Monday, June 17, 2019
NTOABOMA—When I was just a little boy in Ntoaboma, I played a lot of soccer. My friends and I would launch whole pitches between the backwalls of compound homes. We dribbled soccer balls made from all sorts of things: (1) balls made from rugs...
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Capitalism Kills Culture: It Might Gain The World, But Not a Soul.

The idea of culture is a thing (real or imagined) that is shared freely by members of a free society. Take an inherently African culture like the making of jollof. In many African societies, jollof is made freely, enabling different ethnic...

How Germans Hide Behind Nazi, Jew to Shroud Their Genocides Against Blacks.

The BBC attempts to review a film on historical racism against Africans and their descendants in Germany. Being Black in Nazi Germany? The question the BBC shies away from reviewing is simply this: How different could it be from being Black...

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"Objects will remain at rest or in uniform motion (i.e. objects, actions and processes remain sustainable) unless impressed upon by imbalanced forces." It would seem natural that the ultimate goal of a developing nation, or of a modernizing nation, is...
Man is a religious being. Religious, in the sense that Man enjoys a good gathering. Man enjoys fellowship with other men and he is not necessarily a being motivated to building one Pyramid here or there, or is he spurred on by indoctrinating forces here and...

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Voyeurism As Elitism. Ghana’s President & His Cathedral.

Europe’s warring class, ruling class, are professional voyeurs. So they teach their masses and mentor their stooges in the colonies, the...


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