Monday, September 24, 2018
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Jehuti Nefekare is a Mathematician by training and by intent. He studied Applied Mathematics at the Graduate Level. He is interested in Languages, History, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. He is fluent in one of the major languages of Eurasia and shares his perspectives on Grandmother Africa.

Barack Obama – A Reflection On His Rise To Power And His Legacy

The presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has ended. He has handed over power to the now president Donald Trump. The man who made hope...

Thomas Picketty – Capital In The Twenty-First Century

The history of capitalism and the distribution of wealth has always been deeply political, and it cannot be reduced to purely economic mechanisms. Wealth only accumulates in the hands of a few. Or as our African economic elders had always believed it, 'this thing [capitalism] will kill us, one by one, until one day any one who seeks a decent living without an inheritance will become like him who carries water in a sieve'.

Cry For France But No Tears For Boko Haram Victims

It was a sight beholding in its rancid hypocrisy. It was a veritable bonfire of the hypocrisies. The world leaders in attendance numbered about...

May 1, The Struggle for Dignity, by Colonel Cassad

May 1 is a holiday that is celebrated or observed by many countries around the world. We translate below an article written on the...

Echoes of African Military Power in Eurasia

HO, Volta Region, Ghana - Four thousand years ago, long before Alexander the Macedonian, a pharaoh of the 12th dynasty of Kemet extended African...

Syria – The Beginning of a Major World War?

ACCRA -- The situation in Syria is getting out of control. It is likely that it is heading towards the beginning stages of a...

The Unraveling of Iraq and the Hubris of Empire

Let us reflect on the one long arc on the grand canvas of world history and geopolitics. From the bloodstained battlefield of Stalingrad to the rise of the American empire and the appearance of ISIS and the unraveling of Iraq, every empire in history is subject to the forces of history. Everything that goes up must come down. So it is with empire.

To Coup or Not to Coup in Turkey. Fortunate Blooper in Regime Change

ACCRA -- On Friday evening July 15, Ankara time, the world witnessed for the first time the live feed of a coup as it took...

The End Of Monetary Dominance And The Last Dollar

In 1992 in the waning days of the Cold War, an American Neocon, Francis Fukuyama, published an essay “The End of History and the Last Man”. The West thought it had finally gained control of the world. The iron laws of Karma work. Less than 23 years later, we can adapt their own words against them and write “The End of Monetary Dominance and the Last Dollar.”

In Asante, Even The Trees Cry

The cool African mist poured its teary drops over the soft black skin of the gentle slopes of Kumawu when Nana Kwame Poku woke...