Friday, March 24, 2017
Today many nations in Africa and in the world, have national flags, national anthems and celebrate what they call Independence Day, which is when they claim they got independence from some long dead European colonial empire of the western world. Their national anthems are written in the metropolitan languages...

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My Dear, The Nature Of Your African Independence

You live in a country of about thirty million folks. It is an independent nation, or so the annual celebrations assert – that through the genius of a man you fondly call the savior-man, your dear country became independent on such and such date...

Contesting Foreign Norms In Anti-Colonial Struggles

I take the opportunity to start this fourth of a series that began in 2016 on the premise, and in the context of a discussion that has recently weighed-in heavily on many Africans, which is the role of Gandhi on the psyche and colonial...

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NTOABOMA— Sometimes we do the logical thing—whether we like it or not. Other times we do the illogical thing, because we like it. When a person indulges in the illogical, especially when he cannot expect to like the outcome, we say he is crazy. Not that this sort of...
LAGOS—Sovereignty is the supreme and ultimate power or authority of a state to govern itself and conduct its affairs without outside interference. Wars are fought, freedoms are lost and won, all upon battles of and for sovereignty. Within the bounds of sovereignty, a nation exacts a right to engage...

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A Stranger’s Stew

SUHUM—My grandmother warned me to never drink from a stranger’s glass or eat a meal prepared outside of the family, unless of course, I...

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Our Robots: The Real Conflict With Artificial Intelligence

Mass hysteria abounds when people discuss the role of robots in our future. The prevailing wisdom is that artificial intelligence in the name of...


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