Monday, April 24, 2017
NTOABOMA—The more educated than his Ancestor (The Metha) has a new place to go and look more like Europeans. Enter the new Kumasi City Shopping Mall. “What is a mall?” asked my grandaunt, sitting on her veranda, listening to the radio right outside Ntoaboma’s City Circle. Ntoaboma is just...

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The European Problem: Or Africa’s 3,700-Year Struggle To Civilize Europe

Since the humble beginnings of civilization in the Land of Pwene (Punt) some 12,000 years ago, to the great innovations of Nubia and Kemet, our Ancestors, the Founders of Civilization, have always been willing—even against great travail—to share their wisdom liberally without fail, even...

Dear Ijeawele: A Blackface Neoliberal Feminist Manifesto

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has continued her tiresome rants about women and men in Africa, much to the chagrin of residents on the Mother continent. With all due respect, Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions honestly does not warrant any serious analytical...

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I take the opportunity to start this fourth of a series that began in 2016 on the premise, and in the context of a discussion that has recently weighed-in heavily on many Africans, which is the role of Gandhi on the psyche and colonial awareness of many Africans. I...
Everything is about ideology, for those who wish to care. Or it is not, for those who remain lazy enough to not care. And it seems, without much investigation, that even enlightened men without ideology are often overtaken by the proclivities of simple men with a strong command of...

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West African Reactions On The Invasion of The Gambia

The Invasion of The Gambia, code-named Operation Restore Democracy, is an ongoing military conflict between several West African countries and some parts of the...

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