BROOKLYN – Every single American social scientist has fallen into a sudden metamorphosis: When you talk about Black people and White Police Brutality, Black poverty and Economic Deprivation, Black politics and Disenfranchisement, Black labor and the White Supremacist Prison Industrial Complex; when you raise issues concerning Black health and the White Supremacist Hospital Industrial Complex, all you will hear from the American social scientists is a singular tune, hell, an anthem: “What is race?”

Really? What is race?

Y’all weren’t raising any philosophical issues about race when you were ALL involved in catching and sending Black people to the Chattel Slave Plantations. Or were you? Y’all didn’t talk about the nuances of race during Segregation and Jim Crow when you decided to give back the South to the loser-Whites of the Civil War. Or did you? You knew who was white then, because you allowed only whites to this restaurant and that bathroom and forced Blacks to that restaurant there, that water fountain over there and the other bathroom there.

Yet, after several hundreds of years of identifying Black people, and sending them to this bathroom or that water fountain, and denying them their victory over the Southern Rednecks turned whites, now, y’all are telling me that you don’t know who a Black person is? You give us stupid concepts about how race doesn’t exist, that race is a social construction here and that? (Dear Kwame Appiah & white relatives!).

Who cares? And so what? How does that affect who gets Reparations – the debt you continue to owe me and my Ancestors?

Dear white people, you know my ancestors worked, labored and died for this America without getting paid right? You owe a debt, bro.! You owe us, bro.! There’s no running away from such a debt, bro.!

Now, you give me philosophies about race as if a Bank Manager at Wells Fargo, that white woman from Minnesota (hell, whose grandparents came from Norway and Sweden in 1905), is incapable of identifying who is that Black man (hell, whose great great great grandmother was kidnapped from Ntoaboma, Volta Region in 1721), and thus prevent him from getting a loan? Y’all don’t have any idea of race now in the twentieth century? You don’t know who is Black and who is white? All of a sudden when it comes to paying your debt to society, when it comes to Reparations, you don’t know who a Black person is?

Let me tell something: Lets do it the old way: Go to any community and institution in the US, and give this experiment for just an hour. Let the managers and directors there self-segregate; let them choose who gets to go to a “Plantation;” i.e. who gets to sit here or there in an office, and who gets to stay home. My dear social scientists: those on that “Plantation” are the very people who get Reparations!!! (Hint, hint!) All your damn theories will come to play there if you will. Jesus! Ain’t that simple?

But damn, man. Y’all act like you don’t know Black people. How then is your academic field 99 percent white? When will y’all grow up, men? Y’all social scientists are supposed to have turned a new leaf, you’re supposed to now know better. But damn. When will y’all become responsible human beings, men? Y’all are witches, men! Y’all are witches and wizards. And y’all are damn racists too! Daimn.


  1. I am sure you have equally joined that band wagon and written that race is a social construct of which black people must understand so they can stop referring to themselves as black? I am almost positive you wanted the division of black people identifying with their tribe instead?

    Correct if I am wrong please?

  2. I am not sure if I understand your question. But let me attempt an answer. The issue of “Black” is a complex subject. For instance, the ancient Egyptians referred to themselves as Blacks, while ancient Sudan referred to themselves as Ethiopia. Neither did the Ghana Empire or Mali refer to themselves as Blacks. The reason KMT identified as such can be understood when one recognizes their geographical proximity to the non-Black peoples of Greece and the Orient.

    In fact, because KMT identified itself as Land of the Blacks, it didn’t know what to do when it was presented with their cousins from the Sudan. In some ancient KMT pallets the KMTians decided that the Sudanese were everything KMTian except darker in complexion.

    All that to say that Identity can also be relative. By relative, one can say there’s a social aspect to it. But saying something is a social construct does not mean it is not real. Tribes are in some sense relational to other tribes. But tribes are real since it doesn’t only bend towards a sole societal construction. People(s) self-identify as well. Europeans also belong to tribes (German, Anglo-Saxon, etc), although when it comes to their relationship to Africa they are white. (Although this “white” identity is pretty new, aka. it is a recent phenomenon, circa 1800 years). Africans also belong to tribes and when it comes to Europe they identify Europeans as REDs (Obroni Korkor) and themselves as Blacks. Even KMT identified Europeans as RED (or Libyan).

    Nana, all I mean is that European Americans, the REDs, or REDNECKS, can identify who Blacks are. They had no difficulty identifying Blacks for enslavement and for Jim Crow Segregation. Hence they should have no difficulty identifying who gets Reparations. The issue of “race” and bending over to discuss philosophies of “race” obfuscate the essence of categorization for the benefit of the REDs who do not want to become responsible foe their atrocities committed against people of African descent in America.

    But, let me know if that answers the question or not.

  3. It does however I believe it is being used (social construct of race) to undermine the paying of reparations. You have Europeans and Asians claiming to be black when it suits them and that’s where the problem lies.

  4. Well, that is part of the Obfuscation. But, we know what Black is. For instance, not all tables look alike but we can tell a table from a chair. Not everything in nature has an exhaustive definition. In fact, few things do. The point is that we have the ability to tell things apart without relying on an exhaustive definition. We know it when we see an Asian man, whether we have a definition or not. Hence the REDs like to point to definition to Obfuscate the essence of any subject to which they wish not to take actual responsibility.

  5. Definitely true. The key here is that the reds do not want to take responsibility for their barbaric violence against blacks/Africans. That is their tell-tale sign, a mark of their uncivilization that as you can see continues across generation as it has been hundreds of years post slavery and still no generation of reds has done anything tangible about it to right the wrongs–not in the US or Europe or elsewhere. Now that is telling. Do not be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. No generation of reds thinks their actions are worth atoning for? Hmmmm.


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