Tuesday, November 21, 2017

World Cup 2014: African Soccer Overshadowed by Protests

The World Cup is the grandest sporting event on the planet, a chance for every nation to show off to the world, through its soccer teams. But unattractive issues sometimes emerge, too.

Latest FIFA Rankings: Black Stars Ranked Second-Best To The Elephants

Coach Kwesi Appiah's team are now ranked the second-best side on the continent behind the Elephants of the Ivory Coast. Mali are third on the African ranking table.

Italy’s Inter Milan charged over Racism against Tottenham

Monkey chants were reported during last Thursday’s tie in Milan, which Spurs won on away goals, and an inflatable banana was also seen in the crowd. Inter have already been fined £43,000 (50,000 euros) by Serie A officials this season after their fans were found guilty of racially abusing former Inter players Mario Balotelli and Sulley Muntari.

Bomb Details in Boston Marathon Attack

Two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Police have updates on the explosive devices used and the number of victims harmed in the attack.

Let’s Go for it Boys! – Ghana to Win World Cup

In the history of mankind, great deeds have been achieved when least expected. The ability of the human spirit to transcend expectation and soar...

No They Didn’t? Desperate Housewives (S08E12) Disparages Afro Hair

Lynette Gasp – What happened to your hair? Renee (Vanessa Williams) You happened to my hair! Frank was the only guy in this Podunk town who knew how...

Super Bowl XLIX – Was The Game Rigged?

Super Bowl 49 is over. Sadly, the game leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of fans who were looking for a fair match...

Why US Attack On FIFA?

News spread wildly across the globe about the sudden US attack on FIFA, the world's football governing body. US officials claimed to have been...

The Beautiful Game – Soccer And Economic Theories

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, a professor of management at the London School of Economics, is the head of talent identification at Athletic Club Bilbao, a professional soccer club in Spain, and the author of “Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics.”

Will African Footballers Resurrect The English Premiere League?

England's Premiere League boasts a variety of football that is universally understood to be an unfashionable game comprised of cross country runners bumbling into...