Gbe people still believe the very reason that Dahomey fell, was because it caved in to the slave trade. Its foundation was shattered spiritually, and the Kingdom fell to a ragtag mercenary French army.

        Those who do not understand Vodun, for instance, do no appreciate its millennia long links to ancient African religions. The effort to paint African religions as Satanic is revealed in the in-congruent narrative that is Genesis. Perhaps, the African Christian may come around to know that the Serpent was no Devil at all. In fact, the Devil was the one who kept man on the first plantation (Eden). Perhaps the African Christian may come to understand that the only revolution left, against his suffering, his pain, his enslavement on the Plantation, is the one inside the wisdom of the Serpent.

        • The overriding theme in the so called old testament the return to Babylon. All its aspirations are encased in Babylonian tradition and indirectly and directly alludes to the worship of the chief Babylonian god, Marduk (Moloch) in various phraseology and practices such as child sacrifices. Not surprising when you consider the Canaanites that were chased out by Nebuchadnezzar and returned to be called as “people from across the river”, the hapiru (Hebrew), were essentially Babylonians. But by the time this hapiru living in Judea came up with their Torah some time not earlier than 300 BC, Egyptian pyramids had been in existence for at least 2000 yrs! And of course the Hebrew were never enslaved in Egypt otherwise the writers of their Torah would not have made the glaring omission of the pyramids from their enslavement fairytale… they were basically goat herders…

          Coming back to the present times, it seems quite a tragedy for a people with such rich traditions as ancient Vodun culture (that captured the true thinking of its time) to have succumbed to the lesser informed cultural orientation of goat herders. Even if we argue that Vodun isn’t superior and it is just another mythology amongst many; by the very same token it cannot be inferior to any other creation myth. And as you point out it is even more aligned to the Egyptian and Babylonian wisdom especially considering that the priesthoods of this ancient cultures were first and foremost astronomers; who also oversaw ritual ceremonies that depended on their predictions of the calendar of seasons (planting, harvesting) through astronomy.

          It seems to me that we, or at least some of us, did more than compromise with the devil we vacated our ideological stronghold in exchange for twisting in the wind… the results of which are clear to see both socially and economically…


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