Wednesday, July 17, 2019
The US Mass Indoctrination Media (USMIM) is struggling to find naughty Black men to replace the white-male face of child sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual harassment, so prevalent in American society. For so long, in fact, since slave plantation...
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The Problem With Some Doctors In Ghana.

Years ago a scribe-friend wrote an article about doctors who continue to whine and whimper about their paychecks in Ghana. The article, "Ghanaian medical doctors, the ungrateful-bastards" (on Grandmother Africa), was meant to put into some perspective...

The Notorious Problem with Christianity.

Countless verses in Christian literature dictate dire consequences for men who sleep with other men, women who sleep with other women, men and women who fornicate, and or commit adultery and some. Virtually every action under the sun has some consequential...

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NTOABOMA — In the past few months, many in Ghana have come to accept the obvious fact of Ghanaian life that far too many people, and in particular, far too many young men and women, are “religious.” And by religious, what the observers...
Christians have a creation story that makes the case for making legal the use of Marijuana or weed. The story goes that after God had created the first man and woman, God then freely planted the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, although he...

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Kamala Harris Is Against Reparations For Descendants of Enslaved Africans In...

A 2016 Marist poll shows that seven in ten Americans were against reparations for Black Americans who are descendants of slaves....


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