Tuesday, March 26, 2019
NTOABOMA — My own father, Ta Amenuti Narmer, whose name translates, “He who gathers the lions for the dance,” used to say, and I quote: “The problem with Ghana's elite is that they are not aware that their job, and only real job, is to out-smart the...

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No Wonder: The BBC’s Newfound Dalliance With Mansa Musa.

The Barbarism Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise know as the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, is nervously working to find rich Black men in history to helm their prized jewel: the barbaric capitalism that is stooped in the backward systemic ideologies of racism.

Don’t Be Misdirected By The Scam of US College Admissions.

The biggest scam they will not reveal is that of anti-Blackness: controlling the number of African American students in all schools. In the state of Georgia, the University of Georgia for instance has a fine way of ...

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ABUJA — Women are the backbone of African culture. Without African women the cultural diversity of Africa—the art, the music, the dances, the food, the clothing, the customs, taboos and mores—which other peoples from around the world so admire, and so covert, will not exist. Around the...
A 2016 Marist poll shows that seven in ten Americans were against reparations for Black Americans who are descendants of slaves. But the same poll shows that when accounting for the race of participants–Black people supported reparations while white people did not. Why...

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American Social Scientists Love Wrong Math Because They Are Racists.

If there’s one field of mathematics that social scientists have grabbed onto, it is statistics. Many sociologists, for instance, love the use...

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Goats In High Places: Sheepcraft. A Short Story.

GBORBOMA—A goat and his great family occupied a beautiful land in Gborboma. Gborboma translates, "Goat World." The land was so beautiful...


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