Saturday, November 18, 2017
There is a tale of two men: the primitive accumulator and the civilized. Their souls could not be more opposite. Their aims could not be more disparate. Their lives could not serve more different purposes and mores. The primitive accumulator deals in exact quantities of things, the civilized in immeasurable,...

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The Deception of White Supremacy, Anthropology and Genetics

Pan-Africanism is a vital part of the ‘renaissance’ efforts of Africa and Africans but this same factor has been a major pawn in the European game of ‘divide and rule’.  The obsessive fervor with which Pan-Africanists limit their scope of reference of the ‘Black’...

If You Don’t Remember Your PhD Thesis, Then You Didn’t Write It

“Individuals and unaccredited institutions who are engaged in these activities (fake degrees) are academic voyeurs and pimps. It is an epidemic that is governed by ignorance, self-flattery, lack of shame and a complete erosion in the Ghanaian honour code system…aided by an uncritical media.”...

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Note: One could possibly consider this essay: “Colonialism In Africa: The Stamp-By-Force of European Barbarism,” by Narmer Amenuti also as a rejoinder to Bruce Gilley’s Article: “The Case For Colonialism,” which was published in the western academic journal, Third World Quarterly, 2017. In addition, the following article is not a...
NTOABOMA—Joshua and I paid the Kokowura a visit every morning before School Assembly. I shall tell you more about school assemblies one day, so I would rather cut to the chase. Joshua always bought white Koko. Me? I always bought the dark purple Koko, which had pepper, with roasted groundnuts...

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When Capitalism Is Life: Consumerism

KUMA'ASI—There is a new shopping mall in town, and everyone is boiling over with excitement, enthusiastic about the prospect of shopping more. Sure, this...


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