Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Jurgen Klopp and His Bad Judgment: Racism without Racists.

The Racism African Players Suffer In Europe. According to a new documentary about the current indubitable best soccer star...

Ebola Stigma Affecting Sierra Leone National Team

Fans taunt them with chants of “Ebola.” Some opponents have hesitated to shake their hands or engage in the traditional swapping of jerseys. Humiliating...

Michael Essien Ready to Unleash Real Madrid’s Dominance On Man United

After back-to-back wins over Barcelona in less than two weeks, the whites are fired up for this encounter. This marks the second time that the whites are coming to Manchester in this year’s Champions league after meeting Manchester City in the group stage. Essien has been instrumental in the Madrid team since his arrival on loan after he lost favour at Chelsea.

Ashanti Stars – The Demise of the Black Stars at the AFCON 2013

National football coaching in a country like Ghana is serious business. It is not about having a pretty face, having friends in the right places, being “loved” by the players or being from the “right” tribe. The curriculum vitae of Kwesi Appiah at senior level reads as follows – Wins against the likes of Lesotho and Malawi, a World Cup campaign in peril, the worse performance by any Black Stars side in AFCON for several years.

“Kick It Out”. Yah Right! How African Players Are Treated In European Soccer.

Just a year ago, Jose Mourinho, then Manchester United (English Soccer Club) coach, dropped Paul Pogba for two games. Pogba was...

The BBC Fabricates Violent Tale About African Cup Game

Earlier today The Volta Times reported the occurrences between the Ghana 3-0 win over Equatorial Guinea. We have recently been alerted to another account,...

Cam Newton Celebrates And Haters Hate

Cam Newton is the latest dynamic Black quarterback to emerge on the National Football League scene. This year Newton will undoubtedly be the NFL's...

Soccer In The English Language.

In Europe, in England for instance, when soccer players of African descent (like Sadio Mane, or Divock Origi, or Wijnaldum)...

‘The Interrupters’ Stop Violence, Build Community

nspired by Alex Kotlowitz's New York Times Magazine article, The Interrupters immerses us into the tumultuous and at times surreal world of a few...

Rigatoni: Or How the Fake Anti-African FIFA World Cup Is Rigged For Europe

There is zero percent excitement about the World Cup in Africa. It is no surprise why. After many years of taking part in this...