Friday, January 20, 2017
The Invasion of The Gambia, code-named Operation Restore Democracy, is an ongoing military conflict between several West African countries and some parts of the government of The Gambia, precipitated by President of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh's refusal to step down after the victory of Adama Barrow over Jammeh in...

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Africa’s Emerging Global Geopolitical Role In Year 2017

The year 2016 ended with major geopolitical convulsions characteristic of the birth pangs of a New World Order. We are just in the first few weeks of the year 2017 and we will examine what the year 2017 will bring geopolitically for the balance...

US Intelligence Report That Russia Hacked US Elections Remains Bogus

In a Friday January 6 report, the US Intelligence Community (USIC) claimed that after its analysts—using phrases such as “we assess” or “we judge” to simply convey analytic assessments or judgments about “Russian leads”—have come away with concrete evidence that Russia indeed hacked the...

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NTOABOMA—Suppose you live in Ntoaboma like I do. You take a leisurely walk around the village before noon—before the Presby Church bells bellow and summon the prayer warriors of Atetebe. The village is quiet. You know this is Monday; it is not market day. You figure that the whole...
NTOABOMA—Across our dear continent, more people now boast of formal “education.” From one degree to the next, the man with the longest array of diplomas is hailed as the smartest of all. The man with the shortest list—that is the man with a grade school diploma–is a tried-and-lost cause....

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Drones, In The Era of Khazarian Ideologies of The Evangelical State...

NTOABOMA—You think you’ve advanced until you take another look in the mirror. You realize that you now live in the twenty-first century, some 1,000...

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Welcome Home Wole Soyinka: Trump Just Won

There are two things you get when you imagine Donald Trump: First, you are confronted with an enigma. Second, you have to find the...


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