Friday, October 18, 2019

African Football And European Poachers

BAMAKO -- The beautiful game. You know it's soccer. We have played ball since we were children and we've moved to love the game....

Mario Balotelli, Liverpool Striker, To Be Punished For Saying His Mom Is Jewish

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has been forced to apologize for a post on social media which Jewish leaders in the UK insist appears to...

Michael Essien Ready to Unleash Real Madrid’s Dominance On Man United

After back-to-back wins over Barcelona in less than two weeks, the whites are fired up for this encounter. This marks the second time that the whites are coming to Manchester in this year’s Champions league after meeting Manchester City in the group stage. Essien has been instrumental in the Madrid team since his arrival on loan after he lost favour at Chelsea.

Equatorial Guinea Loses The Semi-Final Game And Respect

There is little surprise in the score of the semi-final matchup between Ghana and Equatorial Guinea in the African Cup of Nations. Equatorial Guinea...

Rigatoni: Or How the Fake Anti-African FIFA World Cup Is Rigged For Europe

There is zero percent excitement about the World Cup in Africa. It is no surprise why. After many years of taking part in this...

Yes, Dede Ayew has 4 More Legs than Sarfo-Gyamfi

“Go for such hungry players who are ready to die for the national cause,” cries Sarfo-Gyamfi. Alas, what national cause? Which players? Who has died more for country in modern times than Dede Ayew? Who has played on more legs than Dede Ayew?

Ghana Falls from Serial Favourites to Serious Flops

The tournament was being hosted in South Africa and the FA members took the team to U.A.E for acclimatization. For instance in 1992 the team went to Portugal ahead of Senegal games and that was better than U.A.E and South Africa.

The Mathematics Of Brazil’s Shocking 7-1 Defeat

Germany's thrashing of Brazil was unprecedented in World Cup history, but the result may not be as surprising as you might think. Can our Mathematics shed some light?

The Beautiful Game – Soccer And Economic Theories

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, a professor of management at the London School of Economics, is the head of talent identification at Athletic Club Bilbao, a professional soccer club in Spain, and the author of “Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics.”

Jackie Robinson West And White Paraphilia

Jackie Robinson West, the all-Black team from Chicago’s South Side, rose to the nation’s highest peak, winning the US Little League Championship Game and...