JACKSON, Mississippi — If you keep a goat and you maltreat that goat in the USA, not only will you go to jail, the whole gamut of European American ethnic groups, especially their women, will come after you with nightsticks and pitchforks.

Whole billion dollar circuses that used elephants for more than 200 years were shut down by European American outcry alone.

The reason European American outcry is so powerful in America is because only European Americans are allowed by law and by practice to own, maintain and entrench political, police and military power in America. Yes, America is RACIST, by practice, religion, and by Constitution.

If European Americans weren’t so racist, the genocide currently occurring in Mississippi, at Parchman Concentration Camp for Blacks, would be all over the mass media. But it isn’t. The reality of Black people, in the minds of Europeans (American or not), is still predicated on the Christian/Judaic idea that Blacks are not really human (or that Blacks are cursed humans).

You see, the European mythology about Blacks and about Africa is as primitive as Caveman Paralogics. Yet, you’d realize that it is the primitive ones who go about globalizing, i.e. pointing fingers at others as primitive. Nuff said about dat!

Hence, nothing comes of murdering Black people in the Parchman Concentration Camp, for the simple reason that the large masses of Europeans in America hold onto a primitive mythology about Black people. (It is akin to believing that a woman was created out of a single rib from the side of a man). The idea is so backward that it insults the very intelligence of all homo sapiens.

Not one mention of Parchman Concentration Camp, Mississippi, is made in the mass media for this reason alone. The whole gamut of European ethnicities in America are by character and mentality, plain racist. Another way to put this is that the large masses of European ethnicities in America are by nature primitive.

This is the sum of America. This is the character of a nation that claims it has a right to teach the rest of the world something like Democracy. These are the so-called White Christians of America. These are the so-called “Chosen” or “Holy” Peoples. Nuff said.


  1. America has the division of lanor concept down. They have whites who control media who will not talk about the concentration camp. When there is no coverage the other whites blame them. They have whites who control the police. When those whites go rogue the other whites blame them. And so on. They push the blame around to their uncle or aunt or brother or sister but no one shoulders the responsibility to change anything because they say it’s all so complicated and they do not have control over everything. You see? Always looking for a way to as you say not face the consequences of their actions.


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