Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kantanka And the Dream of a Ghanaian Automobile Industry – Myth or Reality

“When an American B29 bomber crash landed in the Soviet Union during World War 2. The legendary Soviet aircraft designer Tupolev took apart the...

A Sharing Economy In The 21st Century

Reliant upon constant high-speed connections, a new paradigm is slowly emerging where businesses spring up based on clients' “sharing” ideas, resources, knowledge, goods, or services. These services reflect the increasing ability of more people to individually participate in the economy and society via sharing and technology.

Manufacturing Scarcity – My Uncle and His Western Ideas in Economics

NTOABOMA -- Growing up, my grandfather reared cattle. On the flip side of the family tree, my great grandmother was the daughter of a...

My Manhood and the Mis-Education of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana

“I would prefer to be the least important person in a United Africa, than the most important person in a divided Africa.” (Sekou Toure...

Hess Corporation finds more Oil in Ghanaian Waters

According to Hess, it had achieved “outstanding drilling performance in terms of drilling time and cost per foot with gross costs averaging $40 million per well for the last three wells, including success case logging”.

Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for economic self-sufficiency in Ghana

Capacity Development Centre Ghana in an article cites statistics from the Registrar General’s Department that 92 percent of companies registered are micro, small and medium enterprises. They are noted to contribute not less than 70 percent to the GDP of the country and therefore have significant impact on economic growth, income and employment.

The Skin of the Leopard is Beautiful, but not its Heart – The Case...

"Of the Half-Billion Poorest Adults in the World, One out of Ten is an American." The Institute of Policy Studies' analysis of some new...

When Capitalism Is Life: Consumerism

KUMA'ASI—There is a new shopping mall in town, and everyone is boiling over with excitement, enthusiastic about the prospect of shopping more. Sure, this...

Africans Opening Fuller Wallets To Consumption

Let's remember that the current global economic model of consuming the earth's resources well beyond a sustainable rate, and destroying the ecosystems that sustain human life in the process, is itself not a Success Story. Africa must beware.

Development Aid and its Discontents

Development aid has not only erased the feedback mechanism between the government and its people, but it has also removed or failed to implement and enforce measures towards accountability.