Thursday, July 16, 2020
Stop Pathologizing Black People with the Chinese Virus. The default stand among the academic and scientific communities of the US is that when there's a new disease, it must be linked to race. And so has been their attitude towards the Chinese virus pandemic, with their goal to pin all vulnerability and susceptibility to...
Black sprinter, Bianca Williams vs Racial Sensitivity Classes for the Whites. Black sprinter, Bianca Williams, has been sent an apology from the British Met Police (Police service for the Greater London area), after she and her partner were pulled over in their car in an illegal stop-and-search. Ms Williams's three-month-old son...
Which Women’s Rights? Too bad for all of us when common sayings like women’s rights have been hijacked by modern day feminists. I am indeed a big advocate for women’s rights, but feminists would have you believe that the shape of how rights and citizenship appears for women is a one-box-fits-all solution rather than...
The Problem with Pocket-Sociologists: Bill Gates is Evil. Period. The sheer amount of pocket-scholarship about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s work in vaccine deployment in Africa, about the true intentions of Bill Gates’ sole agenda to vaccinate Black people and about the geopolitical goals of that foundation’s policy to bring unfettered vaccination to...
Gbetto Warriors
West African Slave Trade Narratives Need The Vital Context. More often than not, many Black people around the globe, in Africa and also in the Diaspora, would read about certain “notorious” kingdoms in West Africa that supposedly engaged in the kidnapping and sale of peoples of other ethnic groups, especially during times of war.
Racism Doesn’t Kill. White People Do. Some Black people claim, often with watery eyes, that seeing white people march with them for #BlackLivesMatter means that change is coming. Some white people claim, also with excitement, that marching with Black people against racism is going...

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Writing About Blackness that is Devoid of Ideology.

Stupid Writing. Devoid of Ideology. The most idiotic aspect of most, if not all, Black scholarship about Blackness inside America's Ivory Towers is that it is devoid of the idea of consistent thinking. What one would call, an ideology....

The Western Cure for COVID19: Or How the Cure for the Corona Virus must be White.

The Western Cure for Corona: The Cure must be White. The BBC, and others like it, together with the rest of the often-branded papers of record in the west, have taken it upon themselves to fully announce, even proclaim,...

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The Cancer of MLK’s Passivity in Black Freedom Expression that is Eating Away at the Struggle. There’s a widespread cancer in how most mainstream Black people, especially in the United States, express their reality about the Euro-American domestic neocolonialism under which they have been...
Cress Welsing's theory mya have found popularity among some white women. It seems to me that some women of European descent are coming to the realization quite frankly that Cress Welsing, author of the Isis Papers, was actually correct in her musings about the...

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American Race Politics Changes Every Black Person.

American Race Politics Changes Every Black Person. Talking about race relations, i.e. the geopolitical relations between Blacks and whites,...

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