Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Africa Supports Blatter Amidst US Bullying Aid-Tied Allegations

If you read most of the world's media – Africa, Asia, and Latin America - Sepp Blatter's appeal and his ability to hang on...

‘The Interrupters’ Stop Violence, Build Community

nspired by Alex Kotlowitz's New York Times Magazine article, The Interrupters immerses us into the tumultuous and at times surreal world of a few...

Ashanti Stars – The Demise of the Black Stars at the AFCON 2013

National football coaching in a country like Ghana is serious business. It is not about having a pretty face, having friends in the right places, being “loved” by the players or being from the “right” tribe. The curriculum vitae of Kwesi Appiah at senior level reads as follows – Wins against the likes of Lesotho and Malawi, a World Cup campaign in peril, the worse performance by any Black Stars side in AFCON for several years.

Who Should Play For Country?

Performing on the world stage, every player makes some decision to play for country, but which country? That is the question perpetually facing players who feel bound to multiple allegiances—whether by birth, residence, or family heritage—yet must salute one flag above all.

Ghana Falls from Serial Favourites to Serious Flops

The tournament was being hosted in South Africa and the FA members took the team to U.A.E for acclimatization. For instance in 1992 the team went to Portugal ahead of Senegal games and that was better than U.A.E and South Africa.

World Cup 2014: African Soccer Overshadowed by Protests

The World Cup is the grandest sporting event on the planet, a chance for every nation to show off to the world, through its soccer teams. But unattractive issues sometimes emerge, too.

Bomb Details in Boston Marathon Attack

Two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Police have updates on the explosive devices used and the number of victims harmed in the attack.

Michael Essien Ready to Unleash Real Madrid’s Dominance On Man United

After back-to-back wins over Barcelona in less than two weeks, the whites are fired up for this encounter. This marks the second time that the whites are coming to Manchester in this year’s Champions league after meeting Manchester City in the group stage. Essien has been instrumental in the Madrid team since his arrival on loan after he lost favour at Chelsea.

FIFA World Cup: The Greedy Wolf And Its 13+1 Spots

Europe alone has 13 (+1) spots and Africa just 5 in the World Cup. The idea that because European teams (UEFA) rank higher in...

If Luck Deserves A Raise, What Does Russell Wilson Deserve?

Russell Wilson has become to the NFL what Lebron James has been to the NBA. But would he be recognized as such? If anything,...