Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bilderberg 2014: Reflections of an African Griot

The oligarchies of the west and their Bilderberger intellectual leaders will tell us in Africa to believe that they seek our interest and well being. My old grandmother in the village in the deepest heart of Africa does not believe that. I am I and as a true African, I follow my grandmother, I do not believe them either.

So The CIA Lied, Why Should Africa Care?

There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and statistics. ― Oheneba Nyamekye LAGOS – An investigation in the U.S. by a senate committee has...

Denial Of White Violence Against Black Americans

Though whites have the liberty to write whatever they feel about the murder of Michael Brown, blacks should at least be cognizant of the fact that when liberals talk about Michael Brown, they generally do not make it a race relations issue.

Reading In First Class

I thought I would miss my flight. I was late, after all. During the holiday season the airports were at their most crowded. The waits...

Visual Debilitating Vestiges of Colonialism and Racism in Africa

The price we pay. I digressed. But before anyone has tried to reincarnate, the following clowns in Africa may need to wake up! They must be asleep. There's no rhyme or reason why grown human beings would ever wear artificial white men's thick pale embroidered hair in the hot African Sun!

U.S. Ease Trade Embargo On Cuba

So far in history, there seems to be no element of American policy - be it foreign policy or internal politics - that comes...

Cuba In West Africa To Stop Ebola

We, the US don’t not have health care. We have insurance care. For more than half a century, beginning with Ruby Phillips's dispatches from Havana,...

Mr Bashir Must Be Held Accountable

The International Criminal Court (ICC) and for the cause of fairness and justice, and perhaps due to mounting criticism for its biased arraignment of...

Who Has The Right To Fear?

In the multiple killings by white police and white civilians against young black men in the United States, the right to fear stands at the heart of the conflict. Whose right to fear is an underlying issue that rarely comes to the fore.

Spare The Criticism And Spoil Our Elders

For example, why are we so proud of The Asante Chief who is only worth $10M when he sits on some of the biggest mineral reserves in the world? Twi-Speaking Ghana must ask themselves the simple question. Why? Should he not be worth billions?