Painting of Caucasian American Women cooking in a kitchen for Thanksgiving.

All over the United States, many men dress up and slaughter millions of Turkeys to give thanks to Yahweh for giving Caucasians from Europe the “solemn opportunity” to slaughter millions of Native American men, women and children, and taking their lands. It is documented that the estimated 100 million strong Native American population before the arrival of the first Europeans in America quickly dwindled to about 5 million at the turn of the twentieth century. About 95 million natives had been culled.

And so is the story of Turkeys (the birds) in the United States every year. About 95 million Turkeys will be eaten from Thanksgiving (today) until Easter. This happens every year. In addition, more than 30 million turkeys will be wasted: That is more than 30 million turkeys slaughtered will not be eaten, and their carcasses will be disposed in large landfills and rubbish damps. They will not be offered in the Supermarkets lest the price of turkey meat drops. Capitalists hate price drops. Hence they will burn the remainder (Adam Smith).

And so the idea of slaughtering other living things for fun—even if some 30 percent of the living is still wasted without the fun—is a deeply European one. In fact European manhood is predicated on slaughtering other living things for fun. European womanhood too is predicated on boiling the spoils of the slaughter for Thanksgiving.

But this is not even the problem with the world today. The most pressing issue, at least according to European Feminists (the architects of World Feminism), is that not enough men are in the Kitchen boiling off the intestines of Turkeys for Thanksgiving. The world ought to make men enter the Kitchen. Feminists insist on equal representation inside the Kitchen.

Except, when it comes to slaughtering other living things like real Human Beings, and looting their properties, and enslaving the rest, and taking their lands. In that job, Feminists remain quiet. In that adventure men must show and prove that they are real men. Men cannot cry? Feminists insist on equal representation within the walls of a home built solely on the labor capitalization of enslaved Africans and on the lands of Native American tribes. Feminists remain quiet on their equal representation at the Slaughter Houses (of USAFRICOM).

Feminists remain quiet when African American men insist on equal representation at the White House, on Wall Street, on the Federal Reserve Board, in the Military, at the Pentagon and in the CIA. No. And the Feminist know why they remain quiet. They know that the woman who lives in a Glass House does not throw stones. They know that the house they live in and what it costs to maintain it are all predicated on the profits that accrue from the Slaughter Houses of European men. European and Caucasian American women are not disillusioned about where their wealth emanates from. They cry no wolf at the Slaughter House; they only cry a little wolf at home. The stagecraft of the feminists is called the Art of Decency. It is a form of Propaganda that takes away attention from the form and structure of the Slaughter Houses that feed them.

The feminists in Africa and in other oppressed nations are not fully aware of the stagecraft of American, European feminists. Feminists in Africa are a bunch of low level bottom feeders—they have some education, which means they can read and transcribe what is told to them. And that’s it. Feminists in Africa are not aware of the Geopolitical implications of their actions. In fact they have no actions of their own except that told to them by their Mothers in London and Boston. Feminists in Africa are intent on helping their Mothers in Boston castrate their fathers, sons, nephews and brothers at home. That way these African men have no manhood to rely on to challenge the Slaughter Houses of the Barbarians. So that these African men have no masculinity to rely to revolt and burn down the Slaughter Houses of the Barbarians.

There’s only one pressing issue that remains in the word today, at least according to Feminists: Not enough men are in the Kitchen boiling off the intestines of Turkeys for Thanksgiving. The world ought to make men enter the Kitchen en mass. Feminists insist on equal representation inside the Kitchen. Nothing else matters. So goes their act of the Art of Decency.


  1. Insightful piece in pointing out the contradictions in philosophies that so many choose to ignore. Neoliberal women want to have equal representation in the board room but not on the battlefield. Westerners take everything and everyone humans or animals to the slaughter but no one seems to care. So how do we save this wonderful planet from barbarism again?

  2. Hahaha interesting ideas but it is common knowledge that there is a glass ceiling placed on African women generally by some of our own men. Therefore our fight for liberation at homes, schools, and workplaces etc. Is paramount to us. Those are the areas we are focusing on before we take it from there to any other thing that is of prior benefit to us as women.

    • I am just curious, would you mind telling/educating me on how the woman, lady and girl is held down in a typical home and Schools of the Ewe community?

  3. When the first is made to believe it’s last, it can aggressively chase anything for the perceive status of it.


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