Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used by racist white performers, predominantly in the United States of America, to deceive an audience that they are Black, or that whatever they say must be believed to be of Black origins or culture.

Canada’s Liberal President Caught in Blackface.

“When a boy grows up trying on his mum’s shoes, you can excuse the act as childish play. When he continues and adds on the kaba slit (a skirt) in the dresser, he is, at that juncture, questioning what he cannot become (what is unattainable). When he continues on and adds a brazier, and then his mum’s or sister’s panties, especially in secret, you know what you have is a man who deeply wants to be a woman but knows well that he cannot be a woman. The man is in crisis. He is insecure.”

~My Grandfather, Ta Amenuti Narmer.

A new video has emerged of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wearing Blackface, just a day after he admitted such behavior was racist, having been caught in two previous instances.

Canada’s Liberal President.

“He apologized on Wednesday after photos of two similar episodes – one when he was a teacher and another a student – came to light. His Liberal Party says the video is genuine and dates from the early 1990s. The revelations come amid campaigning for the 21 October election, when Mr Trudeau hopes to win a second term.” (According to the BBC).

Canada’s Liberal President, Justin Trudeau, in Blackface.

The reason Blackface is so troubling is not only the historical trauma that it has caused people of African descent, who have been (and are) the target of the mockery of its substance. The very idea that European/Caucasian American colonizers, murderers, kidnappers, terrorists, enslavers, mass incarceration police officers of Africans have stereotyped and mocked their victims using Blackface reveals a much deeper psychosis of the idea of the collective mentality of Caucasian men.

Now we are aware that white men in Blackface may not continue to make mockery of their victims (Africans) in open public discourses, but once in a while when the light shines on the skeletons in the cupboard we are made aware that white men (even the so-called repented ones) sure berate their victims (their fellow countrymen, and their fellow human beings) in secret places.

Nowhere in Africa are young men dressing down, painting their bodies pink, wearing straight blonde hair wigs, clutching at stones, with blood dripping from the sides of their mouths from digging their fangs into raw meat, trying hard just to mimic the “behaviors” of the long extinct Neanderthals or to mimic the Barbarians at their diner tables, or even to portray the backward French drinking alcohol early in the morning (out of supreme laziness).

Justin Trudeau may be actually, French!

A photograph from the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity page of the University of Georgia, USA, of the 1980 Pandora Yearbook.

But look, for example, at young Caucasian men, at a secret meeting, at the University of Georgia in the 80s? See their longing to be Black men? My own uncle who received a Ph.D in Economics there in the 80s described this very act as something that occurred so frequently and in the open. That’s how we got wind of this act in my little village in Ntoaboma, Ghana.

Of course, after hearing the details of “blackface” my grandfather figured it was a manifestation of a deeper internal crisis: a psychosis. When Caucasian men (especially the young ones) think they mock their fellow countrymen of African descent by dressing down to lampoon them in order to rationalize their barbaric treatment of Africans, they think all that is involved is poking fun at their victims. They might think they only mock Africa.

But, a deeper psychoanalysis of men who engage in such dress-ups, dress-downs, begs a different explanation. What it reveals is that these Caucasian boys, deep down, want to be Black, and they can’t. They care caught within a crisis of insecurity. They are stooped within a crisis of inferiority. In fact, many psychologists have described the inexplicable basis of racism (of anti-Blackness among people of European descent), in general, as a practice rooted in Caucasian male inferiority complexes.

White supremacism then is more exactly described as the White Inferiority Complex: The white man in crisis. He wants to be what he is not. He wants to become what he cannot become. Often that can only manifest as hatred for himself and for what he cannot actually become: hence his anti-Blackness.

The Black men that these Caucasian men partly hate and so partly despise and so passionately mock occupy an important space in the consciousness of these young Caucasian men. The hatred, perhaps, is a result of an admixture of admiration and intense inferiority at the face of it. It seems to me there’s something eerily missing in their lives that they strive for something bigger: bigger fucking balls. And for that matter it is there that the love and the hate they harbor share the same space; a space within that penchant reach for what sometimes appears impossible.

In fact, this feeling of the admixture of love/hate underlies the doctrine of white supremacism. The Black men they hate and so fearlessly despise in public are the same men they intensely worship in secret (by wanting to be like them in Blackface). It’s like white men, cops, who shoot young Black men in public for absolutely no law enforcement reason, and then go watching the evening NBC Philadelphia news of the very act (Black men being shot by white cops in public), and then changing the channel to enjoy, with beer, friends and family, a game of football with Black men (the Eagles) running around in tights.

White supremacism: Or White men in crisis. This is confusion, a paradox of sorts: Caucasian Men who want to swing big dicks but hate the men with the bigger dicks, not knowing (not understanding) that it is the example of the bigger dick that makes the very aspiration of swinging a bigger dick even possible.

Look: Here you have a photograph from the Prime Minister of Canada and from the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity page of the University of Georgia, USA, of the 1980 Pandora Yearbook. Such young men will never learn; they will never be taught the very origins of the ‘Greek’ Life they so adore; and they will never learn how they come to reveal their deeper insecurities within their own actions.


  1. This by far is the best explanation of the white man, my father use to say , in order to hate something you must loved it at one point.


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