Sunday, May 24, 2020

Negro? Prieto? Moreno? A Question of Identity for African-Mexicans

Most Mexicans will describe themselves as mestizo, or mixed white and native Indian. Candido Escuen, a 58-year-old papaya farmer, is not quite sure what...

Ebola And Its Cultural Casualty In Liberia: Hugs And Kisses

MONROVIA, Liberia — It is hard enough to push away family and friends, shunning an embrace or even a shake of the hand to...

Overcoming Ignorance and Inaction

So, it must not be a far shot, nor is it a far cry, to ruminate on what Narmer would have done. What he would have accomplished and how he would have stood up on principle, and principle alone, for Africa and for humanity.

Wives – Uganda Dowry Fuels Domestic Violence

BUKEDEA (UGANDA) (AFP) - When Ugandan farmer's daughter Rose Akurut became engaged to a man from a village far from her own, her parents...

The Ewe Reality – The Past and The Present

When you take a critical look at who the Ewes once were and what they seem to have become today, it begs still yet the following questions: Are these the same Ewes, now in the 1900s and the 21st century, who support Africa's begging for aid from Germany, France and Britain, every step of the way?

In Bed With President Mahama of Ghana?

Andrew Solomon is the author, and most recently had published, “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.”

Charlie Hebdo And Satire: What’s The Point?

Satire may be employed to prick at a society’s conscience and even perhaps challenge the powerful in society - but is that possible in...

Forgiveness And Why Today’s Christianity Can’t Be Black

After the Charleston mass murder, the media has mixed everything up. The media is focusing on the Black victims and not on the white...

Power Differentials in Our Anti-Colonial Struggle

Series of Writings on Decolonisation, Part I. With neo-colonialism diffused into both activism and apathy towards politics, an abstract revisit has become imperative. The need...

A Stranger’s Stew

SUHUM—My grandmother warned me to never drink from a stranger’s glass or eat a meal prepared outside of the family, unless of course, I...