Monday, December 17, 2018

Jehuti Nefekare

Jehuti Nefekare is a Mathematician by training and by intent. He studied Applied Mathematics at the Graduate Level. He is interested in Languages, History, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. He is fluent in one of the major languages of Eurasia and shares his perspectives on Grandmother Africa.

Thomas Picketty – Capital In The Twenty-First Century

The history of capitalism and the distribution of wealth has always been deeply political, and it cannot be reduced to purely economic mechanisms. Wealth only accumulates in the hands of a few. Or as our African economic elders had always believed it, 'this thing [capitalism] will kill us, one by one, until one day any one who seeks a decent living without an inheritance will become like him who carries water in a sieve'.

Dronomics and the Geopolitical Underbelly of Africa

The African political elite should understand the geopolitical significance of the policy of dronomics on the African continent and should aim for the removal of all foreign drone bases on the continent.

The Nature of Power and the Resurgence of Africa

The loss of national history has led to a culture in homeostasis shaped by external influences instead of shaping those influences. The homeostasis of African culture in turn has led to a decline in the dynamics of intellectual development.