Sunday, July 22, 2018
You like money, but at what costs? People like to say that the Ghana government doesn't collect enough taxes. And that we are poor for it. Some point to the United States where people pay taxes on their homes. Why not do the same in Ghana - One might...

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In White America, Crime Is Freedom

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE—There are only two factors that entice the US Government to legalize a substance like Cannabis (Weed), Heroin or Hemp: (1) A significant number of white Americans must actively use and produce it and (2) The US government must be able to fully...

Are Our Leaders Compassionate?

NTOABOMA—The leaders in Ghana are undertaking the following: (1) They will spend $22M on Toyota V8s for current Members of Parliament, which is not $22M on much needed Ambulances and Emergency Technicians for the nation and (2) They will spend $1.2B on a National...

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Village for Sale

It takes a village to raise a child. That much is known and widely agreed upon. The nature of that village, however, is ever devolving. The traditional village consisted of grandmothers and grandfathers, aunties and uncles, cousins upon cousins, brothers upon sisters—fictive and kin. And those who bore the great...
In the historical accounts of some European men and white American men about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, “their idea of ‘African complicity’ is more myth than a reality,” I say. It claims: Africans captured other Africans and sold them to European ships. The theory is misleading but we know...

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How Science Manipulates the Nature of Truth

Currently, there is a deception of great magnitude at large: one in which the discipline of science attempts to name itself the Nature of...

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Who Will Watch The Children?

One sign that a society is on the brink of decline is that children become a burden. Who will watch the children? Societies that...


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