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Jehuti Nefekare is a Mathematician by training and by intent. He studied Applied Mathematics at the Graduate Level. He is interested in Languages, History, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. He is fluent in one of the major languages of Eurasia and shares his perspectives on Grandmother Africa.

Russia’s Foreign Policy – Background and Lessons for the African Union

ACCRA -- On March 3’rd 2016, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov published an article on Russia’s Foreign Policy – Historical Background in the influential...

Restoring Africa In ‘The African’ Elite

The current African elite has no philosophy that governs its thinking, that shapes its intellect, that connects it organically to its people. The pharaonic elite were shaped by an African philosophy which was expressed in its most beautiful form by several of its greatest thinkers. We have here only presented two of them. The African elite needs to be reconstructed.

The End Of Monetary Dominance And The Last Dollar

In 1992 in the waning days of the Cold War, an American Neocon, Francis Fukuyama, published an essay “The End of History and the Last Man”. The West thought it had finally gained control of the world. The iron laws of Karma work. Less than 23 years later, we can adapt their own words against them and write “The End of Monetary Dominance and the Last Dollar.”

France, Terrorism and the Different Colors of Compassion

ACCRA -- On the night of November 13 in Paris, France, a sophisticated and well-coordinated series of terror attacks took place that smothered the...

Western Journalism And Its Hypocrisy – Udo Ulfkotte

It had been several years in the making. They had come for him just as they had come for the others. The mysterious men...

A Psychoanalysis of US Foreign Policy

Could a people who believed they were exceptional, a chosen race cohabit with a welcoming people and merge into one nation, one people as had been done across the vast expanses of the flow of history?

The Old Man And The Public Latrine

He lived across from the public latrine that was for many the sole comfort of exercising the call of nature. He was now a...

The Ebola Vaccine Pug Fest In Ghana: A Manifold Perspective

The news of the Ebola vaccine trial in Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana began to filter into the media in May. The...

To Coup or Not to Coup in Turkey. Fortunate Blooper in Regime Change

ACCRA -- On Friday evening July 15, Ankara time, the world witnessed for the first time the live feed of a coup as it took...

Dr Enoch Opeyemi Talks Life, Mathematics, And The Riemann Hypothesis

In his seminal work Civilization or Barbarism, the great Senegalese physicist and historian Cheikh Anta Diop showed how the origins of mathematics and science...