Friday, July 10, 2020

Free Education In Ogun: The Untold Story

Under the Daniel administration, pupils were paying for all manner of things such as file jacket, ID card, school prospectus, students dossier, etc., which the Amosun government has abolished.

Ashesi University – Blackface U.S. College Corporatism Reaches African Shores

Some 4,600 years ago, the beacon of African science, the ancient Egyptian polymath, Imhotep, wrote, “Life is a race between Civilization and Barbarism.” In...

Commas and Apostrophes: The ‘Uncouth Bacilli’ of the English Language

ACCRA -- In a recent edition of Education Matters, a very popular column in the Daily Graphic, Anis Haffar, a former teacher of English...

The Semantic War Against Nature

Some believe that in order to understand a man, look at his actions and not his words. There is truth to that maxim. Still...

Ashesi University – The Vicissitudes of a Foreign Liberal Arts Education in Ghana

Imhotep of Kemet, probably one of the most revered students of African history, once wrote: Success corrupts, usefulness exalts. Millennia later, Sidi Yahya of...

BBC Ignores Nkrumah in its 50th Anniversary Article on the African Union

Here's the whole article displaying a lack of comprehension for African history or rather, the intentional rewriting of it. ***** Africa's 54 leaders are celebrating the...

Surprise Opposition To The Common Core In The U.S.

The Common Core--a program that should level the U.S. educational playing field, which is now marred by widespread inequality--is under surprise attack by many U.S. parents.

Why Western African Feminists Get It Wrong

I have had exchanges with my friends on topics and issues within feminism­—some educating and some downright emotional with little to gain from the...

The State Of African Literature In US Ivy League

The US Ivy League university Yale recently ran a search for a professor of 20th-and-21st-century literature. Upon reviewing the applications, Professor Wai Chee Dimock, a...

Deliver Us, Oh Allah, From the Sea of Anencephalus Homunculus Intellectuals (A.H.I.s)

Homunculi are human alright: legs, arms, chest, abdomen and yes of course, a head. But they aren’t quite fully formed. They are humans who,...