Wednesday, October 17, 2018
NTOABOMA—I write you with love from the best place under the Sun in my estimation, Ntoaboma. Dear all, I have inherited the Parable of the Cunning Dog from my great grandmother, Mama Su, who inherited it from her great grandmother, and who inherited it from her great grandmother. The...

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Against Colonial Language, Mission School, and Oral Culture

colonial school, oral culture
School as it is practiced now in its modern, colonial dimensions, with its instruction in colonial languages, with its denigration and scorn of local wisdom, with its worship of foreign texts and faraway heroes, does far more harm than good for our communities. Our...

Ghana President Akufo-Addo: His Longing to Be White

The part of British terrorism of the Gold Coast that lingers even after some 65 years is the English language. Most Ghanaians who study this language in colonial and missionary schools, including the president Akufo-Addo, are not aware that the English language is a...

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We live in a period of absurdities. However, that doesn’t mean that it must not be challenged with the full force of the will. Ghana is plunged under the electrifying awe of corporate capitalism (primitive accumulation) backed by an unrelenting and an over-zealous Atom-Bomb-wielding USAFRICOM. The people of Ada,...
Ghana's deplorable healthcare system is a symptom of a larger existential issue. The mass genocide of West Africa’s old literary cultures at the hands of Almoravid terrorists from the North starting in the twelfth century, which sparked the untold spread of the gross art of unfettered ignorance in the sub-region...

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Rigatoni: Or How the Fake Anti-African FIFA World Cup Is Rigged...

There is zero percent excitement about the World Cup in Africa. It is no surprise why. After many years of taking part in this...

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Jihad For Science: Or How Science Is Oppressive

These days, in many places around the world, it is impossible to use the justification "God says..." in any way shape or form to...


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