Sunday, May 19, 2019
In Europe, in England for instance, when soccer players of African descent (like Sadio Mane, or Divock Origi, or Wijnaldum) have a fantastic game against Barcelona, they say the whole team played well. They say the coach and the whole team did a fantastic job....

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Otabil Goes to Hell, Anokye to Heaven.

Man is a religious being. Religious, in the sense that Man enjoys a good gathering. Man enjoys fellowship with other men and he is not necessarily a being motivated to building one Pyramid here or there, or is he spurred on...

The Phallus Envy (It Never Gets Old In Blackface).

Nowhere in Africa are young men dressing down, painting their bodies pink, wearing straight blonde hair wigs, clutching at stones and with blood dripping from the sides of their mouths from digging their fangs into raw meat, just to mimic the...

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NTOABOMA — My own father, Ta Amenuti Narmer, whose name translates, “He who gathers the lions for the dance,” used to say, and I quote: “The problem with Ghana's elite is that they are not aware that their job, and only real job, is to out-smart the...
OGBODJO, GHANA — We live in a world full of one technology after another; we live in a world filled with gadgets; we have schools filled with one scientific theory after another; restaurants full of machines; and hospitals filled with robots. Europe’s contribution to the world, aka...

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By concretely imagining an ideal city, the thinking at Grandmother Africa goes, you make a better one more likely. Keep imagination alive.

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Absolute Power Corrupts Even Gods. What Is Ma’at?

Some people are followers, and so they have problems understanding their prophet. Some followers become disciples, and so they have problems...

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Dear African Americans: Don’t Vote In 2020

The Africans of New America did not fight in all of America's wars in order to vote for which European-man or...


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