Thursday, November 22, 2018
For years I have tried to re-educate science students in my classes on the deeper matters of science: the philosophies of science. I have taught many to think about the influence a society can have on the search for deeper truths about our universe (nature). More I have taught...

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Gross Naiveté Or Total Corruption: Or How The Asantehene Described The Commonwealth As the “Finest Creation of Modern History”

The Commonwealth was born out of an inhumane contract with Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah became the first democratically elected political leader of the territory of Ghana in 1957 in a contract he signed with the barbaric British Empire, which was wounded and retreating, yet determined...

Populism vs. Liberalism: Or How Bannon Schooled Frum In A Debate

America’s elites are still grappling with the rise of Donald J. Trump. The Deep State is still at war with the people, doubling down on the need to figure out how a man like Donald J. Trump managed to defeat Hillary Clinton in the...

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What’s the matter with school? Schools are no longer built to educate. They are built to profit. Schools are textbook handlers and sellers. The best textbook, the one that is best for learning, is not selected by school boards to become mandatory reading for students. No, best is subjective. The title...
BROOKLYN—After reading Professor Raymond Atuguba’s statement alleging tribalism for the removal of Professor Mawutor Avoke and Dr. Theopholus Senyo Akorlie from office as Vice-Chancellor and Finance Officer, respectively of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and the removal of Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah as Rector of the Ghana Institute of...

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Are Our Leaders Compassionate?

NTOABOMA—The leaders in Ghana are undertaking the following: (1) They will spend $22M on Toyota V8s for current Members of Parliament, which is not...


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