Tuesday, May 26, 2020
No Western Civilization in This Twenty-First Century. We often throw around words without properly understanding their meaning. One such word is civilization. We have come to associate this word with many things, many things rather undeserving of the affiliation. Cheik Anta Diop posed the correct question some time ago when he asked so aptly:...
Bill Gatos and the Natives. A long time ago there lived a man called Bill Gatos. He had newly arrived to the Americas on one of the ships manned by Amerigo Vespucci. Bill Gatos had made a name for himself in Europe and amassed several crates of silver, which part he used to fund...
I Love A Good Idiot: Trump Wins this Elections. US President, Donald Trump, himself an Ivy League graduate of UPenn's Wharton School of Business has not missed a beat to show his disfavor for not being a graduate of rather, the other Ivy league school from across town, Harvard University. Trump...
The Chinese Virus: To Err is the Western Scientist. I think that some scientists are trying hard to save themselves, and the whole field of Science from the same blame that politicians face. Politicians don't double down when they are caught, unless they were a bunch of Donalds. Some scientists around...
Biological Weapons are a Western European Invention. Europeans have used biological weapons everywhere they have gone. They call it "The Natives aren't used to our European diseases!" You see? Europeans wiped out whole races of people from the planet using blankets as gifts to Natives, blankets infused with pathogens. Drinks infused...
Compromise is just another word for Defeat. "Like all Compromises, it Defeated itself." ~ Frederick Douglass (About the Missouri Compromise). No Tangibles for African Americans, no Vote! If you always vote and you never get anything out of it, you are...

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Black Death vs. Western Media During the Chinese Virus Pandemic.

Black Death vs. US Media. BROOKLYN, NYC, USA -- The US Mass Media has latched unto a certain narrative that Black people are dying at a disproportionate rate at a time when the Chinese virus is spreading across the...

Jurgen Klopp and His Bad Judgment: Racism without Racists.

The Racism African Players Suffer In Europe. According to a new documentary about the current indubitable best soccer star in the world, Sadio Mane, it has become clear that he “made a bad first impression on Jurgen Klopp.”

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Libation is not Prayer! Libation is different from prayer. In prayer, you call on a spiritual being outside of yourself (like calling Yahweh who has absolutely nothing to do with you), to come to your aid. In Libation, although you might...
Which is worse? The Chinese Virus or the European Feudal Lords? When the US Federal Government printed 2 Trillion new Dollars in a supposed effort to save their economies, the naive jubilated. What really is at stake here? You should ask!

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Europe & Pagan Morality. Or is it Pagorality?

Pagan Morality. Or is it Pagorality? A new sci-fi film, which played at the Berlin film festival (Berlinale 2020), featured...

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