Sunday, May 24, 2020

US Media Piles Attack On Civil Rights Leader Al Sharpton’s Reputation

With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the...

The U.S. White Problem, The Meaning Of The Ferguson Riots

The United States City of St. Louis County in the State of Missouri and its grand jury’s decision not to indict the white police...

A Plea For Robust Changes In The United States Of America

ADDIS ABABA — RECENT events surrounding the killings of several African American youths by white cops in the United States of America have prompted...

Chris Rock On America’s White Problem

Frank Rich: Before Obama arrived, you were saying that there’d been Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and then black leaders in America became...

Black Homeschoolers Rise With Racism In Schools

As the media continues to lambast the image of Black men, we are increasingly seeing the harm that these damaging stereotypes are imposing on...

The Search For Morality In The ‘Holy’ American Empire

We are cocksure that the Staten Island grand jury saw the same YouTube video everyone else in the United States and around the world...

On IS Attack, U.S. Desires Strategic Partners

In a recent address to the U.S. nation and the world, U.S. President Barack Obama rallied international support, citing a “broad coalition of partners” to roll back terrorist attacks.

How White Western Media Justifies Black Killings

Lately white Americans, especially the white male American police force, have come under suspicion for what has become the rampant killing of young black...

US First African American Attorney General Resigns

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is resigning from his post, the US Justice Department said Thursday. Mr. Holder will remain in...

We Can’t Breathe, Obama’s Last Chance For Change In America

No one in the United States is actually surprised that a grand jury in New York City decided not to indict Daniel Pantaleo for...