Saturday, April 4, 2020
Naming "Wuhan Corona." You say we shouldn't call the Wuhan Corona virus as such, or should we call it the Roman Plague, because naming the origin of a disease can have serious (discriminatory) consequences for the people that live there. You claim we should call it Covid-19 instead. Yet,...
Which is worse? The Chinese Virus or the European Feudal Lords? When the US Federal Government printed 2 Trillion new Dollars in a supposed effort to save their economies, the naive jubilated. What really is at stake here? You should ask! Let’s recall that on May 9th,...
What is this US Competence? Since the USA overtook China and the European nations in the number of reported cases of the worldwide pandemic, the Chinese virus (or better, the Hubei-Wuhan Virus), many critics are jumping on board to sing from the other side of their mouths. One Harvard...
The American Way To Deal with the Chinese Virus. Let's recall a little piece of history. History situates current situations within their proper context. On May 9th, 2016, the then presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Trump, said on CNN, about how to deal with the federal debt: "You print the money."
Imagine that a million Africans from different American Plantations gather before the US Supreme Court today (made up of Europeans and one African, who goes around raping Black women, yet marries an European woman). Imagine that this million Africans bring a case against the US Cotton and Sugar Cane Plantations for discrimination....
How English Destroys Your Children. The newly minted species of Ghana’s Colonial Missionary Education, i.e. the sons and daughters of those who felt that they were more educated than their ancestors (the Metha), are destroying their children by teaching them to speak English...

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Race, The Feds vs. Coronavirus In the USA.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, USA -- The Feds can close banks to quarantine financial crises or print money to save the wealth of the US, but the US can’t close workplaces or boost health care systems to save the health of the nation,...

The Lake vs. The Ocean. And The Power of Daabi.

The Lake vs. The Ocean. And The Power of Daabi. The Ocean comes to the Lake and says, "Why not flow into me like all the others—like the rivers and streams?" The Lake says,...

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This painting is not a portrait of Adiza.
The Beautiful Little Girl, Adiza. NTOABOMA -- A young lady walks up to me recently and asks, "Are you Narmer?" I said yes, wondering why a fine young woman, pulchritudinous above and below, would approach a man like myself, an old...
Our Modern Children Are Little Emperors and Empresses The elite class of Africans who are self-proclaimed More Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, are raising a special class of children: little emperors and empresses. Maybe you have met a few of these children.

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The Blinding Spotlight on Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The blinding spotlight from the Caucasian American Media Industrial Complex that, at present, shines on Ta-Nehisi Coates is so bright, he can...

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