Sunday, June 24, 2018

Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for economic self-sufficiency in Ghana

Capacity Development Centre Ghana in an article cites statistics from the Registrar General’s Department that 92 percent of companies registered are micro, small and medium enterprises. They are noted to contribute not less than 70 percent to the GDP of the country and therefore have significant impact on economic growth, income and employment.

President Barack Obama Delivers Inspirational Morehouse College Commencement Address

Barack Obama delivered the Commencement Address at Morehouse College on Sunday, May 19. Covering manhood, family, and social responsibility, his talk urged Morehouse men to consider how they could use their degrees to improve their communities and not just themselves.
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Black Homeschoolers Fight School-Based Racism in the US

It can be difficult for African American kids to attend schools where they regularly face racism and stereotyping. Black people in the United States...

Commas and Apostrophes: The ‘Uncouth Bacilli’ of the English Language

ACCRA -- In a recent edition of Education Matters, a very popular column in the Daily Graphic, Anis Haffar, a former teacher of English...
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African Student Accepted Into All US Elite Schools, Chooses None

This past fall, Kwame Patrice Sankara, a Ghanian secondary school student, applied to all the US ivy league post-secondary schools, including Columbia, Harvard, Yale,...

Racial Inequality In UK Higher Education

While western countries all over the world preach about human rights violations happening in the Middle East, an increasing number of studies are demonstrating...

The Brutalized Minds

They were brilliant young minds, many full of naivety and childish idealism. Back home in Africa, they had studied deep into the night, many...
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Nigerian Comic Books

LAGOS -- In 2013, founder Jide Martin started Comic Republic in Lagos to fill a gaping void of superhero stories featuring African characters. In his...

What Is An Education?

True education is the education that teaches you to teach yourself, and inspires you with the desire to do that. To achieve that, you need...

Surprise Opposition To The Common Core In The U.S.

The Common Core--a program that should level the U.S. educational playing field, which is now marred by widespread inequality--is under surprise attack by many U.S. parents.