Saturday, December 3, 2016
United Kingdom—It was about 11am UK time when I turned my data on and the phone vibrated to deliver a WhatsApp group message that Fidel Castro was no more! I was sincerely hurt but it later got worse when I saw some Cuban-Americans dancing to the same news! It’s...

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Drones, In The Era of Khazarian Ideologies of The Evangelical State of Anglo-America (Kiotesa)

NTOABOMA—You think you’ve advanced until you take another look in the mirror. You realize that you now live in the twenty-first century, some 1,000 years since your cave dwellings, but inside your head you have inherited mainly from your mother, a medieval brain. There’s...

Our Robots: The Real Conflict With Artificial Intelligence

robots jobs
Mass hysteria abounds when people discuss the role of robots in our future. The prevailing wisdom is that artificial intelligence in the name of robots, if not actually becoming intelligent and masterminding our governance, will at least take over our jobs and consequently our...

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It was the indefatigable Jamaican reggae legend who persuasively said in his Redemption song: “Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” There are conceivably more than a thousand meanings to construe from this quote, which Marley is said to have extrapolated from the speeches...
NTOABOMA—The way things are supposed to work in Ntoaboma is simply like this: the power structures (public and private) in Washington decide what they want us to do in Ntoaboma. They communicate their wishes through our seat of government in Accra (official channels) or through well-funded NGOs and Think...

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Why We Africans Must Support The ICC

KEMBUJE—The Gambian Government has announced that it is withdrawing from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court effective 25 October, 2016. The announcement...

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How We Chopped Down Gandhi’s Statue at the University of Ghana

NTOABOMA -- Before I left home, my great grandmother called me into her living room. “Remember what you’ve been taught by that table,” as she...


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