Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Tsatsu Bites the Elephant – NPP’s Glassy Court Case Suffers Tsikata’s Shattering

Tsatsu: "It is clear that it is these repetitions that have accounted for the increase in exhibits from 8,675 to 13,926. Is that right?” Nii Amanor Dodoo (KPMG): "Yes." The Supreme Court judges on May 10, 2013 ordered KPMG to conduct an audit into the 11,842 pink sheets submitted by the petitioners, after the respondents told the court that they have received far less than what the petitioners claimed they had filed.

Short Film To Watch: White Sugar In A Black Pot

Written and directed by NYU grad, Rachel Johnson, White Sugar in a Black Pot follows a family of four who find themselves on the...

Africa Needs to Push the World Out of Troubled Waters

We have the will, we have the systems, but we still don’t have all the funds. The Bank can work magic with what it is given, raising nine dollars for every one of its own.

The African Union (AU) Accuses the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Racism

The AU has accused the ICC of "hunting" Africans because of their race.

BBC Ignores Nkrumah in its 50th Anniversary Article on the African Union

Here's the whole article displaying a lack of comprehension for African history or rather, the intentional rewriting of it. ***** Africa's 54 leaders are celebrating the...

Education By the E-book in Kenya

Kenya's Bridge International Academy employs a standardized teaching model that requires instructors to read lessons from E-books. How the use of technology will impact the classroom is a growing concern in this digital age.

2013 African Movie Academy Award Winners

Several films, actors, filmmakers, and crew were honored at the 2013 African Movie Academy Awards. See the full list of award winners and watch trailers from top films.

The International Criminal Court’s Picking on Africa

Arguably, it’s not about focusing on Africa; it is about working for the victims, and the victims are Africans. That is why the Court is a solution; its impartiality, its independence ensures the legitimacy of its intervention.

Expanding Multimedia Reporting in Africa

Mobile phone reporting is particularly relevant in areas that lack modern Internet infrastructure. Sub Saharan Africa is an emerging trend-setter; Central Asia and Latin America have also followed in tandem.

Penn Relays 2013: USA vs. the World Recap

A large crowd of 48,871 people visited University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday to attend the historic Penn Relays track...