Tuesday, March 20, 2018
One sign that a society is on the brink of decline is that children become a burden. Who will watch the children? Societies that aim to shirk responsibility for rearing its young are certainly ensuring that their posterity will experience ever precarious circumstances. Urbanization ultimately means that children grow up...

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Femininity: The Supreme Gift of Motherhood

NTOABOMA—I was seven, meandering through the thick of the sacred grounds in Ntoaboma—the sacred forest of rituals. It was situated at the edge of town and rarely any kid wandered there. For fear and that was good reason. On festive occasions (the only time...

The Advent of Global Insanity

“The more connected you become with Asase Yaa — even lying bare-naked on Her — the more grounded your ego, pretensions, and appetites, and the richer the soil of your soul becomes.  Grounding enables you to discover through newer eyes, and not through bigger,...

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In reference to an essay on Truth-out.org entitled: We Are All Students: The Meaning of "Free Education", Friday, November 24, 2017, By Paddy O'Halloran, Truthout | Op-Ed. As an educationalist, I do not take the matter of free education lightly. On one hand, the accomplishment by students in Germany, for...
Some time ago, a burly unattractive white woman in her late fifties or sixties, dyed hair, pearl laces around wrinkled neck, tearfully relating a story of unwanted sexual attention from a nineteen year old Black man in Alabama, USA, would have landed the Black man in jail if he...

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By concretely imagining an ideal city, the thinking at Grandmother Africa goes, you make a better one more likely. Keep imagination alive.

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The Deception of White Supremacy, Anthropology and Genetics

Pan-Africanism is a vital part of the ‘renaissance’ efforts of Africa and Africans but this same factor has been a major pawn in the...

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