Friday, August 7, 2020
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Our Robots: The Real Conflict With Artificial Intelligence

Mass hysteria abounds when people discuss the role of robots in our future. The prevailing wisdom is that artificial intelligence in the name of...

The Black God: Myth or Reality

There has not been a more misunderstood area of human endeavor than religion. Both critics and adherents of religion have placed religion out of...

We — The People — Did Not Evolve From Protozoa

NTOABOMA—Suppose you live in Ntoaboma like I do. You take a leisurely walk around the village before noon—before the Presby Church bells bellow and...

Caution! Never Allow Your DNA To Be Sequenced.

If you are Black, never allow your genetic material to be sequenced. If you are African, never allow your DNA to be sequenced....

Race, Cakes & Tacos: Discrimination In the United States

NTOABOMA—There are many places in the United States that I wouldn’t like to walk into on a visit. And I don’t mean a Strip...

Mosquitoes Ignore Repellent Deet after First Exposure

By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World Service: Genetic changes to the same species of mosquito can make them immune to Deet, although it was not clear if there were any mosquitoes like this in the wild.

Dr Enoch Opeyemi Talks Life, Mathematics, And The Riemann Hypothesis

In his seminal work Civilization or Barbarism, the great Senegalese physicist and historian Cheikh Anta Diop showed how the origins of mathematics and science...

Forensics: One Of America’s Big White Lies

Recent cases in the American criminal justice, legal, and policing systems have all converged upon the same troubling fact: white people lie. Their motives...

Technological Advancement Does Not Lead To Progress.

“Today, I am sad to say that every single new discovery is studied in order to kill people. The most important...

Zika Virus – A Bigger Ebola Program Championed by GMO Kingpin, Bill Gates

EL SALVADOR -- Mosquitoes threaten the lives of children in El Salvador. In response to the Zika virus, government officials are promoting a two-year ban...