Friday, February 21, 2020

Why States Recover – Changing Walking Societies Into Winning Nations

We often get famous professors on stage for our meetings but they are not often joined by the scion of South Africa's richest family,...

Africa Is Not In Need Of Harvard Graduates For Leaders

Nine years old and orphaned by ethnic genocide, he was living in a burned-out car in a Rwandan garbage dump where he scavenged for...

The Educated African, Ama’s Dance

Ama was her name. She had been born on a Saturday. The name she bore was normal and strange at the same time. She...

Free Education In Ogun: The Untold Story

Under the Daniel administration, pupils were paying for all manner of things such as file jacket, ID card, school prospectus, students dossier, etc., which the Amosun government has abolished.

Surprise Opposition To The Common Core In The U.S.

The Common Core--a program that should level the U.S. educational playing field, which is now marred by widespread inequality--is under surprise attack by many U.S. parents.

Good Pidgin Speakers Do Not ‘Bomb’ Exams

In my research, and from my experience as a speaker, I found that the average pidgin speaker (if he knew his pidgin well enough not to say ‘you dey resemble your father’, instead of ‘you dey gyee your poppee’) was an accomplished language user who was usually fluent in English.

BBC Ignores Nkrumah in its 50th Anniversary Article on the African Union

Here's the whole article displaying a lack of comprehension for African history or rather, the intentional rewriting of it. ***** Africa's 54 leaders are celebrating the...

Education By the E-book in Kenya

Kenya's Bridge International Academy employs a standardized teaching model that requires instructors to read lessons from E-books. How the use of technology will impact the classroom is a growing concern in this digital age.

President Barack Obama Delivers Inspirational Morehouse College Commencement Address

Barack Obama delivered the Commencement Address at Morehouse College on Sunday, May 19. Covering manhood, family, and social responsibility, his talk urged Morehouse men to consider how they could use their degrees to improve their communities and not just themselves.

Fire Teachers if they are Not Happy with their Salaries – Annan

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) threatened a strike effective Monday, March 18 2013, if four major grievances were not addressed by the government.