Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria: Their Life Stories in Signs, Symbols and Motif

I met our distinguished author, painter and sculptor Ambassador Robin Rene Sanders at the threshold of her interest in Uli in 2008. Her hard...

West African Author Chinua Achebe Dies At 82

South African writer and Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer called him the "father of modern African literature" in 2007 when she was among the judges to award him the Man Booker International Prize in honour of his literary career. Things Fall Apart has been translated into more than 50 languages and focuses on the traditions of Igbo society and the clash between Western and traditional values.

Literature – Towards Understanding The African Context

If you simply believe the narrative in media circles, you are likely to miss out on the key economic and social super-structure of African...

Technology Trumps Reading—A Troubling Defeat

Ultimately, true education instills a discipline upon us that commands us to toil when we are tired, to persevere until the job is done; and for those of us who have reached the summit of scholastic achievement, to conceive of a job that, though it is yet to exist, necessitates doing.
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Poet Claudia Rankine Talks Racism In America

Claudia Rankine is an award-winning poet. Born in Jamaica, she came to the US at age seven and lived in the Bronx, a borough...

Alex Haley, Roots – The Indomitability of the African Spirit

When he was but just a boy in Henning, in Tennessee, one of fifty states in the US, Alex Haley's grandmother used to tell...

Violence For A Dream Of Materialism

What would you do to realize a dream? Today, violence is rampant in the world. But that social unrest is only evidence of what...

Emory University Professor Says Too Many Black Men Are “Cut Dead”

Gregory Ellison, professor at Emory, says that too many African American male youth are "cut dead" from society. Mr. Ellison hopes that community organizing and actively seeing the humanity in all people will change this.