Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The UN Fiasco That Is Ebola

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is a tragedy. But, more than that, the response to it has been a gross failure. It’s a classic...

The Colonial Age and its Burden on African Governance

Colonialism is not solely responsible for the state of the continent, successive governments after independence have operated against the backdrop of dictatorship, corruption, greed and incompetence that have led to several coup de tats, wars, violence, slow pace of economic development for several years and sending the continent into an increasing spiral of crisis and poverty.

Traditional Militia In Kala Balge Confront And Kill 200 Boko Haram Terrorists

"The people in Rann and environs used Voodoo fighting equipment and charms to repel the attacks...they really confronted the terrorists who were equally ready for a fight"

Dronomics and the Geopolitical Underbelly of Africa

The African political elite should understand the geopolitical significance of the policy of dronomics on the African continent and should aim for the removal of all foreign drone bases on the continent.

Rwanda Start Week Of Mourning For Genocide Anniversary

A Rwandan commission in 2008 said France was aware of preparations for the genocide and helped train militias who participated in killings. France has previously acknowledged that serious errors were made during the genocide in Rwanda.

Democracy In The USA: 1776 – 2014. R.I.P.

The thing that killed the man begun with a single desire - at least so says the 'Book Of The Coming Forth By Day'. The reality of this kind of democracy is that the 1 percent of America's upper class, the oligarchs, wins. A very good bye to the coveted American middle class and a welcoming of some sorts of the gated communities and their ghetto employees.

The Nature of Power and the Resurgence of Africa

The loss of national history has led to a culture in homeostasis shaped by external influences instead of shaping those influences. The homeostasis of African culture in turn has led to a decline in the dynamics of intellectual development.

Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

USAID continues to fund one of its many private contractors – a non-profit called Pact Inc. – to run the "Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms" (UNITER). Active in Africa and Central Asia. Pact would build the base for either reform or regime change for American interests in these countries.

In Africa, Seeking a License to Kill

Without this court, there would be no brake on the worst excesses of these criminals. And these violent leaders continue to plague Africa: the Great Lakes, Mali, northern Nigeria and Egypt all give reason for concern. Perpetrators of violence must not be allowed to wriggle free.

Banku and Fish – Ghanaian Style

The country of Ghana is home to some of the best food in the world with a variety of foods straight from mother nature...