Saturday, January 19, 2019

Global Warming Persists, Though Western Nations Face Denial

Western nations are far less concerned about global warming compared to the rest of Earth's citizens. Several actions must be taken for global climate change to alter its course in a more positive direction for a better world.

Lots of Money In Putin’s Hands – A Search for Secret Putin Fortune

Obama and his administration may just be jealous. He rewards the 1% in the US while the US private sector middle class gets destroyed. And yes those oligarchs in the US are not nearly as generous to Obama as Russian oligarchs have been to Putin. So much for encouraging the rich to help the poor.

A Litmus Test for Kenya

The international community is waiting to see how Kenya handles the ongoing case at the International Criminal Court. Will Mr. Kenyatta appear for his scheduled trial, or not? The world will be watching.

Kenya Tests International Justice

The United States needs Kenya in its fight against terror, but Kenya needs the United States even more in its war against the Shabab, the deadliest terrorist organization in East Africa. Kenya has received millions in United States military aid since 2006. Dozens of United States law enforcement agents are in Kenya providing forensic support to the police.

Education By the E-book in Kenya

Kenya's Bridge International Academy employs a standardized teaching model that requires instructors to read lessons from E-books. How the use of technology will impact the classroom is a growing concern in this digital age.

Ghana’s Supreme Court – A Dangerous Circus at Best

The constant giggling, although cheerful, even of the acting Chief Justice Himself, William Atuguba, is the best entertainment the World has ever known in...

U.S. Liberals Are Hypocrites on Bullying

Liberal U.S. Democratic news correspondents' attacks on New Jersey Governor Republican Chris Christie's weight have become an eye sore for political media. The fat jokes are also counterproductive to Democrats' recent agenda to combat the growing epidemic of obesity.

Visual Debilitating Vestiges of Colonialism and Racism in Africa

The price we pay. I digressed. But before anyone has tried to reincarnate, the following clowns in Africa may need to wake up! They must be asleep. There's no rhyme or reason why grown human beings would ever wear artificial white men's thick pale embroidered hair in the hot African Sun!

When Mutant Mosquitoes Attack

By Maggie Koerth-Baker: Maggie Koeth-Baker is science editor at and author of “Before the Lights Go Out,” on the future of energy production and consumption. Science must change the way it engages with the world as it both reduces and creates risk.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

By MICHAEL MOSS: This article is adapted from “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,” which will be published by Random House this month. Michael Moss is an investigative reporter for The Times. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 2010 for his reporting on the meat industry.