Monday, February 18, 2019
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, USA—Kamala Harris has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Democratic Party and has fast become its front-runner of sorts leading up to electing the candidate for president for 2020. If Kamala Harris must win the nomination for the DNC and become successful against President...

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Killing Corruption In Africa

Corruption is a highfalutin word for stealing. A "corrupt public official" is just another way of saying a "thief in public office." Most thieves in public office in Ghana are either Christians or Muslims. They claim they...

Pogba vs. Mourinho (Moaning-hoe)

When the African athlete is great, the European scrutiny is at its height. The European wants the African to conform for him in order that the world can acknowledge that nothing is whole without Europe's tutelage; that without Europeans, nothing can be...

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GBORBOMA—Like loiterers, like thieves, like pirates, sheep chanced upon Gborboma, the world of goats. Seeing all the wealth that the goats protected, the sheep devised their cunning to loot it all. And if they failed, they were set to burn it all down to ashes. The...
GBORBOMA—A goat and his great family occupied a beautiful land in Gborboma. Gborboma translates, "Goat World." The land was so beautiful that any food crop planted there grew in just a month. Any seed of tree germinated, grew, flourished and bloomed in just a year. Everything...

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By concretely imagining an ideal city, the thinking at Grandmother Africa goes, you make a better one more likely. Keep imagination alive.

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Why Africans Pour Libation; Aliens Don’t

What we accept as “civilized” in a colonial and neocolonial era needs scrutiny. In order to understand the point of pouring libation we must...

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What’s The Matter With School?

What’s the matter with school? Schools are no longer built to educate. They are built to profit. Schools are textbook handlers and sellers. The best textbook,...


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