Friday, June 22, 2018
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Jehuti Nefekare is a Mathematician by training and by intent. He studied Applied Mathematics at the Graduate Level. He is interested in Languages, History, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. He is fluent in one of the major languages of Eurasia and shares his perspectives on Grandmother Africa.

Distributed Lethality – Geopolitical Opportunity for African Union Forces

ACCRA -- Russia on October 4th, fired 26 cruise missiles from her flotilla on the inland Caspian Sea toward Islamic State targets in Syria...

Two African Nations Lead the Way in Withdrawal From ICC

ACCRA—The so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) is an organization that sits somewhere in The Hague somewhere in a country called the Netherlands. It was...

The Old Man And The Public Latrine

He lived across from the public latrine that was for many the sole comfort of exercising the call of nature. He was now a...

Ghana Hops Into The Belly Of The IMF – Here They Cometh

It is indeed sadomasochistic to put yourself into the belly of a man eating beast also known as the IMF. But some nations indeed...

Restoring Africa In ‘The African’ Elite

The current African elite has no philosophy that governs its thinking, that shapes its intellect, that connects it organically to its people. The pharaonic elite were shaped by an African philosophy which was expressed in its most beautiful form by several of its greatest thinkers. We have here only presented two of them. The African elite needs to be reconstructed.

Thomas Picketty – Capital In The Twenty-First Century

The history of capitalism and the distribution of wealth has always been deeply political, and it cannot be reduced to purely economic mechanisms. Wealth only accumulates in the hands of a few. Or as our African economic elders had always believed it, 'this thing [capitalism] will kill us, one by one, until one day any one who seeks a decent living without an inheritance will become like him who carries water in a sieve'.

Echoes of African Military Power in Eurasia

HO, Volta Region, Ghana - Four thousand years ago, long before Alexander the Macedonian, a pharaoh of the 12th dynasty of Kemet extended African...
politicization of the olympics, russian athletes olympics ban

The Olympics – Politicization and Demise

Founded by the French Aristocrat Baron Pierre De Coubertin in 1894 with the first games held in 1896 in Athens Greece, the Olympics Movement...

The Code of Bushido & The Code of Maat

It was a code unuttered and unwritten, the way of the Samurai, the code of moral principles which the warrior had to master. It...

The Unraveling of Iraq and the Hubris of Empire

Let us reflect on the one long arc on the grand canvas of world history and geopolitics. From the bloodstained battlefield of Stalingrad to the rise of the American empire and the appearance of ISIS and the unraveling of Iraq, every empire in history is subject to the forces of history. Everything that goes up must come down. So it is with empire.