In order to drink their wine in the early morning and early afternoon (which of course renders the French extremely lazy for the rest of the day), they parade African villages, looting anything they can find to feed their huge ungodly appetites. This picture is a prime example of the lengths the barbaric French military go to loot every and all African resources to feed their gluttonous and lazy appetites. France is nothing without its violence in Africa and in Haiti.

Even the BBC Condones Mocking The French!

Can you believe the BBC allowed this comment: 129. Posted by one David Sayers after Real Madrid lost 3 nil to PSG? (Zidane is the current manager of the Spanish Soccer Club, Real Madrid, Zidane is also a former captain of the French national team). The comment read:

“Zidane is typically French – can only function being subsidised.”

Here’s what one person wrote about the French on the BBC Mass Propaganda Media. It seems to me that the BBC Mass Propaganda machine are themselves nauseated by the French. Now, if the British, a huge Mother Africa tit-sucking entourage, is nauseated about another baby’s actions at the violently exploited tits of Mother Africa, one needs less than a second to appreciate the carnage of the French on Africa and Haiti’s tits in the continued supply of subsidies for the extravagant morning-afternoon wine-drinking lifestyles of the French.

Now, when I write an essay to lampoon the terrorism that France unleashes on its African nations daily in a similar language like the following, the More Educated than his Ancestors (the metha) rise up to defend their colonial France. But, in light of this BBC comment, let me reiterate my position on France. I do not mince words when I say:

“The French bask in utter laziness and can only be expected to function by subsidizing their extravagant lifestyles through violence and exploitation of Africa. France is nothing without their barbaric exploits in Africa! Even the entire national soccer team of France is nothing without the African Union!”

In other words: “France, it is time to stop pooping in the diaper and get off Mother Africa’s tits. Wipe your own ass and grab your own nuts! Grow up, France!”

At least, my opinion is factual. What I am not sure about is whether or not Zidane is “typically French.”


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