Corona & America’s Racialized Financial Pyramid Scheme.

Yesterday, I wrote that the supreme law of America is whatever benefits only white people. The rest are crumbs.

Let me expatiate on the crumbs. Even the crumbs here are distributed according to a racialized perking order. In this pyramid, Black people in the US occupy the very bottom.

Recall that when the Asian American democrat candidate, Kamala Harris, was asked months ago about her plans for African Americans she retorted quite emphatically that, “I am not going to do anything that will benefit only Black people!”

True. She echoes the general sentiment of the entire nation of America. The supreme law of America is whatever benefits the whites, then the yellows, then the reds, and if you are Black, well forget about it.

Look how quickly it took the US Government and President Donald Trump to issue more than $8 billion for (Asian) Small Businesses that are supposedly suffering during the outbreak of corona-virus in the US?

Square this with the African American call for Reparations and the how the US Government and its politicians react to that call. Square what the US Government can do for Asians but refuses to do for Black America. Square how the US Government can issue $8 billion interest free loans to Asian businesses yet the same government is known historically to only burn down (literally incinerate) Black owned banks and businesses!

You see, nothing can be mandated to go to the general benefit of the public, because that public has too many Blacks who could enjoy that benefit. Hence America has a very powerful Wall Street because it is white, and a deplorable public health care system because part of that public is Black.

America will approve loans for struggling Asian businesses, yet will cringe away from offering federal assistance to African American business destroyed in a natural disaster in New Orleans, Louisiana. You see how the racialized perking order in the US works?

I didn’t hear of any African restaurants being offered financial help during the Ebola outbreak in America. Welcome to America!

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  1. Thanks for reporting on this tragic example of white hatred for black people. It’s definitely not surprising to black people that whites act like this but unfortunate to see. Just means that whites in america in the world will never change. We have to be the change because if you leave it up to them well the barbarity just continues.


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