Compromise is just another word for Defeat.

“Like all Compromises, it Defeated itself.” ~ Frederick Douglass (About the Missouri Compromise).

No Tangibles for African Americans, no Vote! If you always vote and you never get anything out of it, you are certainly not voting in a democracy! You are under the yoke of something more sinister, more clandestine, even more violent!

In order for a true compromise to occur both sides of an argument need to cede something (usually both sides cede stuff of equal significance if not in magnitude, hence the Compromise!)

What is white America willing to cede to African Americans in the next elections? Reparations? An End to Mass Incarceration? An End to Housing Discrimination? An End to Nazi-Occupying Forces (the Police) in African American neighborhoods? An End to Redlining? An End to Confiscating whatever is left of Black Peoples lands and properties? And End to the Caucasian control of Hollywood? An End to the Caucasian control of the Federal Reserve and the US Supreme Court? An end to the Caucasian control of education and education funding? And end to the Cacucasian control of Agriculture? An end to the Caucasian control of Wall Street?

Which one? What has white America so willing to compromise this election year? Nothing? What at all has Donald Trump or Joe Biden so promised to encourage, force and ensure that white America cedes to African Americans that African Americans must drive and gather at voting booths across the nation to cast their votes for a Compromise?

What? Nothing? Nothing! What white America wants, really, and what they mean via the Republican Party and the Democrat Party is for African Americans to just shut up and vote. There’s no compromise! White America is unwilling to cede any of its grip on Africa America! It will not. There’s no Compromise! Never been! Ask Frederick Douglass.

Trump vs. Biden: To Black people, this is a Distinction without a Difference! Trump honed his Anti-Black skills through his Discriminatory Policies in Housing within his Apartment Complexes throughout the 70s on-wards, in New York City.
Biden: Same. Honed his Anti-Black skills through his Discriminatory Policies on the War on Drugs also throughout the 70s on-wards. To Black America, the two men are only distinguishable by name alone. Not in training, not in deeds, and certainly not in perceptions about the equal humanity of African Americans.

Point is that, African Americans “are coming to face the fact quite calmly that most white Americans do not like them, and are planning neither for their survival, nor for their definite future if it involves free, self-assertive modern manhood. This does not mean all Americans. A saving few are worried… a still larger group are not ill-disposed, but they fear prevailing public opinion. The great mass of [white] Americans are, however, merely representatives of average humanity. They muddle along with their own affairs and scarcely can be expected to take seriously the affairs of Black people whom they partly fear and partly despise. (W. E. B. Dubois).

No Tangibles for African Americans, no Vote! The tides have turned. The animal is already wounded, there’s nothing else to lose. No tangibles, no votes! As simple as that.


  1. Narmer Amenuti You are spot on as often. Today, pathetically, the all have a few self-seeking African-Americans who they are parading in order to portray a very different picture of themselves. SHAME in capital letters.

  2. Bredda, Trumps record in office has been inadvertently favourable to African Americans.. .that should be the yardstick..

    • I see none. Black people live in Amerikkka too. So yeah, I accept that some Black people will enjoy the benefits of the loot. Some will even enjoy the suffering of their own masses. That is Collateral Benefit.

  3. I will prefer organization of the group to leaders who think, and may be, are more revolutionary than the consciousness of the people and the revolution. Revolutions are propagated at the pace of the conscious level of the people – the revolutionaries . Leadership cannot be too revolutionary than the people. To think that Joe Biden as a white congressman supported a bill that turned out to be anti-Black is a revelation is sad. There has never been one single bill in the United States Congress that has been pro-Black since 1776. Show me one. The voting right bill was not for Blacks. It was for women – white women – and luckily the restrictions could not leave out Blacks and “minorities”. A revolution in America that will be Black led or oriented to solve the problems of Blacks will not come from some white people like Bernie Sanders with “socialist’ programs on paper or the presidency, but by concrete actions at the pace of the orientation and consciousness of the Black or minority population. In spite of all your insinuation, Obama is a starting point and Biden, the only card we have been handed, hopefully will be a continuation, in spite of how low level his or the system’s contribution to the Black race is. You want a higher level, influence the system. It is said that the man (or system) who plants a tree knowing that he will not be around to enjoy its shade is a prophet. If you have a better pathway in the United United States to Black emancipation, Dear Woke/revolutionary cadres, please let us know and lead the way.

    • I agree with everything you said. My caveat is this:

      Joe Biden did not only vote for the Laws of Criminalization. He was on of its Supreme Architects. That doesn’t pass, bro. Yeah, Bennie voted for the Crime Bill. Okay, I get that. Some Black congressmen did the same. But Biden? He was one of the proper architects from Delaware. The Crime bill that has devastated Black America does not get more Biden than that.

      Plus, for now, I cannot accept that Biden was an Obama supporter of even facilitator, even if I supported the premise that Obama was Good to black America. Fact, is, heart to heart, Obama was an ineffective President for Black America. And the fact Obama was that ineffective speaks volumes about Biden too. Perhaps, the argument can be made that Biden stalled Omaaba!

      Anyway, I have one historical moment I share with close friends, and it is from Fredrick Douglas himself (when talking about the Missouri Compromise):

      “Like all compromises, it defeated itself.” ~ Frederick Douglas.

      Black America is tired of making compromises. You say “If you have a better pathway in the United United States to Black emancipation, Dear Woke/revolutionary cadres, please let us know and lead the way.”

      Sure, many Black leaders have now accepted the prevailing paradigm quite calmly that “the large masses of white America do not care about Black people if that involves Black self-assertive manhood…they do not care about people they partly hate and partly despise.” (Paraphrased, W. E. B. Du Bois).

      So we lead they way: And it is simple: No Tangibles for Black People, No Vote! (Let the whites fight it out amongst themselves.. it only gets worse for Black people anyways. Why bother!) That is the new “Wokeness” meeen! Join us bro! LOL.

    • Narmer Amenuti I get that. But to get what we want we have to be at the table. We have to be part of decision making

  4. ‘ I have named the Equality Act as a top legislative priority’ – Joe Biden. For black America, he was not talking about equality of races. Don’t come crying later and say you weren’t warned. He has set up his stall from day one.

  5. Biden – will get between 80-96% of the black vote not because he is called Biden but because he is on a ticket of a party called Democratic Party. Issues or policies don’t matter just because the average person with an attention span of 30secs don’t care about details.

    Trump – Will be lucky to get 10% of the black vote even if he gives all the treasury to black people as reparations mostly because he is a republican candidate and his unique style of politics.

    • Well, this is true. To an extent. Only because no one has yet paid Black people for their historical services to nation building and has received no votes in return.


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