Wednesday, April 25, 2018
NTOABOMA—Akans have a popular proverb: "Aboa bi beka wo a, na ofiri wo ntoma mu." This statement literally translates: "For an insect to bite you, it must come up close, and it must certainly be already carefully lodged within your clothes." Else it has very little chance. Few insects...

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Ghana’s Blackface President Defends Contract For American Military Base

"Akufo-Addo sold the country to the United States of America for 20 million dollars, and his lame excuse is that his hands are tied? That the last administration had already committed Ghana to the deal? That there was nothing he could do about it?...

The NTOABOMA Conspiracy: Freedom vs. The Bastard Sons of Ghana’s Erstwhile Slave Trading Cartels

NTOABOMA—Kwame Nkrumah became the first democratically elected political leader of the territory of Ghana in 1957, a contract he signed with the barbaric British Empire, which was wounded and retreating, yet determined and unwilling to let-go of its former slave-colonies at the end of...

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You are Ghana. You want to "develop," because they told you "development" was what nations did. So, first they took away your armed forces. They advised you, through their structural adjustment programs and through IMF and World Bank Loans, that you reduce the Ghana Armed Forces to a paltry...
Traditionally, societies aiming for genuine improvement within their cultures and striving to achieve greater harmony with the Earth hone their might through the pen. Sure, the sword has a role to play; it is not a vestigial tool. Only, traditional societies develop a craft around the sword for protection,...

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Who Will Watch The Children?

One sign that a society is on the brink of decline is that children become a burden. Who will watch the children? Societies that...

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Primitive Accumulation vs. Civilization

There is a tale of two men: the primitive accumulator and the civilized. Their souls could not be more opposite. Their aims could not...


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