Saturday, May 30, 2020

Whose Race Is A Social Construction?

Have you ever heard someone say: "Race is a social construction"? The statement is generally followed by more statements against classification based on race:...

How To Not Own Anything In This Modern World

The conventional version of work is quite a bit more attuned to ownership compared to the modern lifestyle where we toil all the same but do not own anything.

African States Blast European Farm Subsidies At Rome Talks

Rome — Wealthy countries are still subsidizing their farmers at the expense of developing nations, undermining market access for some of the world's poorest...

Country Sickens From Diet Of Cheap Labor

A diet of cheap labor has affected nations with unprecedented illness. Treatment is challenging, but researchers are desperately searching for a cure.

Ghana’s Supreme Court – A Dangerous Circus at Best

The constant giggling, although cheerful, even of the acting Chief Justice Himself, William Atuguba, is the best entertainment the World has ever known in...

Technology Trumps Reading—A Troubling Defeat

Ultimately, true education instills a discipline upon us that commands us to toil when we are tired, to persevere until the job is done; and for those of us who have reached the summit of scholastic achievement, to conceive of a job that, though it is yet to exist, necessitates doing.

Africa’s Economy Grows, But Many Stomachs Remain Empty

Each year, governments, journalists, development experts and others look forward to the United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Report. The report includes a ranking...

Lots of Money In Putin’s Hands – A Search for Secret Putin Fortune

Obama and his administration may just be jealous. He rewards the 1% in the US while the US private sector middle class gets destroyed. And yes those oligarchs in the US are not nearly as generous to Obama as Russian oligarchs have been to Putin. So much for encouraging the rich to help the poor.

The Second Cold War And The Strangelove Between The Two Nuclear Powers

Sakho Asante Menes Tau Nefetiti Akosua Abeka Tensions have been festering and brewing between the two biggest nuclear powers, the USA and Russia, over compliance with a number...

A Sharing Economy In The 21st Century

Reliant upon constant high-speed connections, a new paradigm is slowly emerging where businesses spring up based on clients' “sharing” ideas, resources, knowledge, goods, or services. These services reflect the increasing ability of more people to individually participate in the economy and society via sharing and technology.