BIKINI, Marshall Islands — The lingering question in the United States, especially in the Republican Camp, where Trump is ratchetting up delegates to wrap up the nomination for president in the November elections is: Can Trump be stopped?

The answer: Maybe. But, not by the Republican Party. The GOP’s Stop Trump campaign which has morphed into more of a stampede in anguished editorials, cable-news rants, pompous insider scolds and tens of millions of dollars in SuperPAC-funded attack ads that even smear his wife as a slut are absolutely counterproductive. They play into the framing of a guy who sells himself as an establishment pissing-off outsider –someone most voters looked forward to in a more ‘benign-sounding’ Obama some 7 years ago until they got spooked.

Now, the voters are angry. Too angry to not pay attention.

But there is something even more annoying to the GOP (Grand Old Party) supporters of Trump and in fact the young supporters of Bernie Sanders than the failures of the Nobel Peace Prize Winning War Criminal, Obama. The other Democratic Candidate whose campaign has been engulfed by a clandestine Clinton Corporatocratic Political Machine is perhaps the right choice but alas!

This is possibly why the Stop Trump movement within the GOP is seen by most honest pundits as undemocratic to the point of making a mockery of the country that gallivants the globe with a tombstone of democracy in one hand and an Atomic Bomb in the other, or else. The mirror image in the Democratic Party is nothing to write home about. No sign of democracy can be found on any corporate media outlet about a free and fair elections on either side of the political divide.

Notwithstanding, the fact is that Trump has a commanding lead against immediate rival Ted Cruz (680 delegates to 424, 37 percent of the popular vote to 27 percent as I write). Considering that Trump began the race against 18 other candidates, the establishment politician’s talking point that he can’t get 50 percent of the vote is absurd. Now, 37 percent is a commanding lead, and talk of pulling out some nothing guy who didn’t even run (Ryan, Romney) in second-round voting at the Republican convention is an insult to those who voted and continue to vote for Trump and to democracy itself.

The raison d’etre for GOP “anti-Trumpism” is insane: he’s not a “real conservative” — this “proto-fascist,” they say, is too far left for their party.

The truth hurts: But if Republicans are serious about stopping Trump, they could pledge to support the Democratic nominee for president — with their votes, their PR machines, their SuperPACs and campaigning in person.

The flip side is also poignant: If the Democrats are really serious about stopping Trump, they should first stop Hillary Clinton by coming clean with African Americans. The Clintons are for Private Prisons and Wall Street. They are not on the side of the weak or the poor.


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