Just because you got help (money) to fix the gate to your house doesn’t mean you sold your house. You may have demeaned yourself, but you didn’t sell your house.

Just because Ghana received aid from the US to fund Avu-Koklo “Development” projects doesn’t mean the government sold the country to the US. The government may have demeaned itself and perhaps demeaned all Ghanaians, but the government didn’t sell Ghana.

Now, selling your country for 20 million dollars (plus scholarships for your ugly wives and retarded children) is different from collecting aid for 20 million dollars. When someone has a far superior military than yours and gives you 20 million to build actual military bases in your country, and you accept, there’s only one implication of your behavior: they bought your country! Or yet, you sold your country.

Let me put it even more succinctly: When someone swings a far bigger dick than yours and gives you 20 million dollars to use your house and its occupants permanently, there’s but one implication. You sold your house, and you pimped out everyone in it. You are a pimp!

Now, if you sit there and act like Ghana has always taken aid from the US so collecting an extra 20 million dollars in return for allowing them to occupy the country is no different, you are surely under the influence and you are beyond salvation. You are in no way a leader of men. You are an Avu-Koklo!


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