Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bomb Details in Boston Marathon Attack

Two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Police have updates on the explosive devices used and the number of victims harmed in the attack.

Ebola Stigma Affecting Sierra Leone National Team

Fans taunt them with chants of “Ebola.” Some opponents have hesitated to shake their hands or engage in the traditional swapping of jerseys. Humiliating...

In Defense of Brandon Bostick

White media has chosen a scapegoat for the Seattle Seahawk’s defeat of the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, and...

Pan-Africanism and the World Cup

Africa’s more progressive leaders are fighting against protectionist attitudes. At the annual meeting of the African Development Bank on May 22, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda told fellow leaders that the continent’s “most important challenges cannot be tackled by any country on its own” and that “deeper regional and continental integration is not only good for Africa, it is good for investors and trading partners. It makes it easier and cheaper and less risky to do business in Africa.”

Latest FIFA Rankings: Black Stars Ranked Second-Best To The Elephants

Coach Kwesi Appiah's team are now ranked the second-best side on the continent behind the Elephants of the Ivory Coast. Mali are third on the African ranking table.

Mayweather is a Boxer’s Boxer. He is Simply Genius at its Best!

By the eighth, blood dripped from Guerrero’s left eye and down his face. Mayweather toyed with him, like a puppet master with a puppet, and he landed a roundhouse right hand that brought the crowd to its feet. Guerrero’s wife held their son close as tears welled in her eyes.

World Cup 2014: African Soccer Overshadowed by Protests

The World Cup is the grandest sporting event on the planet, a chance for every nation to show off to the world, through its soccer teams. But unattractive issues sometimes emerge, too.

Jackie Robinson West And White Paraphilia

Jackie Robinson West, the all-Black team from Chicago’s South Side, rose to the nation’s highest peak, winning the US Little League Championship Game and...

Cam Newton Celebrates And Haters Hate

Cam Newton is the latest dynamic Black quarterback to emerge on the National Football League scene. This year Newton will undoubtedly be the NFL's...

Super Bowl 50 Was Rigged

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, U.S. -- Was Super Bowl 50 rigged? Was last year's Super Bowl rigged? Yes. Sorry if this is disappointing news (it...