My Dear Liberal Networks,

It is clear you want war with Russia. It is clear you are war-mongering. A child can see it. Russiagate has nothing to do with the American election of Trump or Trump’s congratulatory message to the Russian re-election of Putin. It’s about laying the groundwork for a world-war with a Russia that is now frighteningly ahead of the West in savage-war-building machinery. We know it. A child can see through the nonsense.

And what about Porngate? Harrassgate? Is that all you’ve got on Trump? You forget Bill Clinton and how you, even today, continue to love him, despite his raping of an innocent intern? How quickly your memories fail. The saxophone-playing president makes Trump look like a toddler any way you slice and dice these “Gates”.

So go on, you look more ridiculous than you did when you shoved the “old fats and cabbage” smelling Hillary down everyone’s throats–that war-mongering “bloody Hiller” who destroyed good-old Libya and sodomized Gaddafi, with a loud orgasmic laugh. Aren’t you disgusted already by the vomit?

You want to make Trump look bad so he can give you the war? You want to force his hand to give you bloody war with Russia? Keep it simple. Break to his war-mongering blood-spilling Evangelical audience in the Deep South and the Mid-West that Trump has nothing but broken promises: there is still no wall, no infrastructure bill, no healthcare (remove-Obamacare) bill, etc. I mean, do your jobs and stop acting like babies stalking at noonday with knives.


  1. Narmer, what is going on? This is the most outrageous and untruth posting you have ever done. Whether there was collusion or not, NO COUNTRY has the right to interfere in the election of another to the extent of influencing the outcome. That is tantamount to usurping the independence and sovereignty of the other and A DECLARATION OF WAR. I know you progressive hate America because of her SINS, but you have to be fair. There is a level of moral standing we all expect in our president and leaders and we don’t spare our favorite because we hate his opponents. You make it look like all the sins America has committed against the world was by the Clintons. And Oh, Trump has “broken promises” because of the liberal networks, really. As a progressive African freedom fighter, why don’t you watch the conservative Fox News for inspiration. For your information, immediately Obama was sworn-in, a decision was taken to oppose ANYTHING, INCLUDING REPUBLICAN senators OWN BILLS if Obama supported it. Your favorite WALL was promised to be paid for by Mexico. What is the principle in this article, you hate Obama and Hillary so much that the person who defeated Hillary (Trump) is now an angel? Trust me, Trump will kill every body in Ghana if he thinks it will serve him PERSONALLY. Watch out, you will come to regret this posting one day because I know you will realize the truth. Our fight should be on principle and not on geographical favorites, and note this, the Russia (Soviet) we loved, is no more. Putin is not our ally.

  2. Kwame Yeboah. Ah well. Only I actually don’t like Trump, so I think you misread that. The man is an idiot, that said I despise The Clintons and The Obamas much more. My reasons are born by the facts of the excessive proliferation of USAFRICOM. I do not hate America, nor do I hate it for its past sins. I hate American policy in Africa. I hate American foreign policy yesterday and today. I actually like many parts of American domestic policy, bar their racism. So I can admire some of Trump, or Obama and the Clintons and despise them all at the same time, I think.

  3. Ziblim Armiyaw. All criticism of one seems to defend invariably the other in the eyes of some. I guess. While you think Trump odious, I hope you can refer to a liberal network that also hates him for the same reasons that you do, i.e. that he insults Africa. But no. Trump wasn’t the fella who built USAFRICOM sites in every nook and cranny on the African continent in such a way that the continent is now officially and technically a colony of the USA. But Trump is the notorious monster who falls for it. He’s an idiot no doubt and he walks straight into the traps set by your great men like Obama or Clinton.

    But critique what you see and be honest. That is the motto here at Grandmother Africa. No one is a favorite, and everyone is due criticism.

    • Narmer Amenuti did you rehearse your write up for auto-reply or you knew me in Obama’s cabinet before? And how can a pro-African Page praise or defends a man that insults Africa?

    • What sentence praises Trump? This one: “Break to his war-mongering blood-spilling Evangelical audience in the Deep South and the Mid-West that Trump has nothing but broken promises…”?

  4. My dear liberals. Have you seen an election around the world that the USA has not interfered in? There’s a more tactful way to critique Trump other than the grandiose unfounded claims of infidelity and Russiagate. Come on liberals! I thought intellect was on your side? Prove it.


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