Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Aruna Quadri – World’s Best Table Tennis Player

The spectacular performances of Nigeria's Aruna Quadri in 2014 has seen him emerge as the International Table Tennis Federation, ITTF, Star Player of the...

The Rude Anatomy Of Ghana Soccer

Miracles do occur. Unfortunately, God is not a Ghanaian. Miracles are as much likely to occur for Germans or Portuguese or the United States...

Africa Must Boycott FIFA WC 2018 If Russia Refuses To Address Racist Jeering At...

Gabonese soccer player, Guelor Kanga, competing for a Russian club was punished this week for an obscene gesture he made toward fans of an...

Mario Balotelli, Liverpool Striker, To Be Punished For Saying His Mom Is Jewish

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has been forced to apologize for a post on social media which Jewish leaders in the UK insist appears to...

Ebola Stigma Affecting Sierra Leone National Team

Fans taunt them with chants of “Ebola.” Some opponents have hesitated to shake their hands or engage in the traditional swapping of jerseys. Humiliating...

The Mathematics Of Brazil’s Shocking 7-1 Defeat

Germany's thrashing of Brazil was unprecedented in World Cup history, but the result may not be as surprising as you might think. Can our Mathematics shed some light?

New Study Reveals Ghana Could Have Won the 2014 World Cup

It was possible for Ghana to win the World Cup after all. The Ghana Football Association, coaches, players, and fans must regroup after this sudden realization.

World Cup 2014: African Soccer Overshadowed by Protests

The World Cup is the grandest sporting event on the planet, a chance for every nation to show off to the world, through its soccer teams. But unattractive issues sometimes emerge, too.

Who Should Play For Country?

Performing on the world stage, every player makes some decision to play for country, but which country? That is the question perpetually facing players who feel bound to multiple allegiances—whether by birth, residence, or family heritage—yet must salute one flag above all.

The Beautiful Game – Soccer And Economic Theories

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, a professor of management at the London School of Economics, is the head of talent identification at Athletic Club Bilbao, a professional soccer club in Spain, and the author of “Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics.”