Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Ghana's deplorable healthcare system is a symptom of a larger existential issue. The mass genocide of West Africa’s old literary cultures at the hands of Almoravid terrorists from the North starting in the twelfth century, which sparked the untold spread of the gross art of unfettered ignorance in the sub-region...

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Ghana Government Has No Right To Collect Taxes On Native Homes & Lands

You like money, but at what costs? People like to say that the Ghana government doesn't collect enough taxes. And that we are poor for it. Some point to the United States where people pay taxes on their homes. Why not do the same...

Wicked Wisdom. Letter To The President of Ghana: Nana Akufo-Addo.

Salvation Is Not Individual. Wai. Mr. President, you are a professed Christian. Meaning that you claim you follow the teachings of Jesus, the Christ (who ascended into the skies some 2,000 years ago and never fell back to the ground; thus far). So let me...

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NTOABOMA—The leaders in Ghana are undertaking the following: (1) They will spend $22M on Toyota V8s for current Members of Parliament, which is not $22M on much needed Ambulances and Emergency Technicians for the nation and (2) They will spend $1.2B on a National ID System to prove citizenship...
NTOABOMA—There are many places in the United States that I wouldn’t like to walk into on a visit. And I don’t mean a Strip Club over burgers and fries at 1:00 PM. But over a long trek on the interstate highway, there are restaurants and bars in Missouri, Kansas,...

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The Price Of a Funeral

NTOABOMA—Some of you educated folks, especially those of you from abroad (Abrotsi) love to hate on what you call “Africa’s love for the dead.”...

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US Proposes New Military Base In Ghana: Strengthening Neocolonialism

Ghana Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, leads a charge to sign into law a new contract that will essentially force Ghana into the new era...


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