Dallas Polic use robot to kill Mr. Micah Xavier Johnson, a suspected gunman in police shooting during a Blacks Lives Matter protest.

DALLAS, U.S.A — In the midst of a national outrage over a video of police in Louisiana shooting Mr. Alton Sterling, an African American man, while holding him on the ground, another video of a police shooting of another African American man comes out.

This video, filmed in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, shows Mr. Philando Castile writhing in pain with blood splattered all over his car while his girlfriend says that a police officer shot Castile after asking Castile, responding to requests for his license, reached for his wallet. Castile later died of his wounds.

These two cases represent a tip of the iceberg that docks the bodies of countless African American lives shot and killed each year by cops for absolutely no law enforcement reason.

Yet another outcry has ensued about a sniper who allegedly shot twelve Dallas police officers – killing five – at a Black Lives Matter protest. An African American man, a former Army reservist, who was allegedly equipped for war was accused and summarily bombed (killed) using a robot.

Contrary to what eye-witnesses claim – that they saw several snipers – Mr. Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, was singled out as the lone shooter and summarily detonated with a robotic device. Dallas cops claimed he was too dangerous to arrest. The Explosive Ordnance Squad in Dallas, which marshaled the robot to kill Mr. Johnson, has had access to a Northrop Grumman Remotec Andros F6A or F6B, a standard model for military use, for many years.

Records show that the Dallas County Sheriff Department and neighboring Duncanville Police Department each own a Marcbot. The question is why? Why does a police department have access to a robotic killing machine – a war machine?

However, this is not the first time a robot has been employed in killing. A robot known as Marcbot has been previously deployed in Iraq in the same way. No doubt, Thursday’s incident was apparently the first time American police have used a robot to deliver lethal force. But of course killer robots have crawled across foreign battlefields for a decade now—to say nothing of armed aerial drones, which killed their first terror suspect in Afghanistan in 2001.

Why do police departments own killing robots especially in an era where they seem incapable of apprehending “terror” suspects except killing them?

The claim that Mr. Micah Xavier Johnson was the shooter or even the lone shooter has not been verified by cops. Not yet. They claim he was wearing body armor and toting an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle and a handgun when he started picking off cops in downtown Dallas Thursday night. Alas, we will never know.

In the same way that we will never know if 9/11 was actually a setup to launch a fiat war in Iraq and a perpetual war on terrorism. Is the shooting of five police officers in Dallas the false flag needed for the launching of a new frontier on the war on crime and terror – the war on innocent Black and Muslim lives, respectively?

Eye-witnesses claim that they either heard or saw multiple snipers at the protests. Certainly, even if Mr. Micah Xavier Johnson was the lone shooter or not, the world has lost a fine opportunity to know. For sure. At a time when distrust of cops has been heightened by multiple videos, streaming in daily, which show extra-judicial killings by men otherwise vested with state and federal power to protect and keep the peace, the killing of five cops and the ritual of using robots for warfare – a long standing American tradition – which has now been introduced into the American policing mix has certainly changed the focus from the much needed reforms within police departments that most clear thinking policymakers have sought.

Rather, we are confronted with a new American nightmare – the use of robotic killing machines as cops. Not only that, many fear that the racial disparity seen in arresting suspected gunmen in America will also play a crucial role in how this force is deployed. Most white men suspected of crimes, for example Dylann Roof – who shot and killed nine parishioners in a South Carolina Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church –  are arrested without a single shot fired, although as in the case of Dylann Roof, he was carrying multiple guns.

Many Americans fear that this killing of five cops in the midst of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas against police brutality plays into the hands of racist cops. No matter the feelings on either side, it has also set the unethical stage for the use of robots in extra-judicial killings in the US, although when racial bias of most police departments across the American nation is taken into account, the consequences of this new apparatus on African America lives is even more dire.

This new phase is truly disconcerting. From cop-killings of suspects in the San Bernardino shooting to the killing of the suspected gunman in Orlando, Florida, and now, this detonation of a suspected gunman in Dallas, it seems American cops are not eager to apprehend suspected non-white actors. Add to this, these cops are being empowered with a more lethal robot to use in their kneejerk reactions to killing suspected young Black men and suspected Muslims.

While many pundits focus on the extra-judicial killings of Mr. Alton Sterling and Mr. Philando Castile (may their souls rest in peace) and the killing of five cops by gunmen (still unknown), they lose sight of a remarkable new beginning of policing in America.

A huge market for Northrop Grumman’s Remotec Andros F6A or F6B for US Police Departments to further arm themselves to the teeth at the taxpayers’ behest is a new paradigm shift in American policing. In the end, African American men, especially, will find themselves at its bitter end.


  1. Not sure what to make of it. Very interesting development happening on the quiet side. Thanks for the information.

  2. Akentuna Moses posted a link, from which I found this apt statement:

    “The media and opinion-leaders are presenting us with a false choice: if we question the use of drones to kill Americans — even if we suspect they have done very bad things — we somehow do not care about the lives of police officers. That is not the case. It is perfectly possible to not want police officers to be killed in the line of duty but to wholeheartedly reject the idea of authorities using drones to remotely kill Americans before they are found guilty.”


  3. “African-American Dallas protester Mark Hughes was wrongly identified by Dallas Police as a suspect in the shootings. Police tweeted photos of Hughes marching with protesters openly carrying a rifle, as is permitted in Texas. Police claimed was involved in the shooting. He was a suspect just like Johnson was a suspect. During questioning they told Hughes that they had video of him shooting people, which was a lie. What if police had sent in a drone to take out Mark Hughes? What will happen in the future to a future Mark Hughes, falsely accused by police of being involved in a shooting? Will we come to accept murder without trial?” ~ Daniel McAdams.

  4. Thanks Grandmother Africa, for putting your insightful commentary on this troubling twist to the Dallas story.

  5. Very interesting: The two police officers who were responsible for the killing of Alton Sterling on Monday have previously been the subjects of five investigations between the two of them over their seven cumulative years working for the Baton Rouge Police Department, according to the New Orleans Advocate.

    They were cleared of charges all five times, and outside of a letter of caution for Blane Salamoni for his role in a car accident referred to as a “preventable crash” in June 2012, they were never disciplined. The other four complaints were all “use of force” complaints, from incidents involving three black men and one juvenile, according to the Associated Press.

    The US Police force is actually a KKK Militia!

  6. These things worsen just by having people like Obama in the picture. He has ordered flags to be lowered for the police officers. What about the innocent black people whose killing started this in the first place?

  7. What goes around must definitely comes around when the U.S. government goes into the world to use drones and kill innocent souls does American citizens attack their government for this heinous crimes now the government has turn on its own citizens with robot drones now.


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